Diets for young mothers

During breastfeeding, womenYou need a lot of vitamins and nutrients. If you do not meet these needs - breast milk will be developed at the expense of the nurse's own resources. That is why during the breast-feeding period, it is especially important for a woman to use the right diet, which determines the feeding efficiency and health of the young mother.

In the first days after birth, it is desirable not toTo eat food, that the body could rest a little. If there is an appetite - you can eat chicken broth, vegetable soup, baked apples or oatmeal porridge. In the first postpartum day, you need to drink as much as possible (compote of dried fruits, cranberry juice, herbal preparations). The daily norm of fluid on the first day after birth is 3-4 liters, on the second day - about 1 liter.

Do not use water on the third day afterChildbirth when the milk begins to appear. Limit your lips moisturizing. While breastfeeding does not finally improve - drink liquid depending on the state of the breast. After adjusting the process of feeding - drink one glass of liquid before each feeding. Beginning at 4 and 7 days after birth, you can slowly start eating cereals (wheat, oat or buckwheat), cooked exclusively on the water. You can also start eating baked apples, baked or stewed vegetables, fruit or vegetable soups. In the period from 7 to 21 days - add to the diet boiled beef, white fish and a little bit of pine nuts. After 21 days, the use of chicken, eggs, seeds and yogurt is allowed. Starting from the 2nd month - a diet for young mothers will become less strict: the gradual addition of new products to the diet (one every 2 days). It will also be necessary to maintain a special food diary to identify a negative reaction

Diets for young mothers

Child on those, or other products.

If there is a stomach disorder or an allergic reaction to a new dish in the diet - postpone its use for 2-3 weeks, then try to start using it again.

You need to be careful with beans, cabbages andSour milk products - a large number of children react negatively to these products. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that diets for nursing mothers completely exclude a number of products: products containing preservatives, artificial dyes or taste improvers; Mushrooms, fried, sweet, alcohol, coffee, chocolate, smoked products, canned food, whole milk.