Almost everyone loves green tea, but real,The true taste of this tea can only be obtained if you brew it right. In fact, many of us do not know how to brew green tea properly. Therefore, in this article, we are happy to tell you how to do it right to get the most delicious tea.

Brewing Green Tea

What is necessary for brewing green tea

First of all, in order for you to getBrew a delicious green tea, you need a quality tea. To date, green tea is produced everywhere. Of course, if you are a lover of green tea, then it is best to give preference to expensive tea, brought from China. It is recommended to buy green tea in special tea shops or tea houses.

No less important is the quality of the water that you willbrew tea. Do not use water from the tap, as well as water, which has passed several degrees of purification and, in fact, is "dead". The best water for brewing green tea: water from a well or table water.

A cup of green tea

How to make green tea

For brewing green tea you will need:

  • Kettle;

  • Brewer;

  • Cups for green tea (small size).

So, in order to brew green tea80 degree water is needed. Thus, if you have a water heating kettle with a heating temperature regulator, set this temperature, if there is no such kettle, prepare a container with cold water in advance in order to dilute the boiling water in the kettle for brewing in the proportions: 80% boiling water and 20% Cold water.

How to brew Chinese green tea

When the water for brewing is ready, we pour inBrewer the necessary amount of tea. Then we pour water into the kettle, having reached a temperature of 80 degrees. After that, if you mix boiling water and cold water, then shake the kettle. Fill a small amount of water with tea leaves and cover this capacity with a lid. Next, merge the water from the kettle into the kettle, set aside the container with tea aside, and rinse the cups with the drained water so that they are warm, then pour out the water. Thus, we produced the first tea brew: we washed it, and also heated the cups.

Then we move on to the next procedure -Second brewing. Pour into the kettle the necessary amount of water of the right temperature and pour it into the brewer. Tea is infused for a few seconds, and after that the water merges back into the teapot, in fact, this is already tea. Then the tea is poured over the cups and ready for use.

Teapot for green tea

It is important to note that the Chinese drink green tea withoutSahara. If you can not do without sugar, it can be added in very small quantities, as the more it is, the more the taste is distorted. Also in the use of tea there is one very important nuance: it is drunk with so-called "withering".

Video how to make green tea in China

In order to visually see and understand the procedure of brewing green Chinese tea - we suggest you watch a video about it.

In the video below the girl is a resident of China, she holds a master class on brewing green tea, according to all the rules.

Of course, very important is howYou belong to this procedure. The Chinese claim that brewing green tea is necessary with pure thoughts and a good heart. Also, be sure to purchase a special kit for brewing green tea.