Useful diet

Proper nutrition can not be compared with a diet. Because this is basically different concepts in their essence. The vast majority of diets suggest an almost hungry existence. Can diets benefit our body or they cause more harm? We will try to answer this question, considering all its aspects.

Diets appear as mushrooms after the rain. All of them promise a miracle result if you try to stick to it. But is it really so? To begin with, not all people will lose weight in the same amount. It depends on many factors. Another thing is that advertises and praises are always pluses, but about drawbacks and contraindications diets try to keep silent. Such partial information may lead to very disastrous consequences in the future. And all because the benefits to your body of this diet was less than harm.

Many people are not at all inclined to understandReasons for the appearance of excess weight. The answer is usually one - eat a lot for the night and generally fatty, sweet. This is enough to independently begin to "treat" yourself of excess weight by diets. And they choose them completely indiscriminately, according to the principle "now this diet is fashionable, helped to lose weight girlfriend" and others. Note that choosing a diet for yourself on a similar principle, you completely ignore the individual characteristics of your body, your health, the amount of excess weight and other very important factors. The main thing, what guided - is the speed of action and the number of kilograms that will be dropped.

Meanwhile, a healthy diet should meet certain criteria. And if they are not performed, then most likely this diet does not suit you and will bring harm.

  1. The diet should not be very strict. Remember that observing a strict diet, when you can not eat even an extra spoonful of cereal, will lead to the depletion of your body due to the lack of many useful substances. Such diets give a very short-term result. The organism, getting into a stressful condition, begins to be rebuilt and when you return to the usual diet, begin with a triple effort to store nutrients, putting them in the form of subcutaneous fat "for a rainy day." And suddenly you start to starve yourself again - you must prepare yourself!

    Useful diet

  2. The diet should be flexible. You are offered a menu with a certain list of dishes and their quantity. It's one thing when a diet lasts a couple of days, but if it's a few weeks? The diet should give the opportunity to choose between several dishes, it is possible to replace products.

    The same applies to the time of meals. There are those in which you can not retreat from a specified time of breakfast or an afternoon snack. And meanwhile, all people work, everyone has their own schedule and lifestyle. So a good diet should be designed so that the meal time can be adjusted depending on the situation.

  3. List of allowed products. But not everyone can go to the products indicated in the diet menu. The reasons can be different - allergies, rejection, do not like the taste, can exacerbate existing diseases. But there are people who, despite this, turn their lives for a short time into self-flagellation and zealously follow the regulations. What this can lead to, they do not even think.

    Diet can be considered useful if you meet in it interchangeable products. You can not citrus juices - you can replace them with another kind of juice and the like.

  4. Diet without indulgence. Yes, that's why it's a diet to save you from extra pounds. However, leaving your body alone with a strict menu, you run the risk of falling and falling into a state of gluttony. If you had a strong willpower, then you would hardly have brought yourself to such a state, when you already have to deny yourself food to lose weight.

    Here and the diet should provide someIndulgence, so that you can calm your stomach and brain. It can be an increase in portions at some of the days of a diet or a delicious dessert that does not contain a lot of calories.

    Useful diet

  5. Persistence of products. This we have already mentioned above. Here we emphasize the other side of the coin. Sometimes in the constant and unchanged list of products are getting quite expensive their kinds. The constant acquisition of them and for a long time is fraught with a detrimental effect on the state of your budget. It is unlikely that quarrels due to the high cost of some fruit or fish will provide you with moral support.

    Pay attention to the fact that the diet provides a choice.

  6. Restriction in products. Each product has its own unique set of vitamins, microelements and nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates). The exclusion of many types of foods from your diet during the diet leads to the fact that your body begins to experience their deficiency. Correspondingly, the metabolism is disturbed. And this leads to unpredictable results.

    Diet will benefit in the event that in itAll substances will be present. Let the quantity of some of them (mainly carbohydrates and fats) be reduced, but they should not be present in food anyway.

Consider some popular diets in terms of their benefits and harm.

Hollywood Diet
The usual daily calorie rate is2500-3500 kcal. And this diet is designed only for consumption of 600-800 kcal. The difference is obvious. The daily ration can be a cup of unsweetened tea (coffee), two oranges, one boiled egg, meat or fish (gram 80) without fat, a portion of fat-free cottage cheese and a salad of pineapples and grapefruits.

Lose you for a week course of about 5 kg. This is already very bad in terms of impact on health. And most importantly - you should stop this diet, how the pounds will return to you, and even in excessive quantities. If you sit on such a diet more than twice a year, you can earn yourself a metabolic disorder, increased clotting and blood clots.

Polish diet of Jan Kwasniewski
This dietician recommends switching to foodEspecially proteins and fats of animal origin. Eat yourself a lot of meat and fat, seize fatty sour cream, scrambled eggs and drink milk (not fat-free) with cream. And the fatter all this will be, the better - advises pan Kwasniewski. And where are the fruits and vegetables? You ask. They must be excluded from their diet says a Polish dietician. They supposedly do not carry any benefit, but only burden the stomach.

Useful diet

The diet promises a normalization of weight and a surge of energy at the expense of such food here. And there is confirmation. Over 2 million people only in Poland observe this diet and receive the promised results.

Meanwhile, a similar method of nutrition, when abruptlyCarbohydrates are limited, and fats and proteins are consumed in excess, extremely harmful to the body. Carbohydrate substitutes begin to be synthesized from fats. This creates a load on the kidneys. The abundance of fatty foods increases the level of cholesterol in the blood, and there and before gout is near. A large number of meat dishes is the cause of constipation.

Soup diet
The essence of the diet is that of different vegetables (forExcept potatoes) vegetarian soup is brewed. You can eat it as long as you want. Due to the low caloric content of this dish, you will not get better even when you eat it.

The harm of such a diet comes from the lack of proteins andVitamins. And another underwater stone lies in the substances that contain such a soup. They cause increased isolation of the juice in the stomach. Therefore, you will always want to eat, but to everything else you will get gastritis.

Separate power system
Its author is Dr. Shelton. He argues that many products can be properly absorbed in the body only if they are used separately. Ostensibly for the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates, different juices are allocated. For proteins you need acid, and for carbohydrates - alkali. When these juices are mixed to digest the combined food, they are neutralized.

Separate use of proteins, fats and carbohydratesOne way or another leads to fractional nourishment. Weight gradually decreases. That's only harm from this way of eating much more. For many millennia of its existence, the human body has learned to digest mixed food. In gastric juice, there is a sufficient number of enzymes necessary for the cleavage of both proteins, fats, and carbohydrates simultaneously. But eating separately, you run the risk of getting yourself diarrhea and indigestion.

Useful diet

Doctor Atkins Diet
A dietician from Britain developed his diet more30 years ago. At one time it was a real breakthrough in dietetics. Popularity has not disappeared to this day. I'm glad that by observing this diet you will never be hungry. Disadvantages frighten - the abundance of meat provokes a severe form of nephrolithiasis, heaviness in the body, laziness and other problems. Weakening of the body is also due to the lack of vegetables and fruits in the diet.

Mediterranean diet
The diet abounds with useful products(A variety of vegetables and fruits, fish, olive oil, small portions of quality red wine). Weight loss will occur slowly and will soon develop a habit of eating a healthy diet. And although the Mediterranean diet has serious contraindications, but in the first place frightens off its exorbitant high cost. For an average Russian citizen with his incomes, such expenditures are too expensive.

Balanced diet
Daily calorie content is inThe limits of 2000-2500 kcal. And this is with minimal physical activity. Diet makes it possible to make a very satisfying and tasty menu, considering that you will get calories from proteins (70-75 g), fats (70-75 g) and carbohydrates (250-300 g).

In principle, this is a loyal way to get rid ofExtra pounds. Weight will decrease significantly after 4-6 months. To the notable shortcomings of a balanced diet is the need for daily calorie counting. It's tiring.

Low-calorie diet
Only fresh and raw food is allowed. Meat, animal fats are excluded completely. Fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts, legumes, fermented milk products are welcome.

For ten days of diet you will lose 1 kg. It is unlikely that such a low weight loss rate will seduce you. On such a diet you will lose weight for a long time.

Vegetarian Diet

Useful diet

Again, you can eat everything, except meat, fish, eggs. You will receive proteins from sour-milk products, cheese, buckwheat. The benefits of such a diet is obvious - you will improve the body, increase activity, feel easier. Weight will decrease gradually (about 1-3 kg per month), which will also have a beneficial effect on the body. The only drawback is probably in the puzzled looks that you can be given on a common feast, a visit.

Going to lose weight with the help of some kind of dietIt is necessary, first of all, to consult a specialist, and then to evaluate all its advantages and disadvantages. Follow the ancient rule "Do no harm" in choosing a diet and then you will get one benefit, and the negative consequences will bypass you.