Typical errors in losing weight

Few women are completely satisfied with theirFigure. And even slender girls sometimes think that they could have a more flat stomach, buttocks tightened, and legs are thinner. What really there to talk about those representatives of the fair sex who really have excess weight.

Reasonable or not the reasons, but they induceWomen constantly monitor their weight and fight to reduce it. These attempts do not always end successfully. We will consider the most common mistakes that are made when losing weight, and find out what all the same is not worth doing.

Fast diets
Such express diets promise us the shortestTime to get rid of an impressive amount of extra pounds. The prospect is very tempting. And doctors are sounding an alarm - this is not only wrong, but also dangerous. Your body will later begin to resist any attempts to reduce weight. This will manifest itself in the active storage of fat. You will not only return the lost kilograms, but in most cases you will even get them even more than before the diet.

In addition, with a sharp decrease in weight in yourThe body begins to form fat half-life products. They are fraught with danger to health. And the faster you lose weight, the more they are formed. But that's not all. The organism does not have time to adjust to such abrupt changes. As a result, serious violations from the cardiovascular system, kidneys, hormonal disorders, flabbiness and sagging of the skin are possible.

Doctors advise that the most optimal rate of weight loss should be about 5% of the initial weight for a month and not more.

Rigid diets and starvation

It only seems at first "I can, I'll stand, notI will fall. " In fact, not every woman is able to sit on a rigid diet, and even completely starve herself. In most cases, simply can not stand it. It can not be said that the reason for this is weak character, lack of purpose and so on. Everything is much more banal. The body simply does not have enough calories, he wants to eat. And to struggle with the nature, the physiology - oh, as not simply.

Typical errors in losing weight

If you refuse to eat, you will only get a temporaryresult. The body will save energy, both during the diet, and after it. The "boomerang effect", which we have already described in the paragraph with fast diets, works. By the way, during the hunger diet, you are losing weight not at the expense of subcutaneous fat. This is mainly due to the removal of excess water from the body and due to muscle mass.

Compliance with strict diets also leads to a deficitMany useful substances, without which the body can not do. It's not just fats. Carbohydrates and proteins. Do not forget about vitamins, minerals and fiber. With their shortage, you risk seriously undermining your health and the immune system in particular.

Refusal of breakfast

Breakfast is considered one of the most important receptionsFood not only in proper nutrition, but also during weight loss. If you are awake before lunch without a preliminary meal (breakfast), then you are already at the risk of saliva and feel very hungry already by noon. And this is fraught with overeating.

If you are worried about calories, here we are youWe will calm. For dinner, and even more so for dinner, the calories consumed by you will be consumed by the body. So in the morning you can afford to eat something tasty and high-calorie (candy, biscuits, banana). Do not limit your first meal in quantities to the very minimum. It's too much. Try to make breakfast the most complete.

Vomiting caused artificially

This mistake often sin young girls. This is especially common among the representatives of model business. Why is this method of losing weight used and considered effective? There is an opinion that after absorption of food and immediate vomiting you will have a feeling of fullness, but calories will not have time to master.

Typical errors in losing weight

If you cause vomiting after eating very often, then thisViolates the natural motility of the food tract, its secretory activity. Also, vomiting can turn into a conditioned reflex (due to the receipt of constant signals in the vomiting center of the brain). Subsequently, your body will react itself to vomiting for any meal. Even when you do not want. This leads to a violation of metabolism, gastritis, peptic ulcer and even fatal. Unfortunately, the media not once reported about such a tragic end to the struggle with excess kilograms, like death as a result of exhaustion of the body.

The use of diet pills, dietary supplements, tea, laxative

Advertising of such drugs looks simpleMiraculous. It's as simple as twice two is four. I drank a pill (I drank tea) and the pounds melt in front of my eyes. But we have grown out of children's dresses for a long time, but for some reason we continue to believe in fairy tales. Wake up, miracles do not happen. Maybe you can drop a few kilograms in this way, but there is a good chance to say goodbye after that to your health.

First of all, you should not self-medicate. Any medicine must be prescribed by a specialist doctor. He also must observe how the therapy of losing weight with the help of such drugs.

The diet pills contain strongStimulants. They act mainly as blockers of hunger and reduce appetite. These substances have an extremely negative effect on the body. They increase irritability and nervousness, there is insomnia, dependence on medicines.
Another type of diet pills areSo-called fat absorbers. Harm from them is not less. They violate the absorption and absorption of not only fats, but also other useful components from food. As a consequence, we have problems with the skin, teeth and hair. The drawback of these drugs is also that they bind fat between them and remove them from the body through the intestine (naturally). So, after eating a portion of fried potatoes or meat, do not go far from the toilet.

Various diuretics and laxatives -Also not a panacea for excess weight. Fat cells are not deposited in the intestine, and therefore, and withdraw them in this way is not possible. You will lose weight from removing fluid from the body, and dehydration has an extremely negative effect on the overall health.

Typical errors in losing weight

If you take a laxative or diuretic for a long time, then be prepared for abnormalities of the kidneys and intestines.

Concerning BAA the same story. Only food supplements will not help to reduce weight. In addition, it is not known what is the real composition of such drugs. So do not put experiments on your own body.

Application of cleansing enemas

This method of losing weight appeared as a result ofThe appearance of the opinion that the weight increases due to the accumulation of slags in the body. Absolutely inconclusive and harmful way to get rid of extra pounds. Lose weight will not be possible for the same reason that is noted in the laxative. There are no fat cells in the intestine and that's it. There they do not accumulate. And it would be fine such procedure simply did not bring advantage. Frequent enemas at home can lead to a violation of the natural intestinal microflora.

Training up to the seventh sweat

In moderate quantities, physical activityOn the contrary are useful and effective in the fight against overweight. But prolonged exhausting body training is unlikely to have a positive impact on your health. Especially it is necessary to abandon them, if in principle you have never seriously engaged in sports, and even suffer from obesity. Such training can lead to a decrease in bone mass, suppression of the immune system, the appearance of problems with the heart.

In the power load it is necessary to enter gradually,And not from the bay-floundering. Start always with small and gradually add a load or intensity of training. At the initial stage, walking walks, simple exercises, swimming pool visits are excellent. Increase the load at the time of weight loss, when the weight has ceased to decrease, and the desired result you have not yet reached.

Ideally, you should deal with a coach whoWill pick up for you special exercises, the degree of load and will monitor their implementation. Preference should be given to those exercises that you can perform regularly. If you quit, then in time the muscles will be weakened and fat. Your efforts will be fruitless.

Typical errors in losing weight


The Ministry of Health is already tired of warning us about harmSmoking. Everyone is taught at school about the consequences of smoking and, nevertheless, there are those who claim that smoking contributes to weight loss. And on the contrary - after giving up smoking, a person will gain pounds.

By themselves, cigarettes do not have the abilityBurn fat or reduce appetite. To some extent, nicotine contributes to the acceleration of metabolic processes and nothing more (and therefore it seems that the weight is not accumulated). The rest of smoking brings only negative consequences for your health.