This article is most relevant to start oneThe famous phrase, from the famous cartoon: "It's because someone is eating too much!" After all, most of us, the most important reason for weight gain, is improper and excessive nutrition.

If the question of proper nutrition is clear,And besides, a lot of articles are devoted to this, for some reason the issue of excessive nutrition is not particularly affected, only superficially, limited to the phrase "you need to eat less". But most importantly, the authors do not talk about how to reduce appetite.

How to reduce appetite

Self-discipline, of course, is a very useful thing,But how to survive the period when you want to eat, but you can not - a diet. This is the root of the problem. We sit down on a diet, but after a few days we throw it, because we can not cope with hunger. As a result, we again punish ourselves for our weakness, and bitterly look at the arrow of the scales. Solve the problem in two ways:

  1. Choose a diet whose menu includes a hearty diet, after taking it, you will not feel hungry.

  2. Tame your appetite, and it's quite real.

As soon as there is a problem of decrease in appetite,For some reason, everyone immediately remembers about pills that reduce appetite - as if there are no other ways. Such tablets give the result, and you will not want to eat, but nobody thinks about what is happening inside the body, and in fact, these pills actually cripple it. In fact, there are a lot of ways to reduce your appetite, and most importantly, they do not harm your health.

As you probably already guessed, today we will touch on such a painful topic for many as a decrease in appetite. In this article, we will tell you about how to naturally reduce your appetite.

  • Method 1

Most often, the appetite comes when we haveBad mood or we have nothing to do, so do not let ourselves be bored and sad. To do this, look at some comedy or humorous show, read an interesting book, go for a walk, etc. Psychologists say that the best way to get rid of the spleen is to view family photos.

  • Method 2

The second way will help to solve the second frequentThe cause of appetite is a wrong dream. Those who go to bed late, feel hungry, and therefore can not afford to refuse the pleasure, before going to bed to climb into the fridge, and eat a snack. As a rule, such a snack consists of heavy and high-calorie food, because at night you do not want to cook especially, but you need to quickly satisfy the feeling of hunger. Therefore, the first moment is the use of high-calorie food, the second point is that the main rule of diets is violated - not eat 3 hours before bedtime.

If you go to bed late and before bedtime, in the dead of night, hunger overwhelms you, then take a snack 3 hours before bedtime, or go to bed earlier.

  • Method 3

Few people know that the flavors of some products,Send our brain a satiety command. For example, the smell of bananas and apples create the brain the illusion that you just ate them. The smell of grapefruit helps to suppress the feeling of hunger. Also the sense of appetite will help to suppress the aroma of coffee and mint.

  • Method 4

To reduce appetite, prepare a hearty, but not flavored food. The more delicious the dishes smell, especially with spices, the more we want to eat them. Along with the spices, exclude seasonings and salt.

How to reduce appetite

  • Method 5

You never noticed that we useAs much food as we put in our plates? Therefore, to reduce appetite, reduce portions, eating everything, the brain will receive a satiety command. If this psychological method does not help, then increase not the mass, but the volume of portions, so that the portions appear more visually. The brain will think that he ate so much food that it is already obliged to give a command of satiety.

  • Method 6

Strange as it may seem, cool water can relieve hunger. If you do not have an awakened appetite in time, drink a glass of mineral cool water - the appetite will fall asleep again.

  • Method 7

Some of us, often do not deny themselvesPleasure, that in the evening relax and drink a glass of wine or martini, and in fact alcoholic drinks, even low-alcohol, stimulate appetite. Consider this fact, before resorting to this method of relaxation, it is better to instead drink a glass of fresh orange juice.

  • Method 8

The dream of every girl is a button that wouldCut off the appetite, almost reality. Scientists have proved that there are two points on our body that affect the appetite. The first such point is in the middle of the forearm, directly along the midline of the shoulder. The second point is on the palm, between the middle and index fingers. As soon as you start to overcome hunger, begin to massage these points with a thumb pad, for 30 seconds per point.

How to reduce appetite

  • Method 9

Deceive the body will help a light snack,Certain foods that quickly remove the appetite. What foods reduce appetite: bean beans, carrots, oatmeal, seeds, nuts. By eating a small portion of one of these foods, you will get rid of the feeling of hunger.

  • Method 10

Appetite can be reduced even with the help of color. Scientists found that green reduces appetite, but red and orange on the contrary increase it. Therefore, eat food always from plates of green color. As for the white color, according to scientists, it is neutral, and does not affect the appetite, but nutritionists have commented on this situation, who say that on white plates, the food looks contrasting and appetizing, and therefore, increases appetite. According to statistics, brown-green color suppresses appetite most strongly, but it is not worth using such plates for food intake, since this process will not bring any joy.

  • Method 11

Of course, we can not avoid the favorite topic of all: how to reduce the appetite of people's means. At home, reduce the appetite will help such herbs as a root of burdock and dandelion, ledum and althae.

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Here you can include green tea. In a day, drinking 3 cups of green tea, which contains caffeine, you can naturally suppress unexpectedly played appetite. The main thing first is to study the instructions on how to brew green tea correctly.