Are you new to diets and do not know what to do to lose weight? Then you have addressed to the address, because in this article we will try to fully open the world of weight loss for you.

So, before undertaking anyActions aimed at losing weight, you should really evaluate your figure. It often happens that girls want to lose weight in a far-fetched, psychological manner, if someone offended them, saying that it is fat, the girls immediately begin to pack up about it, although they did not even think about it before. Or else, which is very often the case, the girls decide on their completeness. So evaluate the situation soberly!

What to do to lose weight

Another fairly common situation,When girls who have, let's say, a wide bone, want to lose weight. In that case, no matter how hard you try, and if you have such a structure of the body, then with all desire you will not become thin. Again, really assess your figure, it makes no sense to exhaust yourself with starvation, if you have such a complexion. This is tantamount to deciding to count all the stars in the sky.

The last thing to note in this block is notStrive to lose weight quickly. First, it is very difficult to lose weight quickly, and not always the methods that are used, do not have a negative impact on health. Secondly, it has already been proved that it is necessary to lose weight gradually, since with intensive weight loss, the weight is also quickly recruited again, slow weight loss is the pledge of preserving the result for a long period.

The reason you gained weight

When we sorted out what we have listed above,Go to the next stage. In order to start losing weight, you should try to find the reason for gaining excess weight. It's pointless to start losing weight, if you do not know why you are fuller, again, give an example to make it easier for you to understand - this is equivalent to the fact that you want to get water into the bathroom, but did not close the drain at the same time. That is, you do not pick up water, it will drain constantly, as here, you will take steps to lose weight, but all your results will not be effective, as the cause is not eliminated.

Yes, everyone resorts to diet and sports, many of themJust helps, because these are the two most common reasons for gaining weight. That's why they are often used to them and because of them grow thin. But we can not fail to mention that along with this there is another very serious reason why we can gain weight - this is stress. Well, the last reason that we can have extra weight is health problems: violation of the functions of one or several organs, complications after any illness, etc.

What to do to lose weight


You, of course, know that one of the waysSlimming is food. But for some reason, many believe that in order to lose weight you must use a diet. Let's open the secret that you can lose weight on nutrition without dieting, for this it is enough just to start eating right.

The most common reason that we gain weight is the wrong diet:

  • The use of harmful food;

  • Incorrect combination of products, which leads to inhibition of digestion of food, and because of what we are getting fat;

  • Small number of meals, large portions;

  • Binge eating;

  • Eating at night;

  • Fasting - oddly enough, but starvation can provoke fullness.

In short, proper nutrition eliminates all of the above points, which provoke the appearance of excess weight.

How should proper nutrition begin? Proper nutrition begins with an analysis of your diet: what foods you eat, how you cook them, the composition of foods, etc.

After analyzing all this, you should exclude:

  • Any fried food;

  • Fat and high-calorie food;

  • Fast food and semi-finished products;

  • Sunflower oil;

  • Mayonnaise, except dietary;

  • Sugar;

  • Chips and croutons;

  • Drinks with dyes, both with gas, and without.

It is recommended to minimize:

  • Sausages and smoked products;

  • Preservatives;

  • Shop juices and ready-made teas in bottles;

  • Cakes, cakes and rolls - once a week;

  • Coffee and alcohol.

When you figure out your diet, turnReception of food. Meals should be divided into 5-6 sets. That is, every meal should have a small portion. This must be done in order to exclude the feeling of hunger, because in almost every 2-3 hours you will eat. In turn, it will favorably affect the digestive system, so that it can digest all the food without leaving excess fat and will not work in an overloaded mode.

In no case do not overeat, we want againTo warn that portions should be small in their caloric content, that is, the principle of eating should be that you must consume the amount of food at which the feeling of hunger will pass. Do not overeat, eat as much as your body will be enough.

Do not eat heavy and long-digestible foodbefore bedtime. The last meal is recommended to be done 3 hours before you go to bed. One hour before a dream, you can eat a small fruit, drink half a glass of yogurt or yoghurt, of course, fat-free.

Let us say a few words about the starvation, whichFor some reason, girls often prefer. Girls think that if they are hungry, it means that they lose weight, but this is not so. Due to frequent malnutrition and starvation, the body begins to accumulate supplies for itself, these reserves are expressed in the form of fat. Therefore, in order not to starve at all, do not starve, eat a minimum of hearty food, but at the same time, so that it is low-calorie.

What to do to lose weight

Physical exercises

Above we considered the first reason why we are fattening, namely, nutrition, and told how it can help you lose weight, we turn to the second most common reason for weight gain - lack of mobility.

From the fact that we move little from Russia, roughlySaying, do not burn excess fat, so it accumulates and we gain weight. The reason for lack of mobility is sedentary work, movement on the transport and not on foot, holding an evening on the couch in front of the TV or computer instead of taking a walk. Therefore, in order to lose weight, at least you must begin to actively move. If you have a sedentary job, then compensate for your lack of mobility by walking on foot. For example, try to work and work not to go, but to walk, more often go out into the street, walk around the city or park, it's not only useful for the figure, but also for health.

What are the exercises to lose weight?

What to do to lose weight legs

Slimming legs are effective squats, lifting the legs bent at the knee, lifting the legs upward lying on the side, lunges, etc.

What to do to make your hands lose weight

To lose weight, help push-ups and exercises with dumbbells, in order to tighten the muscles of the biceps and triceps.

What to do to lose weight belly

To lose weight belly there is one very effective way - to pump the press. There are plenty of options for inflating the press.

What to do to lose weight thighs

As a rule, exercises for the feet, in this or thatDegrees contribute to weight loss in the hips. Therefore, if you need to lose weight not only in the legs, but also the hips, then add to your complex exercises for the legs and load on the hips.

What are the exercises to lose weight?

What to do to lose weight fast

Beginners in diets immediately raise the question: What to do to lose weight quickly, but we already said above that fast weight loss = a quick return of how much you lost weight. Here you should raise the question of how to lose weight with maximum effect in a short time. To do this, you will benefit from an integrated approach: proper nutrition (diet) and exercise. Thanks to this diet will not allow you to accumulate excess weight, and physical activity will help get rid of what has accumulated. Note that grueling training, like starvation, negatively affect the body - everything should be in moderation and balanced.

Calm lifestyle

Losing weight will be ineffective if youConstantly feel a sense of stress, anxiety and worry. These factors can provoke the appearance of excess weight, thus, the body creates for itself protection in the form of fat deposits. Eliminate the cause of stress or consult a doctor.