Each married couple who decided to become parents,Wants one - get pregnant quickly and without problems. And indeed - the agonizing days and weeks of waiting for two strips on the test last so long! How can you quickly become pregnant in order to quickly bring your relatives, loved ones, and most importantly yourself - enthusiastic "We will have a child!"?

Watch for ovulation

How quickly to become pregnant?

Ovulation is the time when the ovum ripens, ready for fertilization. How to calculate ovulation? There are several ways for this.

The first way is calendar. It is suitable for women who have a regular menstrual cycle, and is to take away from its duration of 14 days. The resulting number will be the approximate day of ovulation. However, this method is already becoming obsolete, because in our time it is rare to find a woman whose body works "like a clock."

The second way of calculating ovulation is measuring and plotting basal temperature charts. Perform such measurements should be for at least 3 months to accurately calculate the day of ovulation.

The third modern and simple way to defineOvulation - use special tests that are sold in pharmacies. They are reliable and convenient, they make it possible to get pregnant from the first time, provided that both parents are healthy. Perhaps their only drawback is relative high cost.

Also, ovulation can be determined by ultrasound of organsSmall pelvis. But it is unlikely that anyone will think of specifically conducting such a monthly study "in pursuit" of a mature egg in the presence of the above methods.

Provide quality sperm

How quickly to become pregnant?

Quality sperm is an equally important factorRapid conception than a mature egg. Therefore, tips on how to quickly become pregnant, relate to the future of the father. How to ensure the maximum quality of sperm?

The future dad must give up tight linen,Visiting the sauna (sauna) and taking hot baths. Also, doctors advise not to wear a mobile phone in the front pocket of trousers, work with a laptop on your lap.

In addition, a man who wants to become a father, isMuch to think about, first of all it is a healthy way of life: at least two months before the alleged conception, quit smoking and drinking alcohol, spend more time outdoors, lead an active lifestyle, and start eating right. This will help not only to quickly become pregnant, but also to ensure a healthy offspring.

It is also proved that the fertility of menAffect certain products, to which the future dad should lean. These are foods rich in vitamins B6 (liver, legumes, green leafy vegetables), C (broth of wild rose, currant, kiwi, strawberry, red pepper), E (cereal germs, vegetable oils, nuts). Do not abuse coffee, sweets that slow the activity of spermatozoa.

Have sex regularly

How quickly to become pregnant?

Regularly in this case - does not mean onSeveral times a day. After all, the most effective sexual intercourse is the first, when the amount of sperm is the most tangible, and its "ejection" is quite active. On the other hand, restrictions on sexual activity for more than a week will also not lead to good, as rare sexual acts reduce the quality of sperm.

Therefore, the optimal option to be able to quickly become pregnant, is considered intimate closeness of future parents 2-3 times a week.

Choose the right time for conception

In addition to the time of maturation of the egg, you can pay attention to the time of day and season for a favorable conception.

So, the best time for conception is the morning,When the rested organism is most ready for changes and stresses. Therefore, wishing to quickly acquire a progeny pair is recommended to make love immediately after awakening.

As for the season, here is the palmThe championship is held in spring and autumn. In spring, nature itself ordered to start a new life, and in the autumn the organism is most ready to conceive, as it has been enriched with useful substances and vitamins over the summer. In addition, the average temperatures in the spring and autumn contribute to increased activity of spermatozoa and are considered the most favorable for the fertilization of the egg. However, it is possible that you will be able to get pregnant from the first time in the summer or in the winter - good, there are a lot of examples confirming this fact.

Start to lead a healthy lifestyle

How quickly to become pregnant?

On the healthy way of life of the future pope, we have alreadyHave written. But nevertheless, the future mother should pay special attention to this issue not only to quickly become pregnant, but also for the subsequent successful pregnancy, mild birth, the birth of a healthy baby.

First of all, you need to give upBad habits in the form of alcohol and smoking. Nicotine affects the composition of blood, leading to a decrease in it necessary for fertilization of hormones. Conception, which occurred during alcoholic intoxication, often results in miscarriage. And about the dangers of alcohol and smoking for the development of the embryo can not even speak.

Another tip on how to get pregnant quickly isNormalization of their diet. A balanced diet should become regular with you. Eat all food groups. Do not abuse synthetic polyvitamins - for normal conception there will be quite enough useful substances that the body receives with vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, grains and legumes, nuts. At the same time, it is necessary to limit the consumption of sweet and flour, food from semi-finished products, canned goods, fast food and other "low quality" food.

There must be a ban on various diets. This is an extra stress for the body - and in this state it is not capable of conceiving, because it "protects" itself from undesirable consequences.

By the way, about stresses - try to reduce the availability of themIn your life to zero. Tense mentally a woman is unlikely to quickly become pregnant. That is why many women, too fixated on the issue of conception, can not wait for the coveted two strips on the test, even though they comply with all the recommendations. Have a rest, learn to relax, master simple tricks of relaxation, resort to the use of aromatherapy and herbal medicine.

If you are wondering how you can quicklyTo become pregnant, you should also limit the use of drugs, especially analgesics and antibiotics, as well as anti-allergic (antihistamine) drugs. They can also negatively affect ovulation and conception.

Lead an active lifestyle, do dailyMorning exercise, take walks in the fresh air for 1,5-2 hours. This will also have a beneficial effect both on conception, and on the subsequent pregnancy and the health of the future baby.

Folk remedies, how to get pregnant fast

How quickly to become pregnant?

There are many people's means for the offensiveFast pregnancy. To speak about their effectiveness can be in so far as - most likely, in this case the placebo effect works, when the woman who has inspired herself with the effectiveness of this or that remedy becomes pregnant after using it. Well, in any case, there will be no harm from such methods, and if someone will bring peace and even a long-awaited pregnancy - we will be happy.

Infusion of sporass. A glass of grass pour a glass of boiling water, insist for four hours, strain and drink half a cup 4 times a day for 15 minutes. before meals.

Decoction of sage. A tablespoon of herbs pour a glass of boiling water, insist, drain. Drink 1 tbsp each. Per day, excluding the days of menstruation.

Infusion of borovy uterus. Perhaps the most popular folk remedy is how to get pregnant quickly. 5 tablespoons Leaves and flowers of the plant pour 80 ml of boiling water and cook for 10 minutes. Cool, filter. Drink 4 times a day for 1 tablespoon.

How to quickly become pregnant with a girl or boy

Many women want to not only become pregnant, but alsoConceive a child of a certain sex. Is it possible? It is very likely that this is possible only under the supervision of experienced specialists in special medical centers - they are convinced that they are able to help families who are not indifferent to the sex of the future child.

But since most are not ready to giveFabulous money for planning the sex of the future child in medical conditions, we offer a number of folk ways and accept how to conceive a girl or a boy.

How fast to become pregnant with a boy?

How quickly to become pregnant?

You need to eat meat, fish, meat andFish products, cereals, pasta, bread, biscuits, any vegetables and fruits, dried fruits, vegetable oils, black chocolate, jam, honey, fruit juices. Do not consume milk, milk (cheese, cottage cheese, yoghurt, etc.) and milk-containing products (ice cream, milk chocolate), seafood (except fish), pancakes and pancakes in milk.

To conceive a boy, you need to refrain fromSexual intercourse for 6 days before ovulation and have sex in the "man behind, deep penetration" posture directly on the day of ovulation. It is advisable to experience an orgasm.

The arithmetic method is also used: Women of even age can become pregnant by the boy in odd months (January, March, etc.), and women of odd age - in even months (February, April, etc.)

How quickly to become pregnant a girl?

You need to eat milk, milk andMilk products, juices (apple, grape, pineapple), low-fat meat, dishes with eggs, rice, pasta, berries and fruits, nuts, butter. Limit the use of salt. Do not eat tea, coffee, black chocolate, meat and fish products (sausage, ham, cold boar, pates, canned food), foods high in salt (cheeses, confectionery), dried fruits.

To conceive a girl, you need to keep a regularSexual life (2-3 times a week) and stop it 2 days before ovulation. Give preference to the "missionary" pose (a man on a woman) without deep penetration and without testing an orgasm by a woman.

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It's all tips on how to quickly get pregnantTraditional and popular ways and how to get pregnant with a boy or girl. If you can not get pregnant within six months, consult a doctor and take the necessary examinations to exclude (or confirm and further treat) infertility or incompatibility of partners.