Most girls for some reason believe that forIn order to lose weight, you need to limit yourself to eating and this is a very big mistake. In this article, we want to dispel the established stereotype and convince you that you can lose weight due to a correct and balanced diet, without exhausting your body with restrictions on food intake.


Negative factors of food restriction

Yes, many girls in losing weight helpDifferent diets, unloading days and starvation - this can not be argued. But, nevertheless, there are a large number of girls who do not help diets at all or they can not stay on it for a long time. Let's look at the negative side of the power constraint.

In the first place, the most negative factor inRestriction of nutrition is its negative impact on health. Any change in the diet has a bad effect on the body, and if this diet is not something that would change, but also limited, it is, of course, a stress for our body. If you do not feel "stress" when changing food, this does not mean that the body is easy, it can manifest in its own way, for example, in the form of fat deposits. Restrictions in nutrition adversely affect the digestive system, which can lead to the opposite effect - a set of excess weight.

The next negative factor of food restriction -This is a psychological component, because to limit yourself in eating is very difficult in the moral sense, because of what often spoils the mood, there are depressions, etc. It is for this reason that it is very difficult to stick to a diet for a long period of time.

It is also often possible to hear that manyGirls and women simply do not help diets - and this is not surprising. In order to understand this, you need to analyze the principles on which diets are composed. Diets are made according to certain theoretical rules of dietetics, and considering that the human body is individual and each of us is gaining weight for its own reasons, diets can not bring results. That is why universal diets do not fit every girl, but should be chosen individually.

And, of course, the main drawback of diets - theyHave a temporary effect, because after a certain period of time the results are lost, and in the end, your weight will be several kilograms more than before the beginning of the power limit. To consolidate the achieved results, they must be constantly maintained, through the use of diets and physical exertion. Why go to all these sacrifices, when you can just stick to the regime of proper nutrition without gaining weight, and what's more, throw off the excess !?

Correct breakfast

The Benefits of Proper Nutrition

Let's start with the fact that many girls are skepticalRefer to the fact that you can lose weight solely through the use of the correct diet. And here it is in vain! Dietitians have been shown that thanks to the correct diet regime you can lose weight to 10 kg, this figure depends on how much you have weight above your norm.

First and foremost, proper nutrition isA necessity for our body. It will not be overloaded, which in turn will eliminate the appearance of fat deposits, improve the digestive system and the body as a whole. In addition, the body will not be subjected to stress due to changes in diet and malnutrition, and this is very important.

How to eat right to lose weight

The correct diet for weight loss is notOnly the bottom of a certain diet, but also on the list of small restrictions. As for the diet, we will give below an example of a proper nutrition menu. Proper nutrition includes a fractional food, the basis of which we told you in one of our past publications.

Losing weight with proper nutrition shouldInclude some limitations. All of them concern food products, which negatively affect the digestive system, and complicate it. For sure, you know all these products, but it will not be superfluous to list them again. Try to use as little as possible:

  • Any fried food (meat, slave, potatoes, eggs, etc.);

  • Any fatty food (meat and dairy products, sunflower and butter, some kinds of baking);

  • Sugar in all its forms (sweets, cakes, cakes and stuff);

  • Salt in a direct form and adding it when preparing food, as well as in products containing it (fish, snacks, seasonings, etc.);

  • Caffeine (coffee, cappuccino, tea and other beverages);

  • Smoked products (meat and fish);

  • Preservatives (canned food, preservation, long-term storage products);

  • Semi-finished and instant food products (cutlets, vermicelli, garnish, soups, etc.);

  • Ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces and other condiments;

  • Eating fast food (hamburgers, hot dogs, shaurma, pies, chebureks, french fries, etc.);

  • Products-snacks (chips, bars, crackers, nuts and other products).

As you can see, proper nutrition does not prohibitUse these products, but, nevertheless, strongly recommends using them in your diet is extremely rare. Ideally, they are generally better to exclude, if you want to get from proper nutrition the maximum effect for weight loss and for health.

Pay special attention to healthy and healthy food,Since it is the basis of proper nutrition. Also, one of the components of proper nutrition is the schedule of food intake, that is, you should try to eat at the same time.

Stuffed pepper

The correct diet for weight loss for a week

We bring to your attention your version of the menuCorrect nutrition for losing weight. This diet will last for 7 days. You can use this diet as the basic, making certain adjustments in it, or make your own. Here's how the correct diet for weight loss should look like.

1st day:

Breakfast: Oatmeal with small pieces of apple (1 pc.);

Lunch: 2 peaches;

Dinner: Chicken soup and vegetable salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and necessarily greens);

Snack: Fruit salad (apple, peach, kiwi, banana - dressed with low-calorie dessert);

Dinner: A small piece of red fish fillet with mild spices (it is recommended to cook in the oven).

2nd day:

Breakfast: 2 toast, an omelette (steamed), a salad of fresh vegetables and a cup of herbal tea;

Lunch: Cottage cheese with dried fruits and a glass of orange fresh;

Dinner: Baked potatoes and steam cutlets, vegetable salad (tomatoes, sweet peppers, radish and greens);

Snack: Low-fat yogurt;

Dinner: Stuffed peppers and apple fresh.

3rd day:

Every third day of the week is recommended to doUnloading. Unloading days for weight loss are beneficial for the body. They unload the digestive system and help to lose from 3 to 5 kilograms for one such day.

4th day:

Breakfast: Buckwheat porridge with boiled chicken breast,

Lunch: A glass of low-fat kefir and a banana;

Dinner: Vegetable soup and compote;

Snack: Biscuit and orange fresh;

Dinner: Whole-grain Pasta and stewed lean meat.

5th day:

Breakfast: Milk rice porridge with raisins;

Lunch: Hot sandwiches, orange fresh;

Dinner: Lenten borsch, salad from eggs and green onions;

Snack: Fruit salad with whipped cream;

Dinner: Lazy cabbage rolls.

6th day:

Breakfast: Hard-boiled 2 eggs, toast with honey and green tea;

Lunch: Cottage cheese with slices of apples;

Dinner: Fish soup and salad greens, tea with lemon;

Snack: A roll of puff pastry and compote;

Dinner: Potatoes in uniform with greens and oven-prepared chicken legs.

7th day:

Breakfast: Cottage cheese casserole with fruit, green tea;

Lunch: Fruit salad with berries;

Dinner: Spaghetti with tomato sauce and grilled chicken fillet;

Snack: Biscuit and fat-free yogurt;

Dinner: Boiled shrimp with lean sauce.

After reading the menu, you can draw a conclusion,That on the day you should have at least 5 meals, where 3 meals are the main meal, and 2 of them are snacks. If you are planning a celebration, you can not especially not deny yourself food, but at the same time, be aware that overeating is unacceptable. After such a "difficult" meal, light food is recommended for the next day, and a day later is best to arrange a day of unloading.

It will be interesting to know:
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  • Useful tips on how to properly cook macaroni, so as not to be blind?

This menu can be called, roughly speaking,Ideal, but in practice you can, of course, sometimes pamper yourself with fried meat or, for example, a cake - this is completely permitted, but control yourself.

Foods of good nutrition

Fluid consumption

Particular attention should be given to drinking. In the winter period, the daily norm of the liquid to be drunk must be at least 1.5 liters. In the summer, try to drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day.

It is highly not recommended to drink a large amountLiquid before and after receiving fluid. The maximum that is allowed is to do a minimum amount of water, if you can not eat without it, in view of your features. Sometimes you can drink a cup of tea, a glass of compote or juice after a meal, but not in a gulp, but slowly, in small sips.

Be sure to exclude the use of variousCarbonated drinks with dyes. If there is a possibility, it is better to give preference to fresh juices for fresh juices. As a liquid, we recommend giving preference to mineral water, with or without gas - it does not matter, the main thing is that your body is comfortable.