In one of our last articles, we toldAbout how to have sex for the first time. In this topic we touched on one very important topic concerning contraceptives. In view of the fact that this topic became very interesting for our readers, we decided to touch on it more extensively and tell about modern means and types of contraception for girls.

Missing or ineffective contraceptivesCan lead to undesirable consequences - namely, pregnancy or infectious diseases. Every girl wants to become a happy mom, but this should happen when the child is scheduled and you are ready for it. Well, if in the case of an unplanned pregnancy, you are ready to raise a child and you have a good material base. In any case, the birth of an unplanned child will change your life, but are you ready for these changes? The choice of contraceptives is very important for young girls, when an unplanned pregnancy can be the result of broken plans.

Contraceptives for girls

We do not want to intimidate you and do not exaggerate the colors. With these words, we just wanted to emphasize the importance that is assigned to you when choosing contraceptives. Now let's look at the currently popular forms of contraception, describe their features and discuss their effectiveness.
We will build a description of the degree of efficiency.

Biological methods of contraception

Let's begin to list means of contraception withBiological method. At first we did not want to mention it in our article, but still, since the method takes place, we should tell about it, although it is ineffective.
The biological method is to controlOwn organism, for example, temperature control, calendar method and other data that indicate whether you can conceive or not in this period of time. The method is very complex and talk about it, when there are worthy analogs in free access - there is no sense.

Chemical contraceptives

Chemical contraception, despite the fact,That include such a terrible word "chemical", almost completely harmless. The essence of such contraceptives is that they affect the activity of spermatozoa and thus exclude the possibility of becoming pregnant.
Chemical contraceptives most often, thisContraceptive vaginal suppositories, ointments, cream, aerosols. The advantage of this method of contraception is that they must be used immediately before intercourse, which is agreeable, convenient. It would seem that such a wonderful and ideal method, but no! The effectiveness of these funds is only 70%. That is, 30 girls out of 100 who use this method of contraception are pregnant. In our opinion, such a measure of reliability is too small.

Contraceptives for girls

Contraceptive patch

The contraceptive patch is a contraceptive that binds to the girl's body and through which hormones enter the body through the bloodstream.

It is very difficult to use such a patch, becauseIt is necessary to control its presence on its body. Convenience only lies in the fact that for almost a week you will be protected from the possibility of becoming pregnant. The effectiveness of the patch is low and the indicators are at the level of chemical contraceptives. Often, these adhesive plasters cause in girls, in the field of glueing, an allergic reaction in the form of rash and itching. Therefore, this type of contraception on the one hand is convenient, but very fastidious.

Before starting the application of the contraceptive patch it is still necessary to consult a doctor.

Contraceptive spirals

Vaginal contraceptive scrollsHave been used for quite a long time. For all this time they have proved to be a very reliable means of protection against pregnancy. The efficiency of the spiral is more than 95% reliability. The intrauterine device does not affect the genital function, so you can immediately get pregnant after it is removed.

The contraceptive spiral has, perhaps, the simplest kind of use, since it:
• Has a long period of validity (from 3 to 5 years);
• Does not require daily maintenance;
• Does not cause discomfort, either during use or during intercourse.

Having so many benefits, the contraceptiveThe spiral also has a large number of disadvantages. One of the main drawbacks is worth noting that the intrauterine device can not be used by nulliparous girls and this is only one of the drawbacks. In addition, the IUD can increase menstrual pain and increase the risk of intrauterine pregnancy. Also, the IUD is exposed to the appearance of infectious diseases in girls. Use an intrauterine device is when you have a permanent partner that you trust.

Contraceptives for girls


The most common form of contraception isMost pairs. In order to use condoms, it is not necessary to conduct any procedures or take anything. It is worth noting that condoms are the cheapest way to protect against pregnancy. They protect against venereal diseases, and also have a high degree of protection of approximately 98%.

Nowadays there are two types of condoms: Male and female. Male condoms are dressed on the penis of a partner and come into disrepair immediately after sexual intercourse. Female condoms are injected directly into the vagina and can stay there for 10 hours. The cost of one female condom is 5 Euros, so the best option is a male condom.

Contraceptives for girls

Contraceptive pills for girls

Second in popularity and in combinationThe most reliable form of contraception is the pill, or, as they are called, oral contraceptives (OK). OK have the highest percentage of efficiency approximated to 100%. It is worth noting that the pill should be taken strictly on schedule and every day, except for a one-week break.

Taking OK the girls note that menstrualPains become less painful and the amount of secretions decreases with this. Restoration of genital function after taking OK is 1-2 months after the end of taking the tablets.

Along with this, the OK does not affect the completeness, since this myth was widespread in many girls. OK are completely safe and do not contribute to weight gain.

Take them is when you liveA constant sex life with one partner, or if there is no permanent partner, then as a safety net for a condom, with sex with non-regular partners. The appointment of oral contraceptives is performed directly by the doctor, after examination and delivery of the corresponding tests. On the OK package, a special calendar will be drawn, more specifically the days of the week for which you will need to take these tablets.


To summarize, we want to say that for girls up to18 years of age who live sexually, it is best to use condoms. For girls under 18, we recommend using birth control pills, since they have a high degree of effectiveness. Those girls who have already given birth can use an intrauterine device instead of a birth control pills.
Finally, we want to remind you once again about the importance of using and choosing contraceptives - do not neglect it! Do not rely on a partner, if he does not inspire confidence in you.