Sun rays not only improve our mood, but also have a healthy effect on our entire body. Tanned man looks slimmer, younger, more attractive.
With the onset of the first warm days we hurrySubstitute your body under a gentle sun. When irradiated with sunlight, our body produces vitamin D, which improves the structure of teeth and bones, hair and nails, as well as pigment melanin, giving the skin a beautiful color of bronze or chocolate. Sunburn protects our skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation, reflects them and prevents the penetration of these harmful rays into the deeper layers of our skin.

Types of Skin

How to determine the skin type to properly tan

Sunburn, of course, paints a person, but whySome people get a smooth, beautiful tan, and others even after a minor stay in the sun get a sunburn? And instead of a beautiful bronze shade - red, burnt skin with blisters, which in addition greatly hurts, itches, and then slips off with rags and becomes covered with pigment spots or an allergic rash.

So that you do not have such trouble and that you can correctly and safely sunbathe Not only under the sun, but also In the solarium, You need to determine the type of your skin.

The first type of skin (Celtic)

You always carefully select cosmetics, facial care products, because you often have allergic reactions in the form of rash, itching, irritation.

How to determine the skin type to properly tan

You have a light, thin, as if transparent skin andIt has a lot of freckles and birthmarks, your hair is red or very light, and your eyes are light green, blue or light blue, light gray or gray, then you should be careful about sunbathing.

Sunburn to your skin does not stick, and even a minor stay in the sun, manifests reddening of the skin, and more often a sunburn.

To properly tan, you need to use sunscreen with a level of protection from 30 and above. But the sunblock is contraindicated for you.

The second type of skin (Nordic)

You have dry, pale and light skin, and after washing there is a feeling of "tightness". There are very few moles on the body, but freckles occasionally appear.

Hair at you fair or light - chestnut, andYour eyes have a gray-blue or green color, then you very quickly burn in the sun, sunburn just as quickly sticks to your body and has a golden hue, manifests itself gradually.
You are recommended to use a sun cream with a protective factor of 20-25.

The third type of skin (dark European)

How to determine the skin type to properly tan

You almost do not have sunburn, sunburnSticks to your body quickly and always gets smooth, beautiful. Your skin is slightly swarthy, does not peel, and sometimes pimples and oily shine appear on your face. Moles and freckles on your body are absent. You have dark, chestnut or black hair, brown or gray eyes. To reduce the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on your skin, use a cream with a protection level of 15-20.

The fourth type of skin (Mediterranean)

You have a swarthy skin that never burnsIn the sun, tanning always turns out an even bronze shade. You have dark hair and dark eyes. You can safely sunbathe in the sun, smeared the body with sunscreen, with a factor of protection-6-8, so as not to harm yourself.

The fifth type of skin (Indonesian) and the sixth type (African American)

The fifth and sixth type are people with a veryDark skin color, brown or almost black, with dark eyes and hair. They live in hot countries, their skin is adapted to the burning sun, and the sunburn does not threaten them.

Children's leather

Children under three years of sunbathing are contraindicated. At children the skin very gentle, thin. And to protect children's skin from exposure to sunlight should be more carefully than the skin of adults.

If you took a child to the beach,Take care of its safety. Acquire for him a protective cream specially for children with a high level of protection from 50 and above. It is important to consult a pediatrician, because a child may be allergic to certain components of the cream.

That your child is not burned by the burning rays and notIll, try to limit the time of his stay in the open sun. Do not need him to walk all day undressed, be sure to protect his delicate body with a shirt, light panties, a cloak, on his head must necessarily be a panama.

How to determine the skin type to properly tan

No matter how hot it was, do not let the child take a long timeTo be in the water. The water surface reflects the sun's rays, which contributes to a more intense tan, and the delicate baby skin will quickly get sunburn. If the child can not be pulled out of warm water, put a shirt with long sleeves on him, let him bathe in it.

Sunscreen, sunscreen and sunblock.

So that your skin does not burn out in the sunUse sunscreen. Properly selected cream not only protects you from sunlight-UVB and ultraviolet UVA, but also from burns, skin cancers, wrinkles, pigment spots.

How to determine the skin type to properly tan

Now there is enoughSunscreen and sunscreen and sunblock, for any type of skin and with various protective factors. Use a cream designed for your skin type.

To understand which cream you need to read the label on the cream. On the tube must be specified Sunscreen factor -SPF, Which is indicated by numbers from 2 to 50, thanThe greater the number, the stronger the protection. The cream should contain substances blocking and reflecting ultraviolet rays of type A and B (zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone).

Ultraviolet rays type A-UVA Contribute to the development of cancer, and UVB rays Cause sunburn and skin burns, and it is very important that the cream protects your body from these rays.
If the marking indicates -"Wide spectrum", This cream also protects against two types of rays.

Sunscreen absorbs ultraviolet rays, and the cream from sunburn reflects them from the skin.
Apply the cream on the whole body in a thick layer, but notRub heavily into the skin, then protection from exposure to ultraviolet and sun will be stronger. Apply the cream before going to the beach for 20-30 minutes, on clean skin, after showering, but do not use soap. After bathing on the beach, wiped with a towel, apply the cream again, it has the property to wash away with water.

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After-sun care

After visiting the beach, your tanned skin alsoNeeds care. First of all, you must take a warm shower to wash off the leftover creams, as well as sweat, dust particles and apply any moisturizing cream or after sunburn to the body.
The cream after sunburn will help to remove redness and irritation from the sun, moisturize your body and fix the sunburn. You can also use a spray that will pleasantly cool, refresh and soothe the skin.

If you spent a lot of time in the sun, and yourThe skin is burnt to relieve burning and restore the skin, use creams or ointments against sunburn, for example: Panthenol, Alazol or other means.