There has come a long-awaited summer, and we wait - notWait for the opening of the swimming season. Many have already bought brand-new swimsuits and are eagerly trying on them. Someone in an emergency order to part with the extra kilograms accumulated over the winter, exhausting themselves with diets. Some, looking at their pale, faded skin, are striving in a tanning salon to give the body a beautiful chocolate tan.

We really missed the bright sun. We hasten to enjoy the warmth and at the first opportunity undress to put our bodies in the sun's rays. We work all day on country sites, we cultivate beds, flower beds under the scorching sun.

But also the tender sun can be insidious andIs capable of causing harm. Each of you more than once received a burn. The skin, scorched in the sun, made itself felt for several days with pain and burning, and then itched, flaked and covered with ugly rags.

So how do you properly sunbathe, so as not to experience inconvenience?

First of all, do not tan in the hoursThe greatest activity of the sun, from 11 am to 16 pm. Try not to be in the open sun during this period of time, since at that time the sunlight is most intense. The sun warms hotter, and can provide you with a burn and heat stroke and skin problems.

How correctly to sunbathe?

The best time for tanning is from 9 to 11 am, with16 to 19 pm. At this time you get a beautiful smooth tan. Sunbath should be gradually, accustoming the skin to sunlight. During the first exposure to the sun, limit to 5 minutes, then increase sunbaths to 10 minutes and in the course of time you can stay in the open sun for up to 2 hours a day. But you should not abuse the sun.

When you're sunbathing, do not forget about sunglasses and headgear. From the effects of sunlight, not only the skin of the body, but also the hair, eyes, face can suffer.

To the face is not burned, and the hair is not lostColor, not overdried and did not become brittle, split, it is necessary to cover your head with a hat, panama with wide margins. The headpiece should be comfortable, sewn from natural fabrics.

To protect the eyes from sun and ultravioletBe sure to use sunglasses. Get quality glasses with a high degree of protection from ultraviolet, with a convenient frame, preferably dark gray or dark green in color, so as not to tire your eyes. Points should not distort the objects and colors of the surrounding world.

To protect the body, face from burns, useSpecial creams before and after sunburn. It is best to use sunscreen with a degree of protection of 15 or more. Creams promote not only a uniform beautiful tan, but also moisturize, protect the skin from aging, irritation. Choose sunscreen that matches your skin type. Use creams according to the instructions. How to determine the type of skin you can find on our website.

How to properly sunbathe on the beach

Regardless of whether you are sunbathing on the beach inHot distant countries, on the river or lake of your hometown, you should enjoy sunburn, not pain from burns and skin problems. Before a trip to the sea, after about 2 weeks, start to accustom your skin to the sun, taking sun baths for 5-10 minutes a day. You can also slightly burn in the solarium.

How correctly to sunbathe?

When going to the beach, do not use makeup, fatty creams, perfumes, lotions.

Protective cream is recommended to apply to the body before going to the beach, so that it is evenly absorbed.

Do not forget about glasses and Panama. Hide from the burning sun under an umbrella or a canopy, in the shade of trees.

Tan, and even get a burn can not onlyLying on the sand, but also swimming in the water, and even in cloudy weather. The sun's rays are able to penetrate 1.5 meters into the water, and the water surface reflects the sun's rays well, which leads to a faster and less visible tan. And if you swim for the first time, do not stay in the water for a long time.

After bathing do not dry out in the sun, it is better to wipe the damp skin with a towel.

That your skin does not turn red, you do not need a wholeDay walk naked, periodically cover your shirt, cloak, towel. Do not lie long on the sand, do not sleep, because you can get very hot. If you are lying down lying down, change your posture every 10 minutes (turn over from the back to your stomach or on your side).

Do not sunbathe after eating and on an empty stomach. Do not drink alcoholic beverages. Intoxication can lead not only to a burn and heat stroke, but also to death from a heart attack and tragedy on the water.

To prevent dehydration of the bodyMore drink pure drinking or mineral water. Refuse from ice-cold drinks, from ice cream, they can provoke angina and other colds.

How to quickly and beautifully tan

The fastest way to get a smooth and beautiful tan is at the pond - while in motion (playing volleyball, badminton).

Use special creams, with the effect of enhancing tan.

To buy a beautiful chocolate color of skin will helpFoods rich in beta carotene - apricot, carrots and red peppers, melons and watermelons, apples and pears. Beta-carotene enhances the production of pigment melanin, which betrays the skin a bronze shade. And the fast and beautiful tan is promoted by amino acid - tyrosine, which is found in red meat, in the liver, in fish (cod, tuna), as well as in avocados, almonds and beans. So if you need to quickly and beautifully tan, eat these foods daily.

Benefits and harm from sunburn

A man with a beautiful bronze and even tan,Looks more attractive than a man with pale skin. And only the sun warms us, we try to put our bodies under its rays. We know that the sun is the source of vitamin D, which the body needs to assimilate calcium. And calcium strengthens our bones, teeth, nails and hair. Sunburn - reduces the fat content of the skin, promotes rapid healing of wounds. The sun's rays help fight depression, improve mood, and remove irritability.

And the abuse of sunlight is capableUndermine our health and cause serious skin diseases. If you take a long time to sunbathe in the open sun, you can get a sunburn. Your skin will become rough and dry, pigment and birthmarks will appear, warts and freckles, premature wrinkles.

How correctly to sunbathe?

A severe burn contributes to the appearance of acne on the skin, blisters, swelling, pain, the appearance of precancerous and cancerous skin lesions.

With sunburn, excessive synthesis of vitamin D occurs, which provokes the formation of kidney stones. Excessive sunburn can cause cataracts, damage the retina of the eye and vascular system.

Who can not sunbathe

It is not necessary to sunbathe to small children till 3 years, as at them more sensitive, gentle skin and to people after 60 years.

Caution should be in the sun inTime menstruation, as well as pregnant women, so as not to acquire pigment spots. If your body has many birthmarks, do not abuse sunburn.

People with diseases of the blood, liver, thyroid, stomach ulcer - sunbathing is not recommended. If you are sick and take antibiotics, then for a month, forget about sunburn.

What if you have a sunburn?

How correctly to sunbathe?

If you have reddened skin and touching itAccompanied by pain, then you got a sunburn. If you are on the beach you need to hide in the shade, get dressed to not exacerbate your condition. Try to drink water to make up for the loss of fluid.

Arriving home, be sure to take a coolBath, but do not use soap not to cause burning of the skin. Remove the heat will help cabbage leaves or cold compress. Dampen a towel with cold water or curdled milk and apply to the burned places.

If the body temperature increased, a chill appeared,And pain and itching do not allow to fall asleep, it is possible to take an antipyretic analgesic and antiallergic remedy. In especially severe cases, you need to seek medical help.

Sunbathe in moderation. Let your tan be beautiful and safe!