If you want to look attractive, startlingFamiliar with their beautiful bronze tan, it is not necessary to spend days on the scorching sun, burning your skin, you can use the solarium. In the solarium, the desired skin color can be obtained in several sessions, at any time of the year.

When you first visit the solarium you will be helpedDetermine the type of your skin, choose the right tanning products, according to your type. And also calculate the number and duration of sessions, the intensity of sunburn.

You may ask for the expiration date of the lampAnd the last date of its replacement. It also does not hurt to see the certificate of quality of ultraviolet radiation. The certificate should indicate the percentage of ultraviolet rays of type B. For pale skin, no more than 0.7%, for a swarthy-2.4%.

How correctly to sunbathe in a sun deck?

Decide on the choice of the unit that you areWant to use - vertical or horizontal. In the horizontal unit - the process of sunburn will occur lying, so you can completely relax. Also in it, you can adjust the intensity of the lamps by turning off the lamp above the face or other part of the body.
In the horizontal - the tanning of the feet is better, inVertical - the upper half of the body and faster you can get the desired shade of skin and a uniform tan, as most of the vertical aggregates - turbosolarium.

The first session should not exceed 5 minutes, and the timeThe next sessions can be from 10 to 20 minutes. Before visiting the solarium, the skin needs to be cleaned of make-up, and it is better to take a shower, but do not use detergents, from them the skin becomes dry and more sensitive to ultraviolet light.

To protect the skin, use a special tanning cosmetics in the solarium, which can be purchased directly in the solarium. Before sunburn, apply the cream on the entire body, and apply lip balm to the balsam.

It is necessary to remove all jewelry, watches.

For eye protection, wear special dark glasses. If you wear contact lenses - they need to be removed so as not to harm the eyes.

How correctly to sunbathe in a sun deck?

To protect hair from ultraviolet rays - use a cotton panama, kerchief or a special cap.

If the body has moles or tattoos, they should be covered with special stickers, and if you are sunbathing naked, then cover the nipples.

After the solarium take a shower, apply to the skinMoisturizer after tanning in the solarium. Relax, drink vitamin tea with dried apricots or carrot juice, this will help to manifest faster and will last longer for your tan. But to walk under the sunlight on the day of visiting the solarium is not recommended.

Harm and benefit of the solarium

People who have a lot of moles on their bodiesOr birthmarks, caution should be taken for tanning in the solarium. Birthmarks can become inflamed, begin to bleed and grow into cancer tumors. So you need to be on the alert, and if changes have occurred, seek medical help at the time.

The solarium is harmful to those with light, sensitive skin, it can easily blush and get burned. Sunburn in a solarium can cause allergic reactions in the form of rash, itching.

In women after a tanning salon often there are pigmentary stains - chloasma. Provoke the appearance of these spots is capable of perfumes, some diseases of internal organs and the intake of hormonal drugs.

How correctly to sunbathe in a sun deck?

To abuse malaria is not necessary, the impactA lot of ultraviolet light adversely affects the skin. It becomes thin, dry, prematurely aging, and on the face there are early wrinkles.

In addition to the proper beautiful tanning, staying in a tanning salon helps to relax and improve mood, relieve stress and nervous tension.

Sunburn helps to hide cellulite and varicose veins,Dries out acne. Ultraviolet has a favorable effect on the entire body, improves its protective functions. Ultraviolet rays have curative properties, are useful for beriberi, for depression, as well as for rheumatism, bronchitis, otitis, tracheitis.

Stay in the solarium will ease the skin condition with psoriasis, eczema, herpes.

The solarium will significantly improve your health, butTo visit sessions of an artificial sunburn it is possible only on purpose of the doctor. It is necessary to be convinced, whether there are no at you other diseases at which the sun deck is counter-indicative.

To whom the solarium is contraindicated

Before you go sunbathing in the solarium, you need to consult a doctor, as there are a number of diseases in which the solarium is strictly contraindicated.

This is a hypertensive disease and coronary heart disease, thyroid dysfunction, as well as lung, liver, diabetes, mastopathy, fibroids, melanoma and other diseases.

Children - they have more sensitive skin, women breastfeeding, pregnant women and people prone to bleeding should abandon sunburn in the solarium.

And also, if you are sick and have antibiotics, hormonal drugs. The solarium is contraindicated at an elevated body temperature and after surgery.

How often can I visit the solarium

In order to sunbathe in the solarium you need to correctlyDetermine the type of your skin. It is desirable that employees of the solarium were advanced in this matter and helped to choose the number of sessions and cosmetics for the body, suitable for you. Better still, if the solarium staff have a medical education and will tell you how to properly care for the skin after sunburn. It should not sunbathe under the artificial sun for more than 20 minutes per session, and one course of sunburn should not exceed more than 10 sessions. It is desirable that the break between courses was more than one month.

Do not abuse the solarium - this can cause serious damage to your health and skin.