Since then, as in the XV century Christopher's expeditionColumbus brought tobacco from America to Europe, smoking has become widespread around the world. At first, smoking was considered a man's occupation, but gradually women became addicted to smoking. Everyone knows about the harm of tobacco to the female body, it is known that smoking causes premature aging of the skin, shortens life expectancy, causes many serious diseases, negatively affects the health of future children, but every year the number of women smokers on our Earth increases.

Why do girls start smoking?

More and more often you can see how very young people,Hiding in the secluded corners of schoolyards, furtively smoking a cigarette for a cigarette, the students are already smoking openly. Smoking women can be observed everywhere: in parks on benches, at public transport stops, in cafes, at work. Young mothers are smoking in children's playgrounds, poisoning the baby with a nicotine venom sleeping in a wheelchair.

Why do girls smoke?

So why do girls start smoking?

Many believe that a girl with a cigarette - it's fashionable, it's stylish. In order to attract attention to yourself, you can get a thin cigarette and a beautiful lighter from your purse and light it in front of everyone.

Others light the first cigarette out of curiosity,For the sake of interest: "Why is it said that smoking is harmful, but everyone is smoking? What is the taste and effect of a cigarette, that all smokers can not do without it? "

Often, smoking propaganda, importunate advertisingProvokes the girl to take up a cigarette. Watching any movie or series, we see that the successful heroine reaches for a cigarette in any situation. And many girls, imitating the fictional characters of their favorite TV series, are replenishing the ranks of smokers.

The first smoked cigarette creates in manyGirls illusion of self-assertion, she herself may not even like the taste of the first cigarette. But lighting, in the eyes of her smoking peers, she became the same as everyone else.

Girls begin to smoke the same way and on the advice of friends, who describe the amazing effect of nicotine on the body - relaxation, bliss.
Some believe that smoking will help calm down, relieve stress in a stressful situation.

Why do girls smoke?

And other girls take an example from moms, from grandmothers. For many families - women's smoking is in the order of things, and imitating mother, the girl starts smoking.

Smoking helps in communication (if you do not know what to talk about, you can offer to smoke), you can start a new acquaintance with a cigarette by asking a stranger to have a light.

The first cigarette smoked, is replaced by the second, third. Gradually, the girl forms nicotine addiction and already without a cigarette life is inconceivable.

Why are girls harmful to smoke?

A well-known fact, smoking causes irreparableHarm to health, but most of all, smoking harms a young, fragile body, and especially a woman. Even if you "just play around" and do not notice any changes in your state of health, know that every cigarette you smoke smells your body and leaves its harmful trace on your appearance and internal organs.

If you smoke, nicotine can affectYour beauty. Sooner or later you will notice how your tender maiden voice acquired a hoarse hue, he became hoarse, and in the throat he constantly persists.

Why do girls smoke?

Your white teeth become darker - nicotine promotes the formation of tartar, caries appear, and teeth are more quickly destroyed.
You can also notice that the skin on the face lost its freshness, elasticity, it became dry, acquired a yellowish, earthy hue, and inflamed pimples poured out on it.

And on the skin of the fingers there were brown spots, and the color of the nails became faded, dim and they break down, they break off.

There have been changes with your hair - they have become dry, thin, brittle, thinned, lost their luster.

Looking at yourself in the mirror, you can notice that the whites of the eyes have turned yellow, there are dark circles under the eyes, and the sight began to deteriorate.

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You like the smell of cigarette smoke, it seemsYou are pleasant. But in fact, this tobacco smoke impregnates your hair, your skin, your clothes, and from you the unbearable smell of tobacco, or, more precisely, a stink that you do not notice. But the people around you catch this unpleasant smell (especially non-smokers) and do not be surprised that many of your friends will not want to communicate with you.

Our skin is permeated with a network of small vessels, andNicotine adversely affects the walls of the capillaries. When smoking a cigarette for 30-40 minutes, the capillaries contract and the blood flow slows down, which means that the blood supply and nutrition of the skin and other organs worsens.

Why do girls smoke?

There are premature wrinkles, skinPermeated by a network of small vessels. A smoking girl looks much older than her non-smoking peers. And on the face there are rough nasolabial folds, and believe me, it does not adorn a woman at all and gives out an inveterate smoker.
Of course, you're still too young, and realize the wholeThe harm of smoking is very difficult for you, because the effects of smoking are not immediately apparent, only after a few years (in five to ten years), when there are irreversible health problems.

It is revealed that in women, nicotine dependence develops faster than for men, and it is much more difficult for them to quit after such length of service.
Smoking also has a negative effect onYour respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems, (diseases of the bronchi, lungs, heart, larynx, lung), the activity of endocrine glands and menstrual function is disrupted, gynecological diseases occur, (infertility, cervical cancer).

Why do girls smoke?

The purpose of every woman is the birth of a child,And every girl dreams of being a mom. Smoking and pregnancy are incompatible Tobacco poisons reduce a woman's ability to become a mother, since poisoned by nicotine poison sex cells are incapable of conception. The toxic substances contained in tobacco have a harmful effect on the development of the fetus, and later on the development of the baby, so that pregnant women Women can not either - that smoking, but even be in the same room with people who smoke.

Smoking women twice as often occurPremature birth, children are born with a smaller body weight than non-smokers, or die during childbirth. It is revealed that if a woman smokes before conception and during her pregnancy her daughter is born most often, and if a boy is born, then in the end he is unlikely to become a father.

Why do girls smoke?

The children of smokers' mothers lag behind in the physical andMental development, they are much weaker, grow worse, are more often sick than their peers. Many children are born with various diseases of the nervous system, congenital defects, mentally retarded.

Many smokers are not able to bear fruit, pregnancy ends in a miscarriage. And you will agree that this is a great sorrow for the woman and her family.

Unfortunately, many girls think that the girlWith a cigarette attracts the attention of men. But remember the expression that most certainly belongs to the man: "To kiss a woman smoking a cigarette is like kissing an ashtray." And most men would not like to see a woman smoking around like a locomotive, but dreaming of a beautiful, healthy wife, able to bear and give birth to a strong, viable offspring.

Why do girls smoke?

And with such men who say that they"Anyway, their girlfriend smokes or not," or "I do not care if she smokes," you should not associate your life, because in the future it will "not care" and "spit" in other life situations when you need it help.

If you think that smoking is fashionable, you are deeplyYou are mistaken. In the modern world, it is fashionable to lead an active lifestyle, be healthy, look young and attractive for years, radiate the smell of freshness, not the sharp smell of tobacco, breathe in full chest, and not suffocate from coughing.

If you read our article, think about whether it is worthBurn their lives, condemning themselves to premature aging and disease. Is it worth it to harm your future children, because children's health is the most important for every mother.

Be prudent and choose a life without cigarettes!