In view of mass propaganda of medicine onTelevision, more and more people are thinking about a healthy lifestyle. With this article, we will continue the series of publications about health, telling you about the ways in which our liver can be cleaned.

We chose this topic for a reason, since the liver,For our body, is a vital organ. Just think about it, it performs about 500 functions, while only one of them - blood purification, it performs from 200 to 400 times a day, so you can imagine how much and the intensity of the work it performs.

How to clean the liver

The main task of the liver is purificationOrganism, freeing it from various biological waste. Our liver every day produces about one liter of bile, which removes all the toxins from our body. Each drink we drink with dyes, fruit with pesticides, pills, antibiotics, alcohol and many other things will necessarily affect the liver. So imagine how many harmful components you eat per day, and how much will accumulate over the year !? All this passes through the liver and leaves its mark. To make this clearer for you, let's give a simple example. Many of us at home have a water purification filter, either for tap water or for a coffee machine, and you could clearly see what happens to it after a few weeks of use, the same thing happens with our liver, as it is the same filter, Only within our body.

If you decide to heal your liver, then thisWorthy of all praise, since often, this issue is puzzled only when they already have problems with it. To know what to look for when cleaning the liver, we need to understand in more detail which basic functions it performs.

The liver detoxifies and removes excessHormones and vitamin, as well as the negative components contained in the food we consume (ammonia, phenol, ethanol, acetone, etc.). Another of the main functions of the liver is the neutralization of toxins, allergens and poisons, making them less harmful and dangerous for our body. When eating a large amount of food containing fat, our liver filters it so that it does not get into the blood and is at a normal level. Accordingly, the fat retained in the liver, along with the bile, enters our gallbladder, so that they can be transformed into stones or sand. The rest that is not fossilized is excreted through the intestine. Fats that do not leave the liver, begin to settle in the cells of the liver and provoke its obesity.

In addition to fatty foods, a negative effect on the liverHas a sedentary lifestyle, as a result, our liver is heavily loaded: the destruction of cell membranes and the destruction of liver cells. In addition, its negative contribution is made by an unfavorable ecological situation.

Why did we start our article with such a longEntry? Begin the treatment of any illness or perform health improvement of organs, you need to have the necessary minimum knowledge about it. Otherwise it will look like Don Quixote with a mill, not knowing what, but we are actively curing it and are proud of ourselves. To this question, you must be serious. To improve the health of organs, and the liver, including, in the first place, you need to get as much information as possible to know how and what to do. Now that you know about liver functions and understand, as a result of which it becomes contaminated, you can begin to purify it.

So, if the liver pollutes the harmful food, then, from what it is necessary to begin its purification? To clean the cleansing is necessary with proper nutrition and appropriate diet.

How to clean the liver

Diet for cleansing the liver

In the first place, we exclude fatty and sweet food from our diet, it simply should not be in it. In addition, from your diet you should delete:

  • Smoked products;

  • Spicy condiments;

  • Canned and preserved;

  • Spices;

  • Pechenka and pork;

  • Soups on rich broths;

  • Baking;

  • Chocolate, sweets, cakes, etc.

Of course, we absolutely rule out the use of alcohol in any form.

Well, now let's touch on what you can useIn food. In this case, doctors advise to lean on seafood, but only so that they are not greasy. Give preference to cod, since its composition includes lipotropic substances that promote the release of liver cells from fat.

Daily prepare yourself omelettes without yolks. Use sour-milk products, but only skim or with a low percentage of fat, which, thanks to high calcium content, helps to eliminate toxins.

As often as possible, eat vegetables that can be taken in both raw and cooked form. Especially useful for cleansing the liver will be: sea kale, squash caviar, vinaigrette, etc.

At least 2 times a week, arrange unloading days in order to unload the liver and give it a rest.

Diet for cleansing the liver

Below we want to give you an example of a menu that will help cleanse the liver and not load it.

First breakfast:

Steam fish cutlets (100 g), garnish of vegetables and rice;

Green tea, without sugar.


Low-fat cottage cheese (100g);

Baked apple with raisins.


Fish soup with vegetable salad (250g);

Boiled cod (100 g);

Green tea.


Omelet made from proteins, steamed (150g);

Broth of dogrose.


Welded shrimps (100 g) and rice (150 g);

Salad from sea kale;

Green tea.

How to clean the liver

Mineral water

Of course, we can not fail to mention in this article andAbout the huge benefit of mineral water, which has a tremendous effect for the purification of the liver. Mineral water contributes to the outflow of bile, resulting in a reduced risk of formation of stones, as well as increases the excretion of toxins from the liver.

It is important to note that if the issues of recoveryYou are puzzled after you began to experience pain in the right hypochondrium, then it is better not to use mineral water, as its use can promote the displacement of the stones, which will serve to block the bile ducts.

If you cleanse the liver inPreventive purposes, then the reception of mineral water will be very handy. Best for this are the following mineral waters: Borjomi, Essentuki, Mirgorodskaya.

Medicines for cleansing the liver

Most recently, on the shelves of pharmacies appearedDrugs that are specifically designed for the liver, called such drugs hepatoprotectors. This type of drugs is produced in two forms: from natural means - for the protection of the liver and those based on essential phospholipids restoring liver cells.

We also advise taking ascorbic acid daily for 0.5 g.

How to clean the liver folk remedies

The best folk remedies thatHelp to clear the liver, are honey and rose hips. To do this, brew a broth of dogrose, fill a tablespoon of fruit with boiling water, and insist it for 6-8 hours in a thermos.

For every half cup of broth, add 1A teaspoon of honey and drink it in such quantities 2-3 times a day after meals. This drug promotes the activation of the liver, which stimulates the secretion of bile.

In addition to such a drink, the following herbs contribute to the cleansing of the liver:

  • Mint;

  • The millennial;

  • Immortelle;

  • Celandine;

  • Sagebrush;

  • Nettles and others.

How to clean the liver

Healthy lifestyle

Strange as it may seem, physical activitySignificantly helps the liver to be cleaned. It is established that the more we move, the purification process proceeds faster. Therefore, it is not necessary to engage in physical exercises (although it is very useful by itself), it is enough just to be active and move more. Every day take a walk and breathe fresh air.

If the ecological situation in your cityWants the best, that at the first opportunity go to nature, away from the city. The ideal option is if you have a country house and a sauna. As often as possible, do wet cleaning in your apartment.

Refuse bad habits: alcohol and smoking. Without this, it is impossible to heal the liver.


As already mentioned above, to take up thePurification of the liver, you should approach this with all seriousness, since this procedure is considered medical, despite the fact that it can be done independently and at home.

The cleansing period can last from several weeks to one month.