Immunity is one of the important components of ourHealth. If our immunity is weakened, then it is fraught not only with colds, but also with other, equally complex ailments. That's why we all try to maintain our immune system so that our body can effectively resist all ills. This article will be devoted entirely to this issue, telling you how to strengthen immunity.

What is immunity?

To understand what is immunity, let'sConsider its definition. So, immunity is the ability of an organism to resist infections, pathogenic organisms and foreign substances that have a negative impact on it. To make it clear to you, let's try to consider what immunity is by example. The work of immunity can be described as the protection of the body. That is, the immunity in the body as a metal detector at the entrance, controls and checks everything that gets into our body. If in our body any illness has penetrated, then immunity as a guard is fighting with it, trying to neutralize and withdraw it from our body.

Immunity is an abstract concept, since it does not haveOne physical component, one can only identify several central and peripheral organs that are responsible for immunity: red bone marrow, thymus, spleen, lymph nodes and locally associated lymphoid tissue.

In principle, if immunity protects our body,Then why do we get sick, and we are overcome by a cold, flu, ARVI and other ailments? - Everything is very simple! If we fall ill, it means that our immune system has insufficient strength to overcome this ailment. You may wonder: it can not be that the vast majority of people are weakened by the immune system, and they are sick. Yes, that is right. The immune system is, although strong, but requires a lot of attention and care mechanism, so it often weakens.

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How to strengthen immunity

Why does immunity decrease?

Reduced immunity is promoted by a largeNumber of factors. First of all, the culprits of our immunity decrease are ourselves, leading a wrong way of life. The second reason is the environment and ecology. The third reason is illness. Let's now touch all these three reasons in more detail.

Because we do not take care of our body, this isVery negatively affects our immune system. Frequent lack of sleep, stress and experience - common reasons for which our immunity decreases. In addition, bad habits: alcohol and smoking, also cause their damage. Improper nutrition, that is, the use of harmful products that adversely affect our body as a whole, postpone their imprint on the immune system. This can be attributed to the insufficient amount of vitamin intake.

The environment also plays far from the lastRole in the weakening of our immunity. Bad ecology pollutes our body, and stay in places of large concentrations of people, where there is a huge number of viruses, bacteria, etc. - They attack our immunity.

Frequent diseases make our workImmunity to wear, as it seeks to defeat all ills, and if there are many, and they are strong, then the immune system is depleted, as it can not recover normally and fully.

These are the most common reasons why our immunity decreases. How can you determine that our immunity is reduced?

Signs of decreased immunity

A big plus is that the signs of declineImmunity are visible immediately. If you often become cold and some of the symptoms of cold do not last for a long time, then this is the first sign of a decrease in immunity.

Increased irritability, fastFatigue, drowsiness, constant poor state of health, malaise is the second list of reasons that may indicate that your immune system is in a weakened state.

How to increase immunity

Why it is necessary to strengthen the immune system

As we have already explained, the immune systemProtects our body from disease and confronts them. If the immune system is weakened - we are exposed to a huge number of diseases and ailments, both viral and bacterial. In order for diseases to bypass you, and you feel good, you must constantly maintain your immunity strong. When an ailment gets into our body, immunity produces interferons that quickly cope with the ailment. If the ailment is very serious, then strong immunity will not allow it to "sweep" in the body and very quickly neutralizes it.

For example, with strong immunity, the influenza virus,Having got into the body, can not manifest at all, as it will be immediately exhausted, or it will pass a simple runny nose, without complex symptomatic forms: fever, chills, feelings of discomfort, weakness, etc.

Immunity fights not only with colds andVirus diseases. With allergy, immunity neutralizes the allergen, when food poisoning fights against microbes and bacteria, there are a lot of such examples.

Strengthening immunity is extremely necessary in the fall,When our body begins to rebuild from heat to cold. During this period, our immune system weakens and the body lacks vitamin and other mineral components to strengthen it. Moreover, during this period the season of virus outbreaks begins, therefore it is necessary to prepare and immunity to them so that it will withstand virus attacks.

Also we want to warn you, that excessiveStrengthening immunity is also not good. In too strong immunity, there is nothing good, because in this case, the immunity begins to attack the body itself, and this is fraught with allergic reactions and other.

How to strengthen immunity at home

How to strengthen immunity at home

To strengthen immunity at home will not be a problem. To strengthen its immunity, it is necessary to use an integrated approach, which we will outline below.

  • Proper nutrition

We need proper nutrition not only forNormal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, but also in order to maintain their immune system. First of all, exclude the use of those products that negatively affect the body, these products, in turn, negatively affect the immune system: flavors, dyes and other chemical components.

In your diet include products containingVitamins and minerals. To strengthen immunity, use foods that contain vitamins A, C, E and B. Be sure to eat protein foods every day: meat, fish, eggs. It is also recommended to eat vegetarian food, especially yellow and red.

Of course, it is necessary to mention separatelyFruits, containing a huge amount of vitamin, which are so necessary not only for our immune system, but for the body as a whole. On the shelves all year round you can find citrus fruits that are rich in vitamin C and other fruits needed for the body.

  • Healthy image

Be sure to lead a healthy lifestyle: walking, charging, tempering, etc. Have a favorable effect on the immune system.

To strengthen the immune system, aA healthy sleep and a good rest. Thanks to this our body rests and grows strength, and when we have strength, our immunity also strengthens. If you are overtired, be sure to fully rest and regain strength, do not work on wear and tear.

Try to minimize stress or at least not respond to them, as they have a bad effect on the immune system. Strangely enough, a good mood also strengthens the immune system.

  • Environment

When you come home, wash your hands well. Ventilate your apartment, do a wet cleaning. In the period of increasing the epidemic threshold of viral infections, try to spend as little time as possible in places of mass congestion. Travel more often to nature, where there is clean and fresh air.

  • Preparations for immunity

Well, for granted - take drugs that increase immunity, we'll talk about them later.

Drugs for improving immunity

To quickly enhance immunity and protect yourselfFrom the oncoming epidemic, take medications to strengthen immunity. Let's consider what drugs increase immunity. The most common drugs to date, which enhance and strengthen immunity, are Immunal and Aflubin. In the period of epidemics, drugs Anaferon and Amizon will help to strengthen immunity.

How to strengthen immunity with folk remedies

How to strengthen immunity with folk remedies

Very useful for strengthening immunity in autumnAnd in the winter are jams and frozen fruits. To such jams it is possible to carry: a raspberry and a black currant. Of course, garlic and onions, which also kill germs and bacteria, are among the popular methods that help to strengthen immunity.

Well, we can not fail to mention here the herbs thatAlso have a good effect on strengthening the immune system. Such herbs include: dog rose, St. John's wort, red clover, ginseng, yellow-root, etc.

How to strengthen immunity after a disease

After any illness, however strong it would beOur immunity, it will in any case be weakened. Therefore, if you are sick, then in order to maintain immunity, both to fight the disease, and to restore it after it, take medications to boost immunity. During this period, a special dosage is recommended, which is indicated to the annotation to the drug. In the rest, to strengthen the immunity after the disease, use all those recommendations that we gave above: eat foods that strengthen immunity, healthy and healthy food, eat vitamins, walk in the fresh air, etc.