Dandruff is a problem familiar to many women. Unfortunately, many of the fair sex suffer only because of the external unattractiveness of hair with dandruff, forgetting that "snow" on the head appears for a reason. Dandruff is an indicator that something is wrong in the body, and a person has health problems.

Why does dandruff appear?

Causes of dandruff

Normally, the skin is constantly renewed: old cells die, new ones appear. Dead cells turn into dust, invisible to the unaided eye. This process is quite lengthy.

Dandruff also appears as a result Disruption of renewal of the upper layer of the skin of the head. It accelerates and becomes uneven, as a result of which dead cells accumulate on the surface of the scalp. Slipping together, the dead skin cells of the scalp form dandruff.

As a rule, the appearance of dandruff is accompanied byA violation of the condition of the hair as a whole: their loss, split ends, lack of color. The first thought: to buy some cosmetic for dandruff - is far from always correct and can not bring the expected result. This is due to the fact that there are several deeper causes of dandruff - and only after finding out the right reason, you can use any means to combat this unpleasant defect.

What are the causes of dandruff?

Dandruff can be caused by variousFactors, ranging from problems with the metabolism and ending with external factors. To determine what causes the emergence of dandruff from you, you should first pay attention to the form of dandruff.

Dry dandruff Accompanied by severe itching of the scalp and has two varieties.

Dry dandruff, accompanied by hair loss, Their dryness, brittleness and split ends, is rather abundant. What causes this dandruff?

Causes of dandruff

Most often dry dandruff with hair lossIs the result of metabolic disturbances in the body caused by hormonal imbalance. That is why dandruff along with another no less unpleasant skin problem - acne - occurs during puberty. Abuse of "harmful" food products (flour, fatty, sweet), beriberi, smoking also adversely affect the metabolism, provoking the appearance of dandruff. The situation is aggravated by constant stresses, emotional outbursts, chronic fatigue.

Dry dandruff without hair loss Is due entirely to other causes: hypovitaminosis and hypersensitivity to the scalp (allergic dermatitis).

Allergic dermatitis, in turn, canBe caused by various factors. Often dandruff appears after contact with the scalp with a chemical irritant, for example, hair dye or an unsuitable shampoo. Dandruff, the occurrence of which is caused by local allergy, appears sharply and in large numbers, characterized by severe itching and the formation of "crusts". After 2-3 weeks of treatment, neutralizing the effects of chemicals, dandruff passes.

Another cause of increased sensitivity of the skin may be health problems, in particular, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract.

Overdrying the scalp is facilitated by external factors: abuse of hair dryer for drying hair, means for styling, long stay in direct sunlight without a headdress.

Causes of dandruff

Greasy dandruff
Characterized by large yellowish scales,Oily to the touch. It is often accompanied by fat, dull hair, their fall down to partial baldness, and acne on the skin of the face.

What are the causes of fatty dandruff? First of all, these are disturbances in the work of the sebaceous glands. The production of sebum glands special lubricant protects the skin from drying out. However, metabolic disorders (caused by almost the same factors as in the case of dry dandruff) can lead to an increase in its number. As a result, the lubricant covers the scalp with a thin film, which prevents the normal detachment of keratinized cells.

As a rule, get rid of fatty dandruff muchMore difficult than from dry, it requires a long, serious treatment. Cosmetics in the fight against fatty dandruff are not helpers - they will only temporarily ease the condition. Therefore, women suffering from fatty dandruff, it is recommended to immediately seek help from specialists: dermatologist, endocrinologist.

Modern research has shown that Another reason for the appearance of dandruff can become fungus. He lives on the scalp constantly, notCausing inconvenience. However, all the same violations in the body's work provoke the fungus for accelerated reproduction. By irritating the sebaceous glands, the fungus causes them to work harder. As a result - the emergence of dandruff.

Why is it so important to find out the reasonsThe occurrence of dandruff? Dandruff, the appearance of which is due to various factors, and is treated differently. Some patients need shampoos with antifungal components, others - in funds designed to moderate the activity of the sebaceous glands, the third should revise their nutrition and bad habits, the fourth - to put in order the hormonal system, and the fifth - to look for the causes of allergic reactions and ways to eliminate them. Of course, it is unlikely to be able to do all this without the help of a doctor, and if various advertised (and not so) therapeutic shampoos have not helped to cope with dandruff - it's time to turn to a specialist, and as soon as possible.