Mastopathy is a fibro-cystic disease,Benign formation in the mammary gland, which is characterized by a pathological proliferation of its tissues. According to statistics, this disease occurs in 50-70% of women. Mastopathy itself does not threaten life, but it brings discomfort to a woman's life and benign tumors (fibroadenoma) often develop, and sometimes (in one of ten cases) breast cancer. Therefore, timely detection and treatment of mastopathy is a guarantee of women's health.

Signs of mastopathy

Mastopathy. Signs, causes, prevention of mastopathy

The most common and often almost the only sign of mastopathy are Seals in the mammary gland (mammalgia). Usually they are soft or denser to the touch, have a granular or lobular structure, can increase and / or decrease in size, shift and give pain to the armpit. In most cases, these seals are painless - they can become so only 2-3 days before menstruation and usually pass with its onset.

It is the insignificance of these painful sensations andCoincidence in time with the PMS period gives the woman a reason to doubt the seriousness of this problem, and she delays a visit to a mammologian doctor. And in vain - after all, as is known, with any illness it is much easier and quicker to cope at the initial stages, and not in the neglected stage.

Also, signs of mastopathy may include Discharge from the nipples of different colors: White, green or yellow. Clear and spotting is also common.

It is commonly believed that worrying about mastopathyIf you are over 35 years old. However, this only applies to nodal mastopathy. But diffuse mastopathy is also found in very young women. Also there is dyshormonal mastopathy, which can occur even in girls aged 14-16. Therefore, to know what mastopathy is and what its symptoms are, all girls are obliged, from a young age.

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  • In the next article, we will analyze why the mammary glands are aching and what will it lead to?

Causes of mastopathy

Mastopathy. Signs, causes, prevention of mastopathy

The emergence of mastopathy can be due to a number of reasons:

- heredity - the important role is played by the presence of benign and malignant tumors in the relatives along the mother's line;
- stress, depression, anxiety and other disorders of the nervous system can also cause mastopathy - by the way, very often the disease "starts up" after another nervous breakdown or stress;
- abortions, during which the violentThe process interrupts the processes in the tissues of the breast, aimed at the production of breast milk, starting literally from the first days of pregnancy. Each subsequent abortion increases the risk of the disease, so, the presence of three abortions increases the risk of mastopathy by about 7 times;
- gynecological diseases, since the mammary gland is directly connected with the female reproductive organs and suffers from any, even the most "minor" problems with them;
- diseases of the endocrine system(Thyroid, pancreas, ovaries, adrenal glands, liver), including hormonal disruptions associated with menstrual disorders and characterized by the absence or delay of menstruation, anovulation;
- obesity, diabetes, arterial hypertension - by themselves do not cause mastopathy, but increase the risk of its occurrence in 2-3 times;
- trauma and microtraumas of the breast - even at first glance a slight blow to the chest, squeezing it can lead to tissue damage and provoke the appearance of mastopathy;
- wrong way of life - here, no matter howStrangely, are not primarily the generally accepted bad habits (although smoking and alcohol are considered indirect risk factors) and malnutrition, but more rejection of regular sexual activity, the lack of children or one child, the unwillingness to breastfeed for a long time.

Prevention of mastopathy

Mastopathy. Signs, causes, prevention of mastopathy

From the last point in the list of causes of mastopathy, we can conclude about the main types of prevention of this disease.

First of all, this is Regular sex life (At least 2 times a week) with a regular partner. Indeed, scientists have long proven that sex is useful for women's health - and in the matter of preventing mastopathy, it does not belong to the last role.

Safe pregnancy and childbirth (It is desirable to have at least two children),The absence of abortions (both natural and artificial, frozen pregnancies, etc.) is also one of the guarantees that everything will be fine with the mammary gland. Therefore, it is so important to protect yourself during the "interesting situation", to avoid unplanned and unwanted pregnancies.

Also important is the age at which the woman gave birth to the first child. For the prevention of breast diseases is very desirable To give birth to the first child under 25 years of age (Three times lowering the risk of mastopathy).

Finally, the importance for the prevention of mastopathy Duration of lactation. Safe long-term feeding until the momentThe natural extinction of lactation (2.5 - 3 years) will have an extremely favorable effect on the condition of the mammary gland. However, to date, the opinions of doctors on this issue vary, and some of them believe that breastfeeding for longer than 1.5 years means also exposing yourself to the risk of mastopathy. In any case, the period of weaning and completion of lactation should be smooth and maximally painless for both the child and the mother.

We found out what is mastopathy, what are itsSymptoms, causes and what can be done to prevent this disease. In the next article, we will look at the current methods of treating this disease.