Treatment of mastopathy

In the last article, we found out whatMastopathy, what are its causes and symptoms. Carry out all necessary examinations, find out the causes of the disease and put the final diagnosis should a doctor-mammologist, who appoints in the end the most suitable in each case, treatment of mastopathy. Of course, self-medication is inadmissible in this case, and this article is only useful information for information, but in no case is the guide to action.

In modern medicine, variousMeans of treatment of mastopathy. Their choice depends, first of all, on the reasons that triggered the onset of the disease. Undoubtedly, the treatment of fibrotic mastopathy caused by hormonal disorders in the body and provoked, say, by stress or other mental disorders will differ. Also, the choice of method of treatment depends on the degree of prevalence of the process, the age of the patient, the general condition of her body.

Most often a woman undergoes hormonalTreatment of mastopathy, but some specialists reject the use of hormones in this case, considering them ineffective and even provoking new outbreaks of the disease.

Patients are assigned the following Hormonal treatment of mastopathy:
- gestagens (pregnin, norkolut);
- antiestrogenic drugs (phareston, tamoxifen);
- means for suppressing the production of prolactin (bromocriptine);
- androgenic drugs (dibromoblecide, methyltestosterone).

Treatment of mastopathy

Hormones are prescribed both systemically in the form of tablets, and a place in the form of hormonal ointments and gels.

In addition to hormone therapy, quite popularIs the treatment with phytotherapy and homeopathy, the use of multivitamin preparations (especially recommended vitamins A, B1, B6, B-keratin and iodine), diuretic, sedative (anti-inflammatory) and non-steroidal agents. Often they are used in conjunction with the intake of hormonal drugs, enhancing their effect and contributing to the elimination of pain symptoms.

Treatment of cystic mastopathy also provides Adherence to a specific diet. It is necessary to introduce a ban on alcohol and smoking, to limit the consumption of coffee, strong tea, chocolate. It is worth leaning on vegetables and fruits, as well as seafood, rich in iodine.

During the period of the disease and after treatment, women are not allowed to stay under the sun, visit the solarium and sauna, and pass various physiotherapy procedures.

The proper choice is the right choiceBra - it should be of appropriate size and shape and do not squeeze the chest. Often the wrongly selected bra becomes the cause of chest pain during mastopathy.

The nodular form of mastopathy is most often treated Surgical intervention, The removal of formed nodes. However, many women with time, again formed nodes, which gives rise to doubt the usefulness of surgical treatment. Therefore at the moment it is not so widely practiced as a means of treating mastopathy, tk. From the disease itself it does not deliver.

Treatment of mastopathy

Quite popular among the women of our country Folk treatment of mastopathy. I just want to note that as aThe only means of treatment it can be applied categorically. It can be used only as an addition to the main treatment - and then only after a mandatory consultation with the attending physician. Moreover, official medicine recognizes the benefits of phytotherapy as part of an integrated approach in the treatment of fibrocystic mastopathy. These remedies are also good for the prevention of the disease and its repeated outbreaks.

So, in the folk treatment of mastopathy are usedBurdock root, grass red brush, chaga, dairy seeds fried in milk. Good help is given to various herbal preparations: collection from a string, yarrow and motherwort or collection from the root of valerian, hips, motherwort, oregano, immortelle and string.

Also in folk medicine as a remedyTreatment of mastopathy actively apply lotions. Excellent results give a cabbage leaf or a burdock leaf, which must be applied at night to the chest, after having given them a boiling water and making incisions along the entire perimeter to isolate the medicinal juice. Also effective is the juice of beets and carrots - raw vegetables should be grated, add a little vegetable oil and put to the chest, laying the mass on the cabbage leaf. Apply to the chest and rye cakes, which are very simple to cook: enough to mix 4 tablespoons. Rye flour with 2 tsp. Honey and egg yolk.

Treatment of mastopathy with folk remediesProvides duration and regularity - at least 2-3 weeks of daily use. Once again we remind that each prescription must be previously agreed with the attending physician.

Timely competent treatmentFibro-cystic mastopathy gives a guarantee of full recovery of the woman. And the right way of life and attentive attitude towards one's own organism will allow to avoid new outbreaks of the disease.