What is thrush?

With this unpleasant disease,Almost every woman. Vaginal candidiasis, or simply thrush - at first glance, not dangerous, but such an insidious disease of the female sexual sphere. It gives a lot of discomfort and can serve as a factor for the emergence of other, more serious, diseases. What is thrush in girls and women and how to treat it?

What is thrush?

Vaginal candidiasis is a fungal diseaseVagina caused by the multiplication of fungi of the Candida group. In fact, this fungus normally exists in the body of every healthy person, but in a number of cases it starts actively multiplying, passing into a parasitizing form.

What can provoke the growth of Candida fungi? Among the most common factors: taking antibiotics, dysbacteriosis of the vagina (often as a result of uncontrolled syringing), a number of diseases (diabetes, HIV, cancer), pregnancy and menopause in women. Recently, the link between thrush and tight lingerie from synthetics, the use of thongs and even tampons has been increasingly revealed. Almost always thrush causes a decrease in immunity - a weakening of the protective forces of the female body.

The danger of thrush is that it can affect internal organs, become a gateway to other infections, and in pregnancy there is a risk of infection of the fetus.

What is Thrush in Pictures

What is thrush?

What is thrush?

What is Thrush Photo

What is thrush?

What is thrush?

What is thrush?

Symptoms of thrush in girls and women

As a rule, the thrush makes itself felt brightlyExpressed by symptoms. In patients, severe itching and burning sensation in the external genital area, pain during urination and intimacy, swelling in the fungal lesions, there is a characteristic discharge from the vagina of white color curdled consistency.

With improper treatment or lack of itVaginal candidiasis will flow into the chronic stage: the symptoms become less pronounced and will manifest themselves from time to time, exacerbating during premenstrual syndrome, after sexual acts, under hypothermia.

However, similar symptoms may have otherDiseases of the female sexual sphere, including venereal diseases. And they are treated quite differently. Also, thrush often does not come by itself, but accompanies other "female diseases". That's why to confirm the diagnosis and subsequent proper treatment it is always worthwhile to see a doctor in the women's consultation.

With a more detailed examination of the gynecologistCheesy plaque is found throughout the vaginal cavity, the doctor notes the redness and inflammation of the areas affected by the fungus. But the final diagnosis is confirmed only by light microscopy.

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How to treat thrush?

Treatment of thrush in girls and women should be comprehensive - only in this case it will give results. As a rule, local and general drugs are prescribed, as well as measures to strengthen immunity.

Local preparations. Modern local drugs are quiteAre effective, give a result in a relatively short time, some of them can be used even during menstruation. These are various ointments and suppositories that suppress the growth of Candida fungi.

Well proven funds Clotrimazole,Ginezol (Miconazole), Livarol, Pimafucin, Polizhinaks. However, in each specific case, an individual selection of a means is necessary - one that fits one woman, the other will not have absolutely no effect. Therefore, it is so necessary to choose a remedy against thrush, together with a gynecologist.

Common drugs. These are tablets and capsules for oral administration. The expediency of their appointment depends on the extent of the fungus attack. Often, it is sufficient to use only local drugs, in some cases, "reinforcement" in the form of tablets is required.

Nystatin tablets, so popular earlier, onThis moment are considered ineffective in the treatment of thrush in girls and women. They were replaced by a new drug - fluconazole (Diflazon, Diflucan, Flucostat, etc., depending on the manufacturer). One-time intake of one capsule in 150 mg - and the result will not be long in coming. With frequent recurrences of candidiasis (chronic form) recurrent administration of fluconazole is recommended in a week.

Various folk remedies, including douches, for treatment of thrush are ineffective and can only exacerbate the course of the disease.

Treatment of thrush lasts an average of 7-10 days, in the case of chronic candidiasis and frequent recurrence of the disease, treatment is repeated after 2 weeks.

What is thrush?

Strengthening immunity
. Thrush, triggered by a decrease in protectiveForces of the body, will often recur, repeating several times a year. If you are not attracted by such a prospect, you should take up strengthening of your immune system.

To help come as well-known immunomodulators(Biologically active additives, herbal infusions), and traditional methods: hardening, exercise therapy, outdoor exercise. In case of frequent recurrences of thrush it is worth taking a trip to the sanatorium, where, in particular, procedures are being implemented to strengthen the immune system.

Additional measures during treatment of thrush:

- Sit on a diet, excluding from the menu fat, spicy, smoked food, sweets and confectionery;

- Refuse to visit the sauna, bath, pool;

- Reduce physical and mental stress, let's have a little more rest;

- replace swabs with gaskets, refuse daily linings - change clothes more often;

- Choose a convenient (not good) quality underwear made of natural cotton;

- stop sexual intercourse or use quality condoms during sexual intercourse;

- check for candidiasis partner - treat it is only if he is really sick.

We wish a speedy recovery and never face this disease again!