Again the whole head hurts the whole day, tablets are notHelp to cope with the pain, nothing pleases, wave-like creeping nausea. I want to curl up in a ball, put my heavy head under the pillow and see no one, do not hear anything. Each sound is increased 100 times, and just a car coming up to the entrance buzzes like a jet plane, and restless children run around the apartment and stamped like hippos. And it creates the feeling that some invisible woodpecker has confused your head with a tree, hollows and hollows through it.

What is a migraine?

Migraine. How to relieve the headache

Migraines are attacks of a headache,Periodically arising in humans. In addition to the headache, sometimes very strong, migraine is accompanied by nausea or even vomiting, as well as intolerance to noise and bright light. Therefore, when the headache and nausea, this is the first symptom of migraine.

Often the pain is localized in a certain, in onePart of the head and has a pulsating character. Pain, may, covers the forehead area, whiskey, eye cavities, but can capture both halves of the head, extending into the neck, into the upper jaw. Pain can go from one part of the head to another, last from several hours to several days, increase with physical or mental stress.

Migraine is considered a chronic disease andIs more common in women than in men. Scientists believe that migraine is transmitted by inheritance, mainly on the maternal line, however, some scientists suggest that the pathology of cerebral vessels is inherited, others that genes that transmit a predisposition to migraines, and others believe that a migraine attack provokes a decrease in serotonin in Thrombocytes.

It is noticed that before the onset of a migraine attackThe level of the "joy hormone" in the blood rises, and sharply, and the vessels of the brain narrows, and an insufficient amount of oxygen enters the nerve cells. This condition does not last long, the level of serotonin falls, a strong expansion of the vessels occurs and a throbbing, aching pain arises.

If at the very beginning of an attack, when the vesselsNarrowed, take analgin, aspirin or paracetamol and drink strong tea, you can get rid of migraines. But if there has already been an expansion of the vessels, and pulsation has appeared, the pills will not help, but on the contrary will lead to a deterioration of well-being. Do not self-medicate, if you do not know the cause of the headache, it is better to consult a doctor.

Migraine. How to relieve the headache

Some people have a so-called aura before a migraine attack, a blurred vision, blurred vision, blurriness, flicker, some can even be confused.
The very word migraine means "half of the head".

Women are more likely to have migraine attacks thanMen. Headache can appear at any age, from the very childhood, intensifying during puberty, before menstruation, during menopause, and can be completely weakened or disappear at the age of 50-60 when menopause occurs. It is noted that migraine attacks are not accompanied by an increase in body temperature, as well as an increase or decrease in blood pressure.

Attacks occurring at night - longer and headache is more pronounced.

After a migraine attack, a person deprived of energy, exhausted by a headache becomes like a "squeezed lemon" or as a "rag", experiences weakness throughout the body.

What can trigger a migraine attack

Stressful situations, mental and physical overload, negative emotions can lead to the development of a headache.

Disturbance of sleep, frequent lack of sleep orOn the contrary, spillage, insomnia, nocturnal awakenings, uncomfortable posture during sleep, hard or too soft cushion, also contribute to the onset of a migraine attack.

Smoking, drinking alcohol, and even food can cause headaches. Headache can arise from drinks with ice, or from cold ice cream.

When visiting a sauna and sauna, due to oxygen starvation and loss of a large amount of fluid by the body, sometimes headaches also occur.

Provoke a headache in people suffering from migraine, can diet, fasting, unloading days, fasting, dehydration of the body.

So is the adoption of contraceptives, hormonal fluctuations.

And the flickering lights of noisy discos, loud music, a long sitting at the computer.

Migraine. How to relieve the headache

The effects of cold on the head, draft, wind, sudden changes in weather, magnetic storms, bright sunlight, flashes in the sun - that only does not contribute to the occurrence of a headache.

Or maybe you did not dress in the weather, and you blew a head in the wind, or put on a tight cap or a rubber band that was too much hair.

What to do to prevent a migraine attack

Is it possible to prevent a migraine attack or at leastTo ease your condition? Try to trace what leads to an attack, what foods you ate the day before, analyze your behavior, your bad habits, those situations that led you to emotional arousal.

We are all different and each has its own headache,Their causes of the onset of pain, and each in his own way carries another migraine attack. Yes, and the methods of treatment are individual: one helps one, the other - this same means more harm than helps. Someone, having excluded from their diet products that cause migraines, gets rid of pains, someone is helped by homeopathic methods, some people's remedies, someone changes their way of life, throws bad habits and attacks are reduced.

As they say, everything is in our hands. If the migraine again took away from you the day that you planned to spend more joyfully, with benefit, with your loved ones, friends, family, and put you to bed, it means it's time to declare her a fight, it's time to take care of yourself.

Visit to the polyclinic

The first step is to pay a visit toPolyclinic, because the cause of the headache can be and such serious diseases as a stroke or brain tumors and if you do not seek help in time, the consequences can be the most deplorable. You need to undergo examinations, take care of treatment, and do not swallow pills, which you advised girlfriend, neighbor or even, it is not known who is from the Internet.

Of course, Russians do not like going to hospitals, andTurn for help, when through chur, or take to the ambulance. Pay attention to our pensioners, mostly grandmothers, patients with crutches, and almost all disabled people, they also did not go to see a doctor, but now they are frequent guests, many have a whole bunch of diseases and drink handfuls of tablets.

And look at European retirees, theyLook young, cheerful, travel a lot. Of course, our working and living conditions, and our medicine do not compare with foreign ones, but we ourselves do not care about our health, we smoke, drink and eat horrible, move little, and do not do anything at all, except to the hairdresser and We are visiting.


You need to make your schedule right: Get up in the morning and go to bed at the same time, even if you do not need to work tomorrow, go to bed no later than 11 am, do not sit all night at the computer or at the TV screen. Your sleep should last at least eight hours.

Migraine. How to relieve the headache

Take time to charge, for a walk in the fresh air. Sign up for aerobics, sports, dance, or dance at home with your favorite music.


To prevent and relieve migraine attacksIt is necessary to establish a diet. It is necessary to have breakfast, lunch and dinner, and two snacks, before dinner and before dinner. Breakfast should be full, not enough to run on coffee.

Eating should be the sameTime, portions should not be large. If you are suffering from migraine, you do not need to go on a hunger strike, even if you are overweight, but you do not need to overeat, gluttony, as well as hunger, can provoke a headache.

Migraine. How to relieve the headache

Use more liquid, preferably about 2 liters of clean drinking water, dehydration contributes to the occurrence of a headache. Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, greens.


If you are the owner or possessorPulsating head, pay attention to food, many of the products are capable of causing headache, or rather, the substances contained in these products. And as food additives, all sorts of flavor enhancers, sweeteners, preservatives, which are added in the manufacture of products, to give an appetizing look, color and taste, so that the products are stored longer.


Products containing caffeine: - coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, cocoa. Abuse of these products, contributes to the onset of a migraine attack.


Migraine. How to relieve the headache

Products containing tyramine - aged cheeses, red wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages, chocolate, canned food and marinades, meat and offal, nuts, dates and raisins.


Products that contain nitrites - smokedSausage, fish and meat products, all kinds of hamburgers and other similar products. Nitrites are added to food to give them an appetizing look. Nitrites promote vasodilation.

Glutamate sodium

Products with the production of which in the compositionAdded flavor enhancer - sodium glutamate - chips, sausages, meat delicacies, noodles and other fast food products, all kinds of cooking seasonings, bouillon cubes, sauces and other ready-made foods and semi-finished products.


Aspartame and other artificial sugar substitutes are added to carbonated soft drinks.

And still cause a migraine attack able productsFrom wheat and yeast, dairy products and eggs, mushrooms and even some fruits - bananas, pineapple, plums, of course if you consume them in large quantities or in combination with other products provocateurs.

How to relieve the headache

Migraine brings us suffering, pain, lossEnergy, breaks all plans, eliminating days from our lives, because when your head hurts badly, you do not want to meet with friends and girlfriends, and if it is possible to spend this day at home, in silence. Take the medicine that the doctor prescribed for you and that will help relieve the pain or infusion with medicinal herbs.

Folk remedies for headaches

Migraine. How to relieve the headache

Green tea with cinnamon and mint

During a migraine attack, take 1 teaspoonfulSpoonful of leafy green tea, add a bag of mint or a few leaves and a little cinnamon, about a third of a teaspoon, pour a glass of boiling water, cover it for 10 minutes. Drink a drink in a hot form, in small sips.

Green tea with ginger

It also helps to reduce the pain of green tea with ginger, brew 1 teaspoon of green tea, add ground ginger - half a teaspoon, let it set for 10 minutes, and drink this drink hot.

Infusion of thyme, with honey

2 filters - sachets of thyme or 1 tablespoonDry herbs thyme pour a glass of boiling water, insist 10 minutes, drink the drink hot, if you want - add a little honey. To drink during the day 3-4 times, the headache quickly ceases, and the attack recedes.

Infusion of clover

20 flowers of red clover to brew in 300 ml. Boil, persist for 1 hour, strain and consume 100 gr. during the day. This infusion is well used for the treatment of headaches, as well as for prevention.

Migraine. How to relieve the headache

Strengthen your nervous system, avoidStress, do not be offended and do not get angry, do not be sad, smile more often and laugh, try to cheer yourself up, walk outdoors in a park or park, away from highways, abandon night clubs and noisy discos.

Do not drink alcohol and do not smoke, drink less coffee and strong tea, better drink green tea, with mint, thyme, oregano, melissa, ginger, cinnamon.

It is important to know!
  • Instructions: how to brew green tea correctly.

Use for the relief of pain essential oils,You can rub your forehead and temples with sage oil or rose oil, or balm "Golden Star", or just smell the oils. To distract from pain you can read your favorite book or listen to your favorite soft music, you can do meditation, do a light head massage.

Try to understand the causes that cause a migraine attack, and also look for methods that will help you relieve the pain.

You will certainly cope with your headache, and everything will be fine!