Sometimes life presents us with unpleasant surprises,And not always we can fully resist them. Strong character is far from guaranteeing a powerful shield against life troubles and problems, under the onslaught of which we fall into depression. In this article, we decided to study in more detail the factors that cause depression, how to get out of depression and finally, how to avoid depression in the future. Let's start everything in logical order and first we'll touch on the causes of depression.

How to get out of depression

Causes of Depression

Scientists have not thoroughly studied the causes of depression,In view of the fact that each person they are purely individual. But there is a standard list of factors that both in a single case, and in combination can cause depression:

• Job
Heavy duty or heavy loadLead to depression. This happens when you often stay at work or have almost no days off; Strained relations with superiors or employees; Monotonous and boring work; Low salary; Lack of career growth.

• A family
Family troubles also become causes of depression. Family factors include frequent quarrels with parents or husbands, strained relationships and misunderstandings.

• Love
Love is one of the strongest drivers of depression. Quarrels with a loved one, parting, much less betrayal in 65% of cases ends with depression.

• Weather
Strange as it may seem, the weather has notIndirect relation to depression. For example, after a hot and cheerful summer, autumn and rainy season come, it becomes cold and it always leaves a mark on the mood.

• Society and people around you
Another factor is conflicts with society, and especially when society imposes its point of view or uses pressure on you.

• The personal crisis
When you are bored and have nothing to do, your life is monotonous and there is no positive event ahead. Also here it is possible to carry absence of money and any failure.

This is a generalized list of reasons that canCause depression. We want to note that depression can be caused both by external factors, and independently, when you start to think and force yourself.

How to get out of depression

Symptoms of Depression

Despite the fact that the causes of depression can be completely different negative factors, the symptoms are almost the same for everyone:
• Fatigue;
• Bad mood;
• Decline or lack of appetite;
• Depressed;
• Underestimation of self-esteem;
• Negative vision of the future;
• Bad sleep or nightmares;
• Decreased physical activity;
• Pessimism;
• Indifference;
• The blindness of meaning in later life.

How to get out of depression

After mentioning the causes and symptoms of depression, let us turn to the most important, namely, we will tell you how to get out of depression and how to get rid of depression yourself.

Job. If the work becomes the cause of your depression, then try to change it or solve the problems associated with it.
If you change jobs, you can not because of the fact thatIt is well paid and money is more important to you than health, then you just need to accept it. The only thing we can advise is to motivate ourselves with expenses. Make a list of prospective purchases and when you start thinking about the complexities of work - remember this list.

With a heavy load, try to rest more. Do not bury in problems, rest not only physically, but also morally. After work, make a trip to the store, buy yourself something delicious for the evening: a chocolate bar, sweets, ice cream, a cake or something like that. In a word, fill your evening with pleasant moments, getting rid of boredom and monotony.

A family. If the cause of your bad mood, and subsequently depression, are family problems then you can solve this in two ways.
The first way is to sit down and discuss togetherThe problem that has arisen. Everyone will tell his point of view and what he does not like, then suggest solutions to the problem. If a compromise was not achieved, then it is possible to leave everything as is, but then the consequences will be far from positive.
The second way is to simply limit communication withFamily, maybe even have to move. No matter how hard it was, you are not a sadomasochist and should not sacrifice yourself if it makes you feel and depress.

How to get out of depression

Love. Love, or rather, problems in relationships, as weAlready said, the most common cause of the onset of a depressed state. The best remedy for depression, because of parting with a loved one, is time, but apart from that, you need to keep yourself in hand and not let yourself lose heart. Let's take a closer look at how to get out of depression after a break in the relationship.

• How to get out of depression after parting with your loved one
Everybody keeps saying, you'll find better, do not think about it, heBad and everything will be fine. But I do not want to look for the best - because my heart is broken; You can not think about it - the wound is too great; That he is bad - you yourself know; In the fact that everything will be good for you little to believe - it's been more than a week, but it never got easier. Everywhere they write that it will pass and only time is needed, but you do not believe anyone and think that this pain will never end. Believe me, everyone thinks so and in the end all the pain associated with parting, passes.
To get rid of depression after parting withA guy or a husband does not need to sit in a closed, dark room and roar, listening to "snotty" songs. For this, one can be singled out, a maximum of two evenings, as this must be experienced and splashed emotions outward, even if we do not fear this word, regret ourselves, but in no case should we bury ourselves and live in confinement.
Most importantly, do not let yourself be alone,Loneliness will oppress you, and from this you will suffer even more, and if you are in the company, then it will be easier for you to survive this difficult period of depression.

How to get out of depression

• How to get out of depression after the betrayal of her husband
After betraying her husband, you need to calm down andrecover. It is best at this time to stay away from each other. Why is that? Firstly, it is necessary to do this so that in the heat of the day and on the emotions not make the wrong decision. Secondly, by that you will check whether you can live without it or not.
It is not necessary to search for the reason of a betrayal of the husband in itself, ostensiblyYou lost attractiveness, became non-sexual, etc., even if this is so, then your husband's deed does not justify it, while you are in a legal marriage, adultery has no justification. Analyze the reasons that prompted your husband to change you still need, without this, you can not make a decision about your future. As for the period of time, to think about, then it should be at least a week, and there you should be guided by your own condition. Maybe you need even a month.
In order not to fall into depression, try not to remain alone. Very close support can be given by people close to you. Do not shut yourself up - live!

• How to get out of depression after a divorce to a girl
The phrase that this life does not end there andThat everything will be fine, they told you? "Listen to them, they're right!" We understand how hard and difficult it is for you, but all this will pass, you will get used to living without it and will be happy. Use all of the above methods: do not stay at home alone, walk more often, spend time with friends, and best of all go and relax for 2 weeks on the seashore as a change of scenery will do you good.

How to get out of depression

Weather. Most often, the reason for depression isAutumn, you probably heard about the autumn depression. So much time waited impatiently for the summer and did not notice how it flew by and was replaced by autumn coolness. It's raining outside the window, and until the next summer and vacation is very far away. In this period you begin to think about the meaning of life, about the fact that life goes on in vain. During this period, try to leave the countryside at weekends, especially the whole family, for example, on shish kebabs. A trip to another city will also help you divorce. Pamper yourself with small gifts to raise your spirits.
Very good help to get rid of weather depression, a new thing, you will wait for the fall to finally wear it.

Society. Assume one that you never need to convertAttention to the opinion of society, their opinion can be listened to, but in no case do not succumb. If people who surround you, you are condemned, taught and constantly find faults in you - get rid of them, stop communicating with them and the problem itself will disappear, let them spoil the mood to someone else.
There is another option, the best defense isattack. If someone constantly condemns you baselessly, you condemn in response, if they do not like something in you - let's fight back. When you learn to give a tough rebuff, then you will not notice how for all you will become a man without shortcomings.

The personal crisis. It often comes when you are envelopedMonotony, loneliness, there are no joyful events, and the most negative, when you do not see the meaning in life. The decision of a personal crisis depends only on you. Find the strength to start life from scratch. Analyze all your luck and fall. Which one do you want to see yourself? Formulate and write down all the qualities that you would like to have. Then embody it in life, because no one forbids doing this.

If you are not happy with your life - change it. Do not you think that life is so fleeting that we still think about its meaning? You are healthy, everything is good - appreciate it.

How to get out of depression

Postpartum Depression

We want to deal with depression with a separate block,Which happens in girls after giving birth. Young mothers drive themselves into depression, as they begin to believe that they have lost their former attractiveness, that they have aged, and also because of the heavy workload, since young children require a lot of attention and sometimes they do not have enough time for themselves.

You have just experienced the most important process inHis life - pregnancy and childbirth. Your body prepared itself for this and after a while the former beauty to you will definitely return. The main thing is to give at least a little time to your appearance, if you are a young mother, this does not mean that you can not already beautifully dress, paint and watch yourself.

Ask grandmothers to help you orHome, or sometimes walked with the baby - do yourself a little rest, it will help to avoid depression. And be sure to make a gift to the grandmothers, this will cheer up not only them, but you!

How to get out of depression

How to get out of depression

It is very important to give yourself the rightThat everything will be fine and all problems will be solved. Do self-analysis, find out what's bothering you, analyze the reasons for all this. Then make a list of what can be the cause of your joy, and that in your view the concept of a "happy life". Now this list shows you what you need to strive for.

It's time to sum up the above. So, depression can be cured independently on the basis of the above. Besides:
• Get rid of ordinary life, more variety and fun;
• Understand the wise truth: work for you, not you for work;
• Take a relaxing hot bath with foam, including beautiful music - it helps a lot;
• Change your wardrobe;
• Meet with positive people more often;
• Eat more fruits, a charge of vitamins boosts the mood.

These factors and be guided, in the future, to avoid depression.
If the depression is protracted, then you can startTake a sedative, undergo a course of relaxing massage or light antidepressants. If the depression lasts more than a month, then it is worthwhile to see a doctor who will prescribe treatment for you.