In a few days, autumn will come, which will open a period of catarrhal diseases. From the appearance of a cold, no one is immune, and in the first place those who have not strengthened their immunity in the summer are exposed.

The first wave of colds, as a rule,Begins with the arrival of autumn, it often happens during the first autumn cold snap. In view of the fact that our body can not dramatically overdo it from the summer heat, to cool autumn, then the slightest cold snap - and our body is helpless in the fight against hypothermia. When a cold catches us up, our condition becomes terrible, not to say worse. But let's start about everything in order, and first let's tell: because of what we have a cold, what are the symptoms of a cold, how to treat it and how to prevent it.

How to cure a cold

Causes of colds

One of the causes of colds is hypothermia. Someone can not accept the fact that the summer has passed, and dresses too easily, not by the weather, and someone, trusting in the deceptive morning sun, easily dressed, and in the autumn a warm morning can dramatically change to a cold and rainy evening. As a result, coming out of a warm room, our body is not ready for such a cold meeting and chills.

The second cause of the common cold is infection with viruses. With the onset of the autumn, viral activity begins to increase, especially we are prone to virus attacks in places where people are crowded: shops, public transport, work, etc. With weakened immunity, the pathogenic bacteria that are in our nose and bronchi begin to multiply actively and also contribute to the disease.

The third reason is weakened immunity, which can not effectively fight the disease. There are many reasons for the weakening of immunity:

  • Chronic diseases;

  • Psychogenic factors (stress, experience);

  • Lack of vitamins;

  • Prolonged intake of antibiotics;

  • Dysbacteriosis (intestinal, urogenital and respiratory);

  • Improper nutrition (reception of concentrated, refined products, as well as preservatives and colorants);

  • Prolonged intake of medications (insulin, hypnotics and tranquilizers).

Symptoms of colds

Signs of a cold are almost the same for everyone. The common cold usually begins with mild pain in the larynx, which develops into very severe pain, in which it is very painful to swallow and talk. In the next stage we have:

  • Coryza;

  • Sneezing;

  • Tingling in the nose;

  • Weak headache;

  • Sore throat;

  • Muscle pain;

  • Weakness and fatigue.

After that, the body temperature starts to rise slightly, and we begin to "swim". From the first symptoms of a cold (pain in the throat) to complete disease, it takes less than 24 hours.

In the first few days of the nose stands outWatery mucus, which later becomes darker and thicker. Also, in the early days of the common cold, cough gradually begins to increase, and then sputum begins to appear.

As a rule, the incubation period for coldsIs approximately one to three days. At this time, all the symptoms and discomfort pass, strength returns to us, but the runny nose and cough may linger for a few days, maybe even a week.

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How to cure a cold

How to treat a cold at home

In view of the fact that the common cold is not such a complicated and serious disease, it can be cured independently, at home.

First of all, if you notice symptomsCold, take a day off, so that the ailment does not give complications, and you do not infect other people. At home try to adhere to bed rest, and as little as possible get up from bed. At the same time, ventilate the room occasionally.

Why should we stick to bedMode? The more we move, the more we waste energy, which is already not enough for us in case of illness. We ourselves need the energy in order to fight the disease.

Then we begin the reception of immuno-boosting andAntiviral drugs such as Aflubin and Amizon. With a cold, use herbal remedies, and when coughing, use an expectorant. In no case should you take cough suppressant that prevents sputum production. From a sore throat will help very good and effective tablets called Grammidine.

With a cold, you must drink abundantly. It can be as simple still water, juice, and tea. We want to note the benefit of tea with lemon, which is rich in vitamin C.

Despite the fact that such procedures as a boyHands and feet are a thing of the past, they, by the way, have not lost their useful properties during this time, and they should be used. It is best to soar your hands and feet before going to bed.

Very effective for colds and inhalations, based on herbs, such as: mint, eucalyptus, sage, etc. Take inhalations at least 3 times a day.

If you comply with all these recommendations, you can quickly cure a cold even for 1 day.

How to treat a cold during pregnancy

It is worthwhile to specifically address the topic of cold treatment inPregnant girls. Before taking various medications, study in detail the annotation to them, as a rule, in it a separate column stipulates the intake of the drug by pregnant girls. It is not recommended to soar legs and hands in pregnant women.

If within 3-4 days your condition does not improve, be sure to call a doctor, since a cold can have very negative consequences, both for you and for the child.

How to cure a cold

How to protect yourself from colds

To date, there are so many ways to protect yourself from colds, it can be both medical methods and folk.

A wonderful remedy for cold prevention is onions and garlic. Of course, in view of the specific characteristics of garlic and onions, it is best to use them in the evening, after work.

At home and at work, you can useSpecial products from juniper, which, when heated, begins to spread its useful properties. Often ventilate the room where you are: a room, an apartment, an office, etc.

Every time you come home, it's always goodWash your hands almost to the elbows. As we said above, pathogenic bacteria are deposited in our nose, so the procedure of washing the nose with a weak solution of salt, which copes well with microbes and viruses in the nose, is very effective.

For the prevention of colds, use the following medications:

  • Arbidol;

  • Ingoverine;

  • Kagocel;

  • Relenza and the like.

Eat fruits and vegetables, they give our body a huge amount of vitamin, which strengthens the immune system.

How to cure a cold

How to treat a cold on the lips

A cold on the lips, and simply - herpes,Is characteristic of a large number of people. The herpes virus lives inside nerve cells and we do not feel it at all, but depending on the state of the human immune system and depending on the environment (stress), the virus is activated and manifests itself in the form of rashes. The herpes virus of the first type appears on the lips, both in women and men, and the herpesvirus of the second type, manifests itself on the genital organs.

How to cure a cold on your lips quickly

The most important remedy for colds on the lips isAntiviral drugs. One of the most often prescribed drugs doctors, with herpes, is Acyclovir. You should know that to treat and cure the herpes virus while it is in a dormant state is meaningless, only when it is manifested.

If you notice the slightest signs of herpes, then immediately apply ointment on this area of ​​the body or take the pill, then the cold on the lips will not expand and quickly disappear.

Cold treatment is necessary

There are people who sometimes simply ignoreTreatment of colds, they say, she will pass. Yes, if you have strong immunity, he can cope with a cold, but often, if we are overcome by a cold, then the immunity is not in the strongest condition, so he needs help. If you do not start treating a cold in time, then you run the risk of getting complications that can subsequently lead to chronic diseases.