So came the first autumn cold, whichSome caused a cold. But after a couple of months, when the warm weather will not leave a trace, the virus infections that develop into an epidemic will enter the attack. This time we want to dwell in detail on such a disease as ARVI.

ARVI is an acute respiratory viral infection. What is the specificity of ARVI? Viral infections, which in the world have a huge number, cause inflammatory diseases in the upper and lower respiratory tract, it is from there that they begin to enter the body. Therefore, this type of virus is called respiratory. As you probably guessed "respiratory" is translated as respiratory, hence the abbreviation.

SARS is by far the most commonA disease that adults and children suffer an average of 2-3 times a year. Each of us knows such a common type of respiratory viral infection as influenza. Some believe that if they have been ill with the flu this year, then in the near future he is not afraid of them. This is not entirely true, since the flu has its own variants and if you have had one type of flu, then the probability of a second disease is reduced to zero, since your body must develop immunity to it. Repeatedly catch it, you can if the given virus mutates. Other types of influenza have their own specific characteristics, and so they will be new for your body, and you will be able to get sick of them, as well as the previous ones.

With this article, we will try to fully tell you about the signs, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of acute respiratory viral infections or simply ARVI.

Symptoms and treatment of ARVI

The history of ARVI

Despite the fact that respiratory viralInfections are different, almost all of them have the same development scenario. The virus enters our body through the respiratory tract: nose, trachea and bronchi, where it multiplies and provokes cell destruction, the consequences of this are sore throat, nasal congestion and sneezing. Then the virus penetrates into the blood, which causes us to fever, chills, headaches and malaise.

Incubation period for infection with ARVI, inAverage, lasts about three days. How much in the ORVI keeps the temperature difficult to say, because someone it can normalize the next morning, someone in 2-3 days, and with complex forms and longer. After the end of the incubation period, the body gradually returns to normal, the next few days can persist cough, runny nose and a slight weakness.

From the manifestation of the first symptoms of ARVI until the final recovery, usually takes 7-10 days.

In general terms, we told about the history of the disease, now let's take a detailed look at where and how you can get ARVI.

Symptoms and treatment of ARVI

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  • How to properly prevent flu?
  • Simple tips, how to cure bronchitis?
  • There are many ways how to quickly cure angina. However, not all of them are useful and effective. Here we have collected only the best and tested recommendations.

How does ARVI appear in our body?

The source of ARVI is an infection, and therefore,So that a person gets this infection, she, as mentioned above, should get into the body. First, let's find out where this infection is, and then we'll look at how it gets into our body.

The spreader of a viral infection, basically,Is a person (occasionally it can be an animal or a bird). Infection with a viral infection can be airborne. Probably, it would be appropriate to consider how you can get infected with ARVI on specific examples.

Airborne droplets, most often, you canGet infected while communicating with a sick virus infection or being near it. Communicating with the patient, or being with him in the same room, his microbes are in the air and breathing in, they will enter your body, which leads to illness. This is the most basic principle of the spread of respiratory viral infection, the most likely to catch ARI in places of congestion: shops, transportation, work, school, etc.

Another common type of hitInfection in the body, can become things and products, which got the infection from a sick person. Around the patient is a large number of microbes, they come out of the body: through the mouth and nose, that is, infectious pathogens from it can get to various objects. Suppose a person always coughs into a fist so as not to spread their germs, leaving them in his hand. With this hand, he can take the handrail or handrail in a public place, which will serve as the transmission of infection. Another person just grabbed a handrail or handrail and rubbed his nose - after that he was a potential patient. A sick person is a threat of infection to another, from the moment of infection with a viral infection and up to the 5th-7th day of illness.

As you can see, the variants of getting the infection into our body, in fact, can be a huge amount.

Symptoms and treatment of ARVI

Symptoms of ARVI

Symptoms of ARVI in children and adults are exactly the same. Acute respiratory viral infections have a standard list of symptoms, we list them.

So, the first symptoms of ARVI are:

  • A sore throat;

  • Coryza;

  • Sneezing;

  • Raise body temperature;

  • Cough;

  • A liquid stool;

  • Weakness and aches in the body.

Most types of respiratory diseasesBegin to manifest pain in the throat, watery discharge from the nose, sneezing and malaise. After that, there is a chill, an aching in the body and the temperature starts to rise. The temperature in ARVI rises to 38-40 degrees.

When the disease has engulfed the body, a person experiences the following (in addition to the first) symptoms:

  • Pain and carpi of the eyeballs;

  • Sore throat;

  • First dry, then cough with phlegm;

  • Discharge from the nose turns into a thick substance.

Symptoms and treatment of ARVI

How to treat ARVI

In our time, almost all adultsPerform treatment of ARI in the home, independently. In self-treatment there is nothing complicated, the main thing in this case is to correctly diagnose a viral infection and not to confuse it with another disease. Treatment of ARVI is a complex of measures, which consists not only in taking medications, but also in other actions, which we will tell you below.

Bed rest

If you feel the first signs of ARVI, thenFirst of all, we must organize a bed rest for ourselves. If you do not just experience symptoms, but get sick with a viral infection, then bed rest is strictly required, you can get out of bed only when necessary. A typical mistake of many patients, if they carry the disease "on their feet," then the treatment of the disease can be delayed for a longer period of time, and in addition, complications may occur. So be sure to take sick leave or leave.

Bed rest regime is treated unequivocally -It is necessary to lie in bed, covered with a warm blanket, and last until you feel better. You must always be in bed, and not sit at the computer or walk around the apartment. During the day, ventilate the room in which you are.

Helping the immune system and fighting the virus

Since the fight against viruses is immune, thenTreatment of the disease we need to start with its strengthening. For this, take immuno-boosting drugs, which in the pharmacy are sufficient. In addition, if you have diagnosed with ARVI, then take antiviral medications.

Decreased body temperature

It's not a secret for anyone that viral infections are accompanied by fever. All of us, without hesitation, try to bring down this heat, but in fact it is wrong.

Among doctors there is an opinion that with viralInfection, body temperature, which does not exceed 38 degrees, to knock down unnecessary. This view is explained by the fact that thus the virus destroys itself: it provokes an increase in temperature and when the body reaches a high temperature, the virus in it simply dies and at the same time we develop immunity. If we knock down the temperature, then we help the infection stay in our body. But at the same time, if the temperature rises above 38.5 degrees, then it is recommended to shoot down, because it is dangerous for life.

In view of the foregoing, it should be inferred thatIf the adult body temperature is within 38 degrees during the acute respiratory viral infection, then the temperature should not be knocked down. As soon as the thermometer overcomes the mark of 38.5 degrees, then take measures to reduce the temperature. To do this, use antipyretics, which are most often used in the form of powders, soluble in hot water and taken orally.

But antibiotics for ARI are strictly forbidden, since they kill bacteria, not viruses.

Meals and liquids intake

On the first day after the onset of the disease, inIn most cases, the appetite disappears. Forcing yourself is, through strength, not worth it - the appetite should return itself. What is characteristic, during illness we do not want to eat, but if we are offered something delicious: a slice of pizza, a pie or a cake, then the appetite may wake up, so keep that in mind. When the appetite returns to the full, no restrictions on eating are unnecessary - use the usual diet for you. During the whole period of the disease, eat fruits, especially those containing vitamin C.

Separately it is necessary to touch drinking during illness. As the saying goes: "then the illness goes away," therefore, in this period it is necessary to drink plenty of fluids. The norm for ARVI is the use of 3 liters of fluid per day. It is desirable that the liquid is warm or at room temperature. It is best to do this tea from raspberry or lemon, which contribute to profuse sweating. You can also drink juices, teas and mineral water.

Treatment of cough and cold in ARVI

To get rid of the common cold, useDrugs that are based on herbs. Drugs that dry the nose and narrow the vessels, use is highly discouraged. Only the disposable paper napkins should be marked off.

In the first days of illness, take drugs that areExclude a cough - it is impossible, because through coughing sputum comes out of the respiratory tract and lungs. To do this, use appropriate drugs to help eliminate sputum and relieve cough. When the illness has passed and you have a dry cough, only then are you allowed to take medications that "kill" the cough.

To treat a cold and cough, make inhalations of mint, eucalyptus, sage and other medicinal herbs.

Treatment of ARVI in children and in pregnancy

Children and pregnant girls are a special groupPatients with ARI, therefore any treatment, namely: taking medications, methods of lowering the temperature and other actions, should be coordinated with your doctor. In any case, before taking medications, study the annotation in detail, it will describe how to take the drug to pregnant women and children.

Treatment of ARI is necessary, otherwise you risk getting very serious complications.

Symptoms and treatment of ARVI

Prevention of ARVI

Undoubtedly, it is better to warn a disease than to herTo be ill. Therefore, when the colds come and on TV begin to warn about the approach of the virus epidemics, study the prevention of ARVI, what we need to do for this, we'll tell you below.

In order to protect your body from attackViruses, you need to strengthen your immunity. To strengthen immunity, there are special immuno-boosting drugs. The stronger the immunity, the more likely that the body will be able to overcome the ailment, and you will not get sick of it. Also, there are antiviral drugs that can be taken for both treatment and prevention of viral respiratory infections.

Try to limit stay in placesCongestion of people, since it is there that most likely to catch a respiratory viral infection. Eliminate communication with infected people, and if someone is sick from your family, ask him to put on a cotton-gauze bandage.

Coming home and during the day, wash your hands with soap,And also wash your nose with a special saline solution that you can prepare yourself, or you can buy it at the nearest pharmacy. Ventilate your room and do a wet cleaning. Kill the bacteria in the apartment can be using the aroma lamp and essential oils.

As for food, the body in this periodNeed vitamins, so lean on the fruit. If this is not possible, then take medications containing vitamin C. Also, lean on garlic and onions that kill germs. In general, nutrition should be full, so that the body had the strength to resist infection.