Insomnia, this phenomenon is often mentioned inSongs that become hits and in the names of popular nightclubs. Therefore, for many, this word causes positive emotions, until it becomes their diagnosis. We want to dedicate this important and very complex topic to this article, telling it about the causes of insomnia and how to get rid of it.

How to deal with insomnia

To begin with, before talking about insomnia,It would be appropriate to tell you about such an interesting and mysterious process of our body as a dream. Sleep is a specific physiological process in which the human body is in a state of minimal brain activity. Simply put, sleep is the rest of the body: first of all, resting our brain, which works throughout the day, while resting the rest of our body. What is most interesting, such a process as a dream, has not been thoroughly studied by scientists and contains many mysteries.

Without sleep, a person can live a maximum of three days,After which he automatically "extinguishes," that is, the body will fall asleep on the go, while the consciousness becomes dull and hallucinations may appear. For a full sleep, as is known, a person needs 7-8 hours, if this rate is reduced, it is fraught with serious problems: a nervous system disorder, neurosis, psychosis, etc.

What is insomnia

What can you do if you can not sleep properly? If this phenomenon occurs constantly, then this is already a diagnosis: insomnia. Insomnia (Insomnia) is a sleep disorder that manifests itself in insufficient duration or poor sleep quality. Both these processes can occur both separately and together.

Some mistakenly believe that insomnia is when a person can not fall asleep, but that's not entirely true. What are actually signs of insomnia:

  • If you can not sleep for a long time;

  • If you do not sleep well, you often wake up and it's hard for you to fall asleep again;

  • If you wake up a few hours after you fall asleep, and can no longer fall asleep;

  • If all these signs are gathered together.

How to deal with insomnia

Causes of insomnia

Operating mode

The mode of operation was not without purpose, we decided to put onThe first cause of insomnia, because it is one of the most basic in this disease. This includes: a complex work schedule, that is, work on shifts (at night), the need to get up early, an irregular working schedule (you can be called at any time of the day or night to work), a large workload (you often sit up late at home or at work ) etc.

In this case, try to somehow normalizeOr organize your work schedule. We understand that this is difficult to do, but, nevertheless, insomnia is not a joke, it's only the tip of the iceberg, so take this issue seriously.

Lack of mobility and fatigue

With a sedentary lifestyle and mentalOverstrain - insomnia is a characteristic phenomenon. Lack of mobility adversely affects the entire body, while we lose resistance to stress. This is typical of office workers. With the help of movement in the body, the level of adrenaline rises, this allows him to relax and eventually fall asleep.


Well as without it? If you think about it, how many diseases does stress provoke ...? Probably, 40% of the diseases, which we told on our website, include stress in the list of their causes.

Stress directly affects our nervous system andOn the brain. If we are in a state of stress, then our brain can not relax, and so we can not fall asleep. After all, stress is tension, and sleep is relaxation - these two events are very difficult to get along and, as a rule, strong stress dominates and does not let us fall asleep.

And in fact at times, we can not fall asleep under stress, soHow to involuntarily drive the dream. Very often, if we are in a stressful situation, we begin to analyze: the causes of stress, the consequences of stress, our further actions, etc., so our brain does not relax, and we can not fall asleep. If we even fell asleep, then under severe stress conditions, we can have dreams about the cause of our stress, thus preventing us from a normal sleep. In this case it is necessary to treat stress and nerves, and not insomnia. After the cause of insomnia is eliminated, you will fall asleep and sleep like a baby.

At least, at first tryForce yourself not to think about the cause of stress, think about something good, about the brightest memories of your life, then try to relax and not think about anything. Perhaps this will help you fall asleep.

How to deal with insomnia


Nightmares are a common cause of insomnia. Having woken up from the dream, we need to calm down and come to our senses. What we saw in a dream, we must certainly analyze and compare with real life. As a result, we can not sleep for a long time because of this.

Nightmares in adults are often associated withPsychological problems. If this was not preceded by stress, then take a sedative before going to bed, but not sleeping pills! If the problem does not resolve, then consult a psychologist.


Strange as it may seem, but light is alsoCause of insomnia. The hormone that is responsible for our dream - melatonin - begins to be actively developed only in the dark. If the light shines in our eyes, whether it's a monitor, a TV, a lamp, street lights, moonlight, etc., our brain thinks it's morning and not time to sleep, so we can not sleep or fall asleep.

Before going to bed, turn off the lights and all lights, close the window blinds - the room should be absolutely dark.


The cause of insomnia can be food. If you sin on drinking coffee, tea, tonic drinks, chocolate and similar products, before going to bed, then this may be the cause of your insomnia. In addition, lovers of a night dinner should know that this meal is fraught with unpleasant dreams and nightmares.


Does the presence of noise prevent you from falling asleep? "It's also considered insomnia." The most common cause of insomnia due to noise is snoring. It can be like the snoring of our second half, and those who are in your or even the next room. In this case, change the place of sleep, or use special earplugs.

In addition to someone else's snoring, which does not allow us to sleep,Be a large number of other factors: street noise or neighbors, air conditioning or fan, mosquitoes, watches, etc. Solve the problem with both earplugs and soundproofing your room.


When we are overcome by an ailment, it can beCause the violation of our sleep. Even a simple cold can lead to insomnia, for example, due to stuffy nose, sneezing or coughing, not to mention other, more serious illnesses.

First, analyze - what exactly does not allow you to fall asleep or sleep, then, consult a doctor for a deeper analysis of the ailment.

How to deal with insomnia

Insomnia in Pregnancy

If you have appeared during pregnancyInsomnia, then this is quite normal, which happens in 78% of pregnant women. Very often, future mothers have sleep disturbances because of the experiences and stresses that are caused by pregnancy, as they worry about the birth (how they will pass), how to form the life of the future child, etc. This problem will help to solve the sedative, which will appoint a doctor.

The second reason is frequent urination andnausea. During pregnancy, our female body is subjected to a double load, including our kidneys, which work in intensive mode. As a result of this, during the day, we often go to the toilet, some also happen often at night, so they constantly wake up and can not fall asleep. The same can happen because of a toxicosis that worries the expectant mother throughout the night. If these problems are permanent, then consult a doctor, since the lack of full sleep in pregnant women, is fraught with serious consequences, both for her and for the baby.

How to sleep with insomnia

How to get rid of insomnia?

An excellent remedy for insomnia - the rules that we specifically wrote for you below.

  1. Go to bed and wake up at the same timetime. If you go to bed at 11 am, then go to bed 10-15 minutes earlier, so that the body calms down, you thought something over and went to sleep. The same goes for the morning - wake up at a strictly certain time, without "falling asleep". Also, doctors recommend that you give up your day's sleep.

  2. For 2 hours, before going to bed,It is forbidden to take any food. For 3-4 hours before sleep, discard the stimulant products containing caffeine and thiamine, and this in turn: tea, coffee, cola, chocolate, cocoa and, of course, all kinds of energy drinks. Before going to bed, take a few sips of mineral water without gas.

  3. One hour before sleep you can make a smallHalf-hour walk, and when you come home, you can take a hot shower or a bath, which will perfectly relax and help you to quickly fall asleep. Ventilate your room before going to bed.

  4. Some people, watching television before going to bed or reading - lulls them, but somebody does the opposite, but most doctors agree that it's best to refuse it.

  5. To sleep it is necessary on a comfortable bed. The bed should correspond to your height, and should be moderately soft and moderately rigid.

  6. Always sleep in a quiet and dark room with closed curtains.

  7. If you begin to get overwhelmed by thoughts,The cause of which you can not fall asleep, then take a sedative. In no case should you take medication, whose side effect is sleep disturbance, read this in the instructions to the drug or check with your doctor.

If you begin to follow the rules that weStated above, then you will be much easier to fight with insomnia. Remember, insomnia must be treated, otherwise it can lead to serious complications.