In the beginning of autumn we told you about the treatmentARVI, where they mentioned that the most common type of acute respiratory viral infection is influenza. Every year an epidemic of flu comes to our country and a huge number of people are ill. In this article, we want to tell you about the prevention of influenza so that this dangerous illness passes you and your family members.

In order to start the prevention of influenza, youMust understand the nature of its appearance in the body, and that in general is the flu. Influenza is one of the types of acute infectious diseases of the respiratory tract. In this simple definition, there is a very deep meaning that we will now analyze.

Prevention of influenza

How can you get influenza?

So, if the flu is an infectious disease, thenIt can only be infected by getting this infection into our body, and not frosting on the street or sitting at an open window. Influenza can only be infected if the flu virus has entered your body. To get into our body, it can be in two ways: by air and droplet and by mouth.

The most common infection of influenza is in ourThe body airborne droplets, that is, we breathed in the virus. In this case, the carrier of the influenza virus is the person with whom you communicated, or, being in a place of congestion where one of the people was a carrier of the disease, and the virus was in the air. Also often we get influenza when the flu virus is in our hands and we, for example, scratched their nose, the infection again gets into our body. As for the oral ingestion of the influenza virus into our body, the way it gets can be that you ate the food on which the influenza virus was.

Watch your health! Especially if they discovered symptoms of mumps disease.

Prevention of influenza general recommendations

What follows from this? Prevention of influenza in the first place should be to ensure that you do not give the flu virus to get into your body. For this, as soon as you come home from the street, be sure to wash your hands with soap, and it is recommended to wash your hands almost to the elbows. Very useful for the prevention of influenza in children and adults will be the washing of the nose. Washing can be carried out with a warm salt solution of water, or with a special spray. Before eating, which was previously on the counter, be sure to rinse it well under the running water.

During flu epidemics, try as much as possibleLess often visit places of public congestion of people, especially with the child. If possible, go to work on foot, since public transport is a source of viruses, since there are many people in it, and there is no air ventilation.

For prevention it is recommended to walk more often on the street, but again, where there is not a large crowd of people.

During the day, wipe your hands with moist disinfecting napkins or sprays.

In addition to these prevention methods, moreOne important component in this matter is the prevention of influenza in the apartment. Be sure to ventilate the rooms, do it better often and regularly. As often as possible, try to make a wet cleaning.

If someone in your family is sickInfluenza, try to limit communication with him, or let him wear a cotton-gauze bandage. For the period of illness, allocate to him a separate dish, and each time after eating, water the dishes with boiling water, in order to kill germs and viruses on it.

Prevention of influenza


Immunity is the main fighter of our body withVarious kinds of diseases, including influenza. Therefore, if you have strong immunity, then the likelihood of defeating you flu - decreases several times, if not excluded. For the prevention of influenza, take medication to strengthen immunity. Such drugs are: Aflubin, Amizon, Arbidol, etc.

In combination with immunostimulants, take andVitamin complex, especially vitamin C. Vitamins can be taken in a dragee as well as directly in fruits. From the pills we can advise the famous Revit, and as for the fruit, then lean on the lemon, orange, kiwi and others.

Vaccination against influenza

In addition, there is also a specific preventionFlu vaccination. What is she like? In the body is introduced in small doses of influenza virus, due to which your body develops immunity, and the influenza virus while you will not be scared. All this is good, but around this vaccination there is a lot of talk about its production, effectiveness and side effects. In addition, to produce vaccination against the flu, not knowing what kind of stamp it will be this year - is not logical. Therefore, we simply described this variant of influenza prevention, and use it or not - decide for yourself.

Flu Medication Prevention

Prevention of flu by folk remedies

How can you do without folk methodsPrevention of influenza? Of course, the first place for folk methods should be attributed to garlic and onions. The more you use them, the better, but without fanaticism. Also, onions and garlic can not only be eaten, but smelled their scent, which is no less useful than self-consumption.

If you have an inhaler, then be sure toUse it to prevent the flu. A very good means for preventive inhalations will be herbs, especially sage. If you do not have an inhaler, do not despair, you can buy an aroma lamp and add the essential oil of eucalyptus. At the same time, the phytoncides of eucalyptus will clear the air in the room from viruses, moreover, eucalyptus produces a very pleasant smell. Aromalampu you can use both at home and at work.

Of folk methods, it is also recommended to takeInfusion of rose hips, a mixture of lime with kalina. If you have raspberry jam, then you can make tea from it, which is very useful for the body during the raging epidemic of influenza. It is impossible not to mention the tea with lemon, which will enrich the body with vitamin C.