Virtually every resident of the planet potentiallyIs a carrier of papillomavirus. But, it would seem, such an innocuous phenomenon as a papilloma, and can lead to quite serious consequences. In view of the fact that papillomavirus is more dangerous for women, we would like to pay special attention to this issue. So, let's analyze what is and how the papillomavirus appears in our body, and most importantly - how the human papillomavirus is treated.

Injection of an antiviral drug

What is papilloma and papilloma virus

Before you start a more detailed study of this topic, let's consider in general terms what is papilloma and what is the papilloma virus.

Papilloma is a class of benign tumorDeveloping from a flat epithelium in the form of a papilla, above the surface of the skin. In other words, papilloma is a small size of the outgrowth on the body, flesh-colored. The cause of the appearance of papillomas on the body is the virus of the papilloma, which is inside the person. The papilloma virus is a viral infection that leads to a change in the growth of skin tissue.

Thus, the main reason for the appearancePapillomas on the body - this is nothing like the manifestation of infection of the body with papillomavirus. The probability and degree of infection of the papilloma virus directly depends on the state of the human immune system, its lifestyle and mental state, which we will discuss in more detail below. Moreover, the papillomavirus has several varieties and that is why a person can be infected with one of its subspecies and several at once.

In some sources, one can find an opinion,That in a greater degree the virus of a papilloma are exposed to women, but it not so. Papillomavirus is equally susceptible to both men and women, but only for women it has more dangerous consequences. Another misconception that exists in society is that papillomas appear only in elderly people, mainly in the neck region, but again this is not so. The appearance of papillomas affects people of absolutely any age, and in addition, papillomas can appear on different parts of the body.

How is the human papillomavirus transmitted?

The entry of the papilloma virus into the human bodyOccurs: with the interaction of the mucous membranes, with skin contact, and when transferred by inheritance. You can get infected with papillomavirus from a person who does not seem to have any signs of infection with this virus, but he will be his carrier.


How can you get infected with papillomavirus

  • Sexually transmitted infection

The most common way of infectionPapillomavirus is the sexual way. In this case, the virus can be transmitted with: vaginal, anal and oral sex, without the use of barrier means of contraception. Thus, the virus has the ability to directly enter the body through the mucous membranes of our body.

  • When transferring papillomavirus from mother to child

Being in the womb, a child from her canGet infected with papilloma virus. The likelihood that the papillomavirus will be transmitted from the mother, who is the carrier of papillomavirus, to the future child, is not very great, but it does exist.

  • When touched

Papillomavirus can be transmitted from a patientA person to a healthy one, through the usual tactile contact. Also, the papilloma virus can for a long time be in public places, such as: swimming pool, sauna, gym and cloakroom.

  • Autoinfection

Another possible way of infection with the papilloma virus is self-infection. Most often, this can happen when shaving and epilation, when the virus hit the damaged skin area.

What happens in the body when infected with human papillomavirus

Getting into the human body, one of theThe above methods, the papillomavirus begins to spread with blood flow throughout the body, getting into those or other cells, while hitting DNA. As a result, this virus begins to manifest itself in external signs.

As mentioned above, the incubationThe period of the human papilloma virus can last as several weeks, and several years. Moreover, a person can become infected with the papilloma virus, and throughout the life of the virus, this virus can not simply begin to progress in the body without showing itself. Although this person can completely infect another person.

If the human body gets a virusPapilloma, then in the first place he encounters the immune system. When immunity is strong, it can suppress the virus and prevent it from manifesting. But it is worth the immunity to relax a little, as the virus can begin to attack again the body, and go into the active phase. The papilloma virus can be present in the human body for several years, but it will manifest itself only after a strong stress state, with weakening of immunity, or in interaction with other varieties and other viral infections.


Symptoms of human papillomavirus

Papillomavirus, when ingested, does not causeNo uncomfortable phenomena, we do not feel any pain. The only sign of the presence in the human body of the papilloma virus - is the formation of growths on the skin. The growth may be of the following species.

  • Flat papillomas

Flat papillomas are smooth and flat growthsOn the skin, which have a flesh color. This type of growth can sometimes be accompanied by painful sensations and itching. As a rule, they appear on the hands, neck and face.

  • Genital Warts

Genital warts can be in the form of flatGrowths, in the form of cones and trunks. The most often genital warts appear on the genitals. In women, genital warts appear on: the pubic region, the labia, the cervix, the vagina and around the anus. Condylomas can appear on the fingers, as well as in the area of ​​the mouth and eyes. In addition to visual discomfort, the presence of genital warts is not accompanied by anything, but papillomas in intimate places carry a danger, including the danger of the formation of malignant tumors, in particular cervical cancer.

The presence of papillomas on the human body is quiteNormally, but if genital warts appear on the body, it is necessary to immediately consult a dermatologist. If the doctor diagnoses the presence of malicious papillomas or genital warts, then they must be removed and the general treatment of the body.

Doctor's appointment

How to treat human papillomavirus

Now let's go directly to that,How to treat papillomavirus. Treatment of the human papillomavirus consists of two stages: neutralization of papillomavirus and removal of papillomas (condylomas). That is, first it is necessary to neutralize the virus that is in the body to prevent the appearance of new warts. Along with this, the removal of existing ones is also carried out.

Arriving at the reception to the dermatologist, he examinesBuild-up on the patient's body and conducts a survey to find out how the infection could get into your body. If necessary, the examination of the cervix can also be prescribed if there is a chance of having genital warts on it. The doctor can determine if you have had any illnesses or stressful situations lately, which could lead to weakening of immunity. After that, you are prescribed a course of treatment.

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Treatment of human papillomavirus

Treatment of papillomavirus consists ofAntiviral treatment and immunity strengthening. As a rule, in such cases, the doctor prescribes the drug "Proteflazide". This drug has an antiviral effect, and is used to treat acute and chronic viral infections. In view of the fact that papillomavirus manifests with reduced immunity, in addition to antiviral drugs, immunostimulants are also prescribed. At the discretion of the doctor, other drugs may be prescribed.

Removal of genital warts

Removal of papillomas and genital warts

When treatment for papillomavirus is started, the existing papillomas and condylomas are removed. You can delete in several ways:

  • Removal of liquid nitrogen;

  • Laser removal;

  • Cauterization with special medical preparations;

  • Surgical removal.

In each case, its own methodThe removal of certain groups of papillomas, which method to use - the doctor takes after the examination. The choice of method depends on the number of growths, the density of placement and the location of their location. For example, if the condylomas are on the pubic, and there are a large number of them, then surgical removal is used for this, it occurs under general anesthesia. If the area of ​​growths is small, and there are only a few of them, then cauterization or laser removal is used. In the case when after removal of the growths on this part of the body new ones appear, they are already cauterized. In principle, getting rid of genital warts is fully possible, but completely remove the papilloma virus - almost impossible.

It is very important to detect on time in your body the presence of papillomas and to consult a dermatologist in a timely manner. This will be covered by the scale and duration of treatment.

Prevention of papillomavirus

Human papillomavirus is enoughA common disease, which means that they can get infected almost anywhere, but do not know that the virus is inside you. In order to prevent the papilloma virus from infecting your body and manifesting itself in it, it is necessary to take a number of preventive measures, which we will briefly describe to you later.

Avoid likely infection

Based on the above methodsInfection with papillomavirus, be vigilant in all such situations. If you are not sure of your partner, then by any kind of sex, deal exclusively with the barrier contraceptive - a condom, but, nevertheless, the virus can be transmitted and with a kiss, which also needs to be taken into account.

Healthy family

Compliance with personal hygiene

Observe the rules of personal hygiene and tryVisit public places, where they pay great attention to cleanliness and disinfection. After each tactile contact with people, be sure to wash your hands well.

When you make hair removal, it's imperativeDisinfect the objects with which these procedures are performed: the machine, the head of the epilator, etc. After that, the shaved areas need to be treated with a special agent, preferably on an alcohol basis, to prevent inflammatory processes and to heal skin patches on which there are minor injuries.

Maintenance of immunity

And, of course, try to always supportIts immunity, because even if the virus somehow got into your body, then strong immunity will not let it manifest itself. Tips on how to strengthen the immunity we have given in our past articles, also talked about the prevention of influenza. Also try to exclude factors that can weaken immunity: stress, vitamin deficiency and malnutrition.