In addition to passion, pleasure and vivid emotions, sexHas another - the dark side, to which almost every person is exposed. Such a dark side is the threat of infection with a venereal disease. Yes, some of you may object that it is possible to get a venereal disease and a household way - this is true, but the probability of getting a sexually transmitted disease in a domestic environment is very small. This very serious issue, we will devote this article, having analyzed the following questions:

Boy and girl

What are sexually transmitted diseases and what are they dangerous?

Venereal diseases are infectiousDiseases transmitted predominantly through sex. This kind of disease is named after the ancient Roman goddess of love and beauty - Venus. The peculiarity of venereal diseases lies in the fact that there are certain types of microorganisms that find a nutrient medium in the human genital organs. Most often, these diseases are transmitted precisely through sexual contact, but there is also the likelihood and infection of the household way, which we will discuss in more detail later.

Venereal diseases are very dangerous diseases, as they can cause serious damage to human health.

What are venereal diseases

To venereal diseases carry:

  • Syphilis;

  • Gonorrhea (tripper);

  • Shankroyd;

  • Trichomoniasis;

  • Chlamydia;

  • Genital herpes;

  • Genital candidiasis.

To date, the most commonVenereal diseases are: syphilis and gonorrhea. Let's take a closer look at these diseases, considering how they are passed on to the person, what are their symptoms and how to treat them.


Syphilis is a common venereal disease,The causative agent of which is a microbe, which has the form of a spiral. At researches it has been established, that the given microbe has length of the order of 0,015 - 0.02 millimeters. According to statistics, infection with syphilis occurs in 97% of cases by sex. The remaining 3% of cases of infection are so-called household causes: when, for example, a given microbe passed to a person through dishes, if any person gets sucked on him with a syphilis, the best example is a glass, when a glass of syphilis, And after that - healthy. Also, syphilis can be transmitted and with a simple kiss of an infected person with a healthy one.

As for the sexual way of infectionSyphilis, then his microbe can not simply penetrate the human body through healthy areas of the skin, but most people have small lesions on the skin through which the syphilis microbe can actively penetrate. You probably wondered how these injuries can happen, but it's very simple, such traumas can arise during sexual intercourse, in men - at the head of the penis, and in women - at the entrance to the vagina.

Problems with sexually transmitted diseases

Gonorrhea (gonorrhea)

Gonorrhea is the most common venereal disease.disease. Gonorrhea is caused by ingestion of the gonococcal microbe. To get infected with gonorrhea, in the vast majority of cases, it is possible to have sexual intercourse. But in addition, germs of the gonococcus can be carried not only by man, but also inhabited on various subjects: on bedding, dishes, as well as in the bath, restrooms and other public places. To get a gonococcus to a person can be as follows: you grabbed the handle of the public toilet door on which the gonococcus can be located, touch the genitals with the same hand, or simply rub your eyes - then you can potentially be infected with gonorrhea. By the way, if the gonococcus enters the eye, and the treatment is not started in a timely manner, then the person may well go blind.

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Incubation period of venereal diseases

Syphilis: Incubation period of syphilis: 3-4 weeks.
Gonorrhea: Incubation period of gonorrhea: 2-10 days.

Signs and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases

Signs of syphilis

The incubation period of syphilis passes withoutAny visible signs. The infected person does not feel any pain and no discomfort. Only 3 weeks later, at the place where the microbes of syphilis penetrated the body, primary syphilis appears, which is the first visible sign of the manifestation of syphilis. Externally, syphiloma looks like a small wound of pinkish color. The first wounds of primary syphilis on their surface have moist discharge, which contain microbes of syphilis, for this reason primary syphilis are very dangerous, since the risk of infection of the partner is very high. A week after the primary sign of syphilis appeared on the body, lymph nodes begin to inflame.

After the initial period of syphilis occursSecondary, usually it occurs 9-10 weeks after infection. There is a secondary period of rashes on the skin and mucous membranes. In this period, the nervous system, as well as bones, liver, kidneys and other organs is affected. Also, an infected person may have signs of malaise: fever, cough and runny nose.
Then comes the tertiary period. This period is characterized by a further impact on the human immune system, and the defeat of virtually all internal organs. Externally, the Tertiary period is characterized by the appearance on the human body of syphilitic gum.

Symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases in women

Treatment of syphilis

When the first signs of syphilis are found,A person must immediately go to a doctor, a skin and venereal dispensary. Diagnosis of syphilis is performed by taking tests from an alleged patient.
Treatment of syphilis consists of two complexes: The first complex is aimed at destroying the causative agent of the disease, the second complex is aimed at strengthening the protective properties of the organism. The purpose of the first complex is the destruction of the microbe, which was the causative agent of syphilis in the body, since without its elimination, the treatment of the affected parts of the body and the body will be ineffective. As a rule, penicillin changes for the first complex of syphilis treatment, which in most cases kills the microbes of syphilis. If the patient has an allergic reaction to this group of drugs, then their analogs are selected. Along with the first treatment complex, the second one is used, the purpose of which, in fact, is to strengthen the immune functions of the body.

Signs of gonorrhea

Often the symptomatic picture of syphilis canBe not expressed and flow in the body without any manifestations, but it will cover the organs and progress in the body. Clear signs of gonorrhea in men are purulent discharge from the ureter, as well as, frequent urge to urinate, accompanied by severe pain.
As for women, in their case, there are the same symptoms as: frequent urge to urinate, inflammation and purulent discharge from the vagina.

Treatment of gonorrhea

Diarrhea is diagnosed by taking smearsExcretions from the genitals of the alleged patients. Treatment of gonorrhea is made by antibiotics, usually it is cefixime, which is taken once per day. With complicated forms of gonorrhea, additional and completely different medications can be used.

Methods of prevention of sexually transmitted diseases

Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases

One of the main methods of preventionVenereal diseases is the rejection of intimacy with a person in whom you do not have confidence. If you still decide to have sexual intercourse with a non-regular partner, then when using it, make sure to use a condom with spermicide lubricant, such condoms will protect not only from unwanted pregnancy, but also from infection with various sexually transmitted diseases. But keep in mind that the condom does not entirely exclude the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

For some reason, there is a myth that the venerealDiseases can be infected only with vaginal sex, but it is not. Venereal disease can be infected with both oral and anal sex. Therefore, if you are not 100% sure in your sexual partner, then to avoid infection with a venereal disease, be sure to use a condom, with all kinds of sex.

If after sex there is a suspicion thatYour sexual partner could be a carrier or carrier of a venereal disease, then in this case doctors recommend a drug Betadine, which has an antimicrobial and antiviral effect. Women need in the first two hours after sexual contact to use the vaginal suppositories of Betadina and the same drug, in the form of a solution, to treat the area around the genitals. Men also need to process the sexual organ and the area around it in the shortest possible time.
In the event that you find out that your partner was sick with a venereal disease, then immediately consult a doctor.