For normal and full functioningOrganism, he needs vitamins, the level of which should be normal, since for the body not only is a deficiency of vitamins (beriberi), but also their overabundance. In view of the fact that the excess of vitamins in the body happens very rarely, and the avitaminosis is quite frequent, the latter we would like to pay special attention to in this article.

Avitaminosis is a disease that occurs inResult of prolonged malnutrition, in which there are no or are present in a small amount of vitamins. Next, we will analyze the symptoms of vitamin deficiency, its signs, treatment and prevention.

Treatment of vitamin deficiency is a necessity, otherwise it can lead to deterioration of the gastrointestinal tract, severe impairment of vision and serious mental disorders.

Fruits and vitamins

Symptoms of beriberi

The most common winter avitaminosis andSpring, so keep in mind that if the symptoms listed below are manifested in winter or spring, then this increases the likelihood of having avitaminosis. Though to a lesser extent, nevertheless, avitaminosis can also appear in the summer and autumn.

Let's look at the specific signs of vitamin deficiency:

Skin peeling

The most obvious sign of a lack of vitaminsIs the peeling of the skin, both in individual places, and throughout the body. In some cases, rough scaly scales can be observed on the skin. Also, there may be a sudden acne, ulcers in the corners of the mouth, skin inflammation, bruises, and also peeling of the lips.

Note! What vitamins for skin are better to use.

Bad condition of nails

Avitaminosis can often adversely affectQuality of nail plates, namely they can become brittle, dim and begin to separate. The use of various kinds of varnishes and oils that strengthen and repair the nail plate does not help to get rid of the problem - most likely, you have an avitaminosis.

Fruit salad

Problems with hair

The lack or insufficient amount of vitamin A inThe body will negatively affect the hair. First of all, the hair will become very brittle and begin to drop out. Also, the presence of avitaminosis in the body can manifest itself in the appearance of dandruff, itching in places of hair and gray hair.

Problems in the oral cavity

If your gums bleed and often swell, orOn the cheeks appear jaundice - then this can be another symptom of the manifestation of beriberi. Also, there may be a sensitivity of the teeth, their wobbling and inflamed tongue with a white coating.

Lethargy and fatigue

The lack of vitamins in the body can also manifest itself in the form of constant fatigue and lethargy. You feel overwhelmed, you do not want to do anything, there are no strengths, and you always want to sleep.

Apathy and depression

The lack of vitamins in the body can be negativeAffect the psycho-emotional state. Due to the fact that the body does not have nutrition for energy, it affects the entire body, even on the nervous system. First of all, the patient falls in mood, then he has a feeling of apathy to everything that eventually leads to a long and deep depression.

Causes of vitamin deficiency

The very first and, probably, the main reasonThe occurrence of avitaminosis in the body - is the wrong food. As a result of the fact that the body does not receive the necessary amount for its high-grade functioning of the vitamin - this leads to their deficiency.

Another reason is a violation of the digestive processes or a violation of the organs that enter the digestive system. For this reason, the vitamins you use will not be absorbed by the body.

The cause of vitamin deficiency may also be the presence ofIn the body of antivitamins, which suppress vitamin activity. Thus, the vitamins you use are simply neutralized and not arranged by the body.

Fruits that fill the balance of vitamins in the body

How to treat beriberi

To make up for the lack of vitamins in the body- review your diet. If you used diets, be sure to stop using them. The food should be high-grade, with the whole vitamin complex necessary for the body.

Your diet should include foods that are richDifferent groups of vitamins. Be sure to eat meat products, fish, sour-milk products, vegetable oils, cereals, etc. Most importantly - eat as much fruit as possible and drink freshly squeezed juices.

In order to make up the vitamin complex in the body, you can start taking vitamins in tablets.

In addition, of course, it is necessary to produceA local treatment for the one where you developed avitaminosis. If you have skin peeling - use a special cream, if you have depression on the background of vitamin deficiency, take antidepressants, etc.

Useful fruits and vegetables

Prevention of vitamin deficiency

To avoid beriberi, try to fillYour body with all the necessary vitamin complex. Establish proper nutrition and try not to exclude from your diet any useful and nutritious foods for the body.

In periods of deficiency of vitamins in the body - in winter and in the spring, if there is no possibility to maintain their balance with fruits, then take vitamins in tablets.