Pig is a very complex disease that is susceptible toBoth adults and children. In this article, we would like to talk more about this disease, which has very complex consequences, which can occur in case of improper treatment.


What is Pig's Disease?

Mumps is an acute viral disease, withWhich causes inflammation of the secretory glands. In medical terminology, mumps is called epidemic parotitis. So, how exactly does this viral disease enter our body. The mumps virus primarily affects the salivary gland, where the virus multiplies and that is why inflammation of the parotid gland occurs. As it is clear from the title, this gland is in the area behind the ears, and therefore for this disease the face of the patient in this part swells.

In view of the fact that mumps is viralYou can get it. Infection with mumps can be airborne from a patient with mumps or from someone who has mumps in the incubation period. Getting into the body, the pig's virus multiplies initially in the salivary glands, after which it can spread to the rest of the glands in the body. It must be said that mumps are easier to tolerate in younger and younger children, respectively, the older the person who has fallen ill with the pig, the more difficult it will be for him to bear this disease.

Disease of mumps - consequences

Most often, children withAges from 5 to 15 years, but also adults. The disease itself, as it was said before, is very difficult for patients, and besides, it can lead to very serious consequences. The most frequent negative consequences of mumps are inflammation of the sexual and pancreatic glands, as well as the thyroid gland. In addition, this ailment can affect the nervous system, manifested in meningitis or encephalitis.

Pig can also give complications to the sexualSystem, both in men and in women. Affects in this case, men have testicles, and girls have ovaries. If in men it is diagnosed on the basis of a pronounced clinical picture (pain in the testicles, a change in skin color in this area, a new wave of heat), then in women the diagnosis of ovarian inflammation has some difficulties. If this complication is not diagnosed in time, it can lead to infertility.

Symptoms of mumps

Signs of the pig

Pig disease has the following symptoms. After infection of the person with a mumps, till the moment of display of the first signs of illness, some time passes, more often it 13-19 days. First of all, the disease is accompanied by an increase in temperature sometimes up to 40 degrees. After this, the patient begins to experience pain in the ears, it becomes painful to swallow, and salivation also increases. The next thing that happens is the parotid swelling.

In acute disease progression, the disease canSpread to other glands located in the body, but, as a rule, it is not symptomatic in any way and this can be diagnosed only when examined by a specialist.

Treatment of mumps

When the first symptoms of mumps are sure to causeDoctor. Diagnosis of mumps is made on the basis of a symptomatic picture, which is rather clearly expressed visually. The first thing that the doctor sets is a bed rest, which should last 7-10 days. Observe bed rest is a prerequisite, especially for boys. In addition, when swine is a frequent rinsing of the oral cavity, this is used 2% solution of soda or special means that promote disinfection of the oral cavity. On the swollen part of the face superimposed dry warm compress. At very strong morbid sensations the doctor can be appointed anesthetics.

Signs of the pig

When a mole is also assigned a special regimenNutrition, in order to exclude pain when eating food. It should be in chopped form. It is recommended for the period of illness to give up macaroni, white bread and hard foods, which require long chewing. In no case should you eat food that provokes increased salivation, it is usually acidic foods. These products will provoke increased saliva secretion, which in turn is a burden on the affected salivary glands, which will lead to very strong painful sensations in this area.

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As a rule, the period of treatment is stretched to14-21 day. The pig itself does not have any direct medicines, that is, the organism can be said to self-cure. The main task of the patient is to help the body and not interfere in the fight against this viral infection. The most important thing is not to let the complications of the disease manifest itself. Treatment of mumps is done at home, always under the supervision of a doctor. Hospitalization of the patient can be made:

  • In the case of a disease in a complex form;

  • If there are suspicions of complications;

  • In the event that during a long period of time the patient does not have a positive dynamics in treatment.

In children's institutions (kindergartens and schools), where a case of mumps was diagnosed, quarantine should be established for 21 days.

Prevention of mumps

Prevention of mumps

Warn the appearance of mumps only withUsing vaccination. Vaccination against mumps should be done in childhood and all children. Previously, vaccination of the mumps was made mandatory, absolutely everything, now this vaccination does not fall under the list of mandatory, but this does not mean that it is not needed and it can not be produced.

The vaccine against mumps is based on a harmless virus,Which is weakened laboratory. That is, the body is not injected with the active mumps virus, but let's say so amorphous. Despite the fact that it has a very small share of activity, it can not develop in the body of the vaccinated person, but retains all its negative characteristics, which the human body must develop immunity. When the body meets the vaccine virus, antibodies are produced which, when encountering an active virus, neutralize it at the initial stage and prevent it from developing in the body. Vaccination from the mumps is produced in 1 year and 6 years, due to what, the body remains for life protected from mumps.

There are many cases when parents do not produceVaccination of children against mumps. There is this for various reasons. Some parents are afraid that vaccination is not of high quality, or that it can lead to a disease with mumps, which is very rare. This is the most that neither is a deep delusion, so let's dispel all these myths.

First, vaccination against mumpsExclusively certified vaccines and professional health workers. Secondly, as mentioned above, vaccination is introduced into the body in the so-called amorphous state, and it can not lead to the appearance of the disease itself. Thirdly, the disease with mumps is extremely rare, because the vast majority of children are vaccinated against it, and adults are vaccinated as a child, which is the reason for such a low incidence of mumps. That is, the pig is contagious and transmitted from person to person, so if the vast majority of people are vaccinated against the mumps vaccine, then the probability of its spread is very low.

Vaccination against mumps

Also there is an opinion that if a child has a strongImmunity, he will cope with mumps himself, without any vaccinations - but this is another myth. Immunity of the child to the mumps can be developed only through vaccination, that is, by direct contact of the body with the virus, but if the body does not have immunity from mumps, then it will not be able to withstand the disease.

Vaccination against mumps can and should be done inAny age, even in the adult. These vaccinations are made by vaccine doctors, they are studying your personal vaccination card, and after making sure that you did not really vaccinate against the mumps, it is injected into the body after choosing the vaccination regime.

Understand that vaccination against mumps is a necessityFor each person, since the very course of the illness is not as terrible as the consequences that can ruin a person's life, in the literal and figurative sense of the word.