It would seem that stress - the state that comesAnd leaves, it is possible to get rid of it simply enough, having drunk restful and having relaxed. But when this problem concerns you personally, then you understand the full extent of its complexity. After all, stress can not be controlled, it controls you, it can be blunted with a sedative pill, but it does not solve the root of the problem. How to get rid of stress?

Nervous experience

What is stress?

Stress is the body's response to a psychologicalOr a physical effect that disturbs the state of the nervous system. Stress is useful and harmful. Useful stress - "splashes out" the positive emotions caused by joy, also positive stress mobilizes us in a critical situation. Harmful stress - one that has negative consequences for the body and the nervous system, from negative factors.

Types of stress

  • Eustress

This kind of stress comes from positive, joyful emotions.

  • Emotional stress

Stress, which is caused by emotionalExperiences, for example, because of anger, irritability, etc. The stress caused by the situation or due to any news, the reaction to which quickly passes. That is, this is a short-term stress that occurs in the rush of something.

  • Psychological stress

Stress caused by the psychological situation: Loss of a loved one, love experiences, consequences after realizing the situation (after emotional stress). Stress can be caused by problems at work, complicated relationships, etc.

Stress and its consequences

Stress, perhaps, is a phenomenon that canTo hit the whole body and cause a huge number of diseases. If you are interested in medicine, and more than once read about the treatment of certain diseases, you must have noticed that one of the causes of many ailments is stress. Strong stress first of all destroys the immune system, so at this time we are very much prone to viral diseases, as the body throws all its forces to combat stress, leaving the immune system to fight viruses alone, and often it is defeated by them. Diseases caused by stress, can be very different: human papillomavirus, bleeding gums, insomnia, and even symptoms of SARS may even appear. That's why stress must be suppressed at once, and we will help you with this advice.

Another negative cause of stress isObesity, and no matter how hard you use the painful complicated diets and fasting for weight loss - the weight will still increase, and all the methods will be powerless until you take yourself in hand and get rid of the cause of stress.

Stress during pregnancy is very terriblephenomenon. Regardless of whether joyous stress or bad, it can provoke premature birth, which is very bad. In addition, stressful situations adversely affect fetal development, and severe or prolonged stress can cause miscarriage.

Reaction to stress

Symptoms of Stress

  • Physical symptoms

The most important sign of stress is the feeling of heatOr cold inside the body, increased sweating. Hypersensitivity to the skin, lack of or decreased appetite, rashes on the skin, sleep disorders and sexual attraction.

  • Emotional symptoms

Emotional symptoms are nervous tension, irritability and experience. You can also experience: difficulties in making decisions, a feeling of apathy to everything, moral depression and indifference.

  • Behavioral Symptoms

Allowing mistakes during work, nedobrannost, lethargy, distracted attention, lack of concentration, etc.

How to deal with stress

How to relieve stress

How to cope with stress? Of course, you need to exclude all of its causes, you probably know them well. If the cause of stress is a love relationship, then either find common points of contact with the second half, or end those relationships if they cause only pain and suffering to you. The same goes for work, if you can not resist and exclude stress at work, try to replace it.

Quickly and effectively remove stress will helpPhysical unloading. Due to the fact that stress is a kind of motivator for actions, the accumulated energy does not leave the body, and therefore negative consequences appear. If you experience a lot of stress, then everything that has accumulated inside - it is necessary to splash out. You can do this in any way, if you have a punching bag - all the stress "splash out" on it. Someone can also be helped by running, swimming, etc., in a word, any physical relaxation. After you have physically discharged, you need to relax and calm down. Each person has his own ways of relaxing: someone relaxes calm and gentle music, someone has a hot bath with foam, somebody has a romance.

Stressful experiences

Help calm down and relieve stressSpecial sedatives. The best drugs for stress are "Persen" tablets or "Notta" drops. If you can not cope with stress, then it is necessary to treat it. To do this, you need to contact a psychiatrist or a psychologist, depending on your problem.

Coping with stress is more effective when youFriends and relatives support. If you need their support, ask for it. Anyone in a stressful situation needs to speak out and share experiences. Surely they will be able to assess the situation neutrally and give useful advice.

Prevention of stress

Stress is more of a psychological problem, soAnd preventive actions must be performed first of all by psychologically adjusting oneself to stress-resistance. If, for a long period of time, you experience problems with nerves, then definitely drink the course of sedatives that will support your nervous system, and help it resist stress more stubbornly. Also, if you foresee a stressful situation, prepare yourself morally in advance for it.