Although growth for girls is not so important as forMen, but still it causes feelings and awkwardness. Moderately tall girls always take on the views of men, and besides they feel more confident. After all, you will agree, to the little girls, men are not treated seriously, often with or without some tricky thought, mentioning their small growth. So, if you are not satisfied with your growth, then you do not need to despair and complex about it. In this article, we approach this issue from a psychological and practical point of view.

A tall girl

Causes of low growth

To begin with it is worth saying that very manyGirls are too big, and sometimes fanatical attention is paid to their growth. If for men it's pretty serious, then for girls this should not be a big problem in view of the fact that it can be fixed with the same high-heeled shoes. Much better if you are on your head below your young man than vice versa.

Please note that not everyone is growing up as soon asOnly reached adolescence. Someone can grow during the entire adolescence, and someone even after 20 years. That is, the growth processes in the body of each person are purely individual and this is affected by a lot of factors, which we will discuss in more detail below. An example of this can serve even the climate, since often a child can add several centimeters in growth after staying at sea and this is a fairly common phenomenon.

The causes of low growth in girls can beVarious factors. The most common cause of low growth is the genetic predisposition, when one of the parents, and maybe even both, is of low growth. In this case, with a high degree of probability, the child will also be low, but there are exceptions, again, thanks to genes, but already of the propellers.

Another reason for the low growth is the negative factors that slow down and stop the growth process: bad habits, the consequences of any serious illnesses and previous injuries.

Low growth intensity can also be calledCause of low growth, as someone grows, for example, as early as 14 years and the growth process stops, and someone can significantly increase in growth only after 16 and this must be taken into account.

Is it possible to become taller

Scientists have proved that a person is intensively growingUp to 25 years, after that the growth processes in the body are suspended and pass not so intensively. Therefore, do not worry, until you reach the age of 25, you will be able to "pull out" a few more centimeters. If you start with active training, the positive effect will be achieved.

Theoretically, each person can increase their growth by several centimeters, but for this it is necessary to try very hard. To increase the growth it is necessary to do the following:

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle;

  • To promote growth;

  • Organize proper nutrition;

  • Regularly perform special physical exercises.

It is this list of actions that we will consider below.

A tall girl

Healthy lifestyle

Very often it is an unhealthy lifestyleIs the reason for slowing the growth rate in girls. We have already talked about a healthy lifestyle more than once, since it is an integral part of our life if we want to get rid of a lot of problems.

A fairly common cause of low growth inGirls - this is smoking from an early age, it is at this time, when the body is experiencing a period of its rebuilding: the childbearing functions of girls are developing, and an intensive growth process is taking place - smoking has a very negative effect on this, which slows down the growth process. The same applies to the use of alcoholic beverages.

Accordingly, in order to become higher, you must categorically reject the use of alcoholic beverages and, of course, give up smoking. Also you should have a healthy and full sleep.

Promote growth

To have good growth rates, thisThe process needs to be promoted. Orthopedists highly recommend choosing the right bed, mattress and pillow. And in this case, the orthopedist and growth? And everything is quite simple - smooth and regular posture - a straight backbone, not only visually make you taller by a couple of centimeters, but also contribute to growth.

Organize proper nutrition

Pay special attention to healthy food. Eat as much vitamin and minerals as possible. Proper nutrition is a pledge of good growth. Therefore, try to eat at the same time, abandoning foods that slow down the process of digesting food and contribute to the appearance of excess weight.

Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. Also, eat food and special vitamins containing calcium, which strengthen the bones, and strong bones - this is the key to your growth.


In order to help your body in the process of growth, you need to daily produce a special set of measures, which we will describe in more detail below.

Exercises for growth

What to do to become taller in a week

Of course, the maximum effect in growth will be givenSports exercises, but at the same time, all of the above factors should also be taken into account, as they are one single complex with physical exercises.

To begin with, as already mentioned above, you mustSleep on an orthopedic mattress and on the same pillow. In this case, during sleep, the spine will not be in a tense state, but will rest. Usually, after sleep, the body requires stretching, in this case try to stretch as far as possible. Therefore, after you wake up, be sure to lie flat for 10 minutes.

As for exercises, they can be performed inHome conditions. For this, after you get out of bed in the morning and have woken up more or less - start doing the exercises. First, do a little warm-up, and after, start the exercises themselves.

Exercise 1

Become your back and press against the wall, while the body should be even. Then smoothly climb to your toes, trying to rise as high as possible. 10-15 repetitions will be quite enough.

Exercise 2

This exercise will require a highCrossbeam. In the vise, try to duplicate the movements of the pendulum, swinging your legs to the left and to the right, while trying to relax your muscles as much as possible. 20 turns will be enough.

Exercise 3

In the vise, in a relaxed state, make turns of the trunk to the left and to the right. In this case, 20 repetitions will again be enough.

Exercise 4

Lay down flat on the floor, in advance, laying a sports mat. Bending your knees, helping with your hands, try to squeeze them against the body. To complete the exercise, 20 repetitions are enough.

Exercise 5

Lean on straight arms, touchingWith the floor socks, the back should be absolutely straight. Then, for exhalation, try to bend your back as deep as possible, go back to the starting position and repeat the exercise several times.

Exercise 6

Lie flat on the floor, straighten your hands behind your head. Try to stretch your arms and heels as much as possible, making several attempts. Then lie for a few minutes in a relaxed position.

Exercise 7

Smoothly rising from the previous exercise, rising to your toes and raising your arms up, inhale, try to rise as high as possible, exhale quietly and smoothly drop.

High heels

How to visually become taller

How to grow taller quickly? Quickly to become high will help properly selected set of clothes. First of all, if you want to visually become higher due to the right selection of clothes, then you need to give up trousers and long sweaters.

Of course, the fastest way for a girlTo become visually higher is the heels. But here it is necessary to consider one very important detail: the color of shoes and pantyhose should create one color scale. That is, if you have black shoes, then pantyhose should always be black.

Excellent and, probably, the only optionThe visual increase in waist length is a dress, monochrome color. It is desirable that the dress had a V-neckline, or at least its imitation, thanks to such "vertical lines" you visually become taller, and in addition, such lines help visually to make the figure slimmer. This neckline of the dress can be supplemented with a beautiful neck scarf, again, in a color similar to the dress or long beads.