Delay in menstruation - one of the mostCommon causes for the experiences of every woman. These experiences can be both joyful, foreshadowing the long-awaited replenishment in the family, and sad, associated with an unplanned pregnancy or problems with women's health. In any case, knowing the reasons for the delay in menstruation is very important.

Pregnancy as the main cause of menstruation

Delayed menstruation

Indeed, the first thing that comes to a woman's mindReproductive age, sexually active, with a delay in menstruation - this is a pregnancy. Even if there was a single sexual intercourse and even if contraceptives were used during it - pregnancy should not be ruled out. After all, everyone knows that nothing 100% protects against pregnancy.

Therefore, first of all, in this situation isMake a pregnancy test. Fortunately, there are a lot of them now, and there are supersensitive tests that can reliably determine pregnancy from the first day of the delay in menstruation. For greater reliability, you can do 2-3 tests of different companies.

And what if there is a delay in menstruation, butTest negative? In fact, pregnancy - although the most common, but not the only factor that causes the absence of menstruation. What other reasons can be for why the delay of menstruation disturbs a woman?

Stress as a cause of menstruation

Any stressful situations, includingTroubles in his personal life and at work, can provoke a malfunction in the work of the nervous system, namely the areas of the brain responsible for the operation of the uterus and ovaries. This can lead to hormonal failure in a woman, one of the symptoms of which is amenorrhea - the absence of menstruation.

Change of living conditions

Delayed menstruation

Physical exercise. Excessive exercise can alsoCause a delay in menstruation. This can be both hard physical work, and active exercise in sports, fitness, dancing. In this case, amenorrhea is a kind of protective reaction of the body to new conditions.

Change in climatic conditions. Why the delay in menstruation often happens inTime of arrival on rest in other country, being in other climatic zone? The reason for this is the already mentioned adaptation of the organism to the changed conditions. Over time, the body will get used to them and menstruation will be restored.

Compliance with diet. Another reason for delaying menstruation -Adherence to a too strict diet. During it, the body quickly becomes exhausted, losing weight. Especially amenorrhea is affected by girls prone to anorexia and striving to lose weight by all means, even when the scales show less than 50 kg. To restore the normal menstrual cycle, you should choose a more sparing diet without strict restrictions, and ideally - to regularly eat healthy and healthy foods without abusing "fast diets". Will help restore and taking multivitamin preparations.

Delayed menstruation as a result of illness

Delayed menstruation

A number of diseases can provoke a delay in menstruation. First of all, these are diseases of the female reproductive system, for example, Polycystic ovary. This pathology is associated with a violation of the development of female hormones, the lack of ovulation (maturation of the egg) and, consequently, subsequent infertility.

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Another common cause of delay in menstruation - Yellow body cyst. Ovulation in this case occurs, but what happened shortly before the expected monthly hormonal failure "makes" it "work" longer than the time required. Therefore, the monthly lingers.

Inflammation of the genitals
And sexually transmitted infections can also trigger a delay in menstruation, as they often lead to disruption of the ovaries.

In addition to "purely female" diseases, the cause of delay in menstruation can be other infectious (acute respiratory disease, angina) and chronic (gastritis, ulcer, diabetes) illness.


Abortion, whether spontaneousA miscarriage or an induced abortion is always a big hormonal breakdown. In the case of artificial abortion, this is further aggravated by the fact that the uterus is scraped, removing that part of the inner lining that is released in the form of a period. In order for this area of ​​tissue to recover, it takes a half to two times longer than the duration of the usual menstrual cycle. However, the delay in menstruation after abortion for more than 40 days is a violation - in this case it is necessary to see a doctor.

Admission of hormonal contraception

Delayed menstruation

Regular intake of a number of combinedContraceptives both for protection from pregnancy, and for the treatment of endometriosis can "slow down" the work of the ovaries and provoke the absence of menstruation for several cycles. After 2-3 months after the end of the reception of contraceptives, menstruation resumes.

The reason for delaying menstruation can be andEmergency contraception - the reception of potent hormonal preparations of the "Postinor" type. High doses of hormones cause stress in the body and disruption of the ovaries.

Absence of monthly after birth

After giving birth, menstruation is not restoredEarlier than in 6-8 weeks, and at breast-feeding women monthly can begin in general only after the termination of the period of a lactemia. This is due to the production of prolactin - a hormone responsible for the production of breast milk and suppressing the maturation of the egg.


Menopause in women - the period of extinction of the functionOvaries, associated with the end of the reproductive age of the woman. Usually this period begins after 40 years and is characterized by irregular ovulation or their absence - and therefore the delay in menstruation is quite logical.

So, the reasons why the delay in menstruationThere is a place to be, a few. And even if you found out for yourself why the monthly are absent, a visit to the doctor for a thorough examination, timely and accurate diagnosis will not be superfluous.