Snoring - whether it's your own or a person's snoring,Sleeping next to you - a nasty and annoying phenomenon. A neighbor on the bed, he prevents sleep, and even the snoring himself sometimes wakes up from his own night "hymns". In addition, snoring is a direct indicator of the fact that with health is not all right.

How to get rid of snoring?

What is dangerous snoring?

Many believe that the only drawback of snoring -Its irritating effect on others. However, this is not true. First of all, snoring is dangerous for the most snoring person - namely, what causes constant breath retardation during sleep. Lack of oxygen (hypoxia), resulting from this, leads to disruption of the cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine system. And this, in turn, can provoke hypertension, stroke or heart attack, lack of sleep, depression and chronic fatigue, metabolic disorders and, as a consequence, the latter, a set of excess weight.

If the snoring person continuesTo ignore his condition and not start a timely treatment of snoring, then sooner or later he will acquire a disease called the Apnea syndrome or his severe form - Pickwick's syndrome. These diseases are directly related to the lack of oxygen in the body and are characterized by irreversible processes in the body, in particular, in the work of the heart and brain.

Causes of Snoring

Why do we snore? The only true reason for snoring is not - in fact, there are several.

Weakness of the muscles of the soft palate. This is the main reason for snoring. Weak muscles of the pharynx literally beat against each other under the influence of air currents during inspiration and exhalation.

Excess weight
. It turns out that excess fat accumulates notOnly in the abdomen and thighs, but also in the throat, causing its constriction. This leads to the fact that air passes through the respiratory tract at a higher rate than expected, causing an increase in tongue ligature in the throat and increased snoring. And as already mentioned above, hypoxia leads to metabolic disturbances in the body and even greater fat accumulation. This is a vicious circle, from which, it seems, it is impossible to get out ...

Diseases and pathologies of the respiratory system. Often the cause of snoring are the sinusitis,Rhinitis, polyps, enlarged tonsils, adenoids, as well as various congenital and / or acquired pathologies of the structure of the nasal septum and pharynx (curvature, narrowing).

Diseases of the nervous and endocrine system. Not the most common causeApnea syndrome, nevertheless, taking place to be. Particular concern in this regard should cause violations of the thyroid gland as a result of hypothyroidism, as well as suffered strokes.

How to get rid of snoring?

Treatment of snoring

How to get rid of snoring? Choosing the right way in the fight against this ailment depends on the reasons for its occurrence.

If you are overweight, the first step is toGetting rid of snoring should be losing weight. And here you need to help not only and not so much diets as active sports: running, dancing, swimming, fitness ... They activate the work of the cardiovascular system and contribute to saturation of the body with oxygen. Especially in this regard, good exercise systems associated with respiratory gymnastics, for example, bodyflex or pilates.

If the reason for your snoring is a nervous diseaseOr the endocrine system, then there is no way to get rid of snoring in the home at once. Necessary is a complete examination and treatment, possibly in the hospital.

If you snore because of the abnormal congenital structure of the skull bones, the treatment of snoring in this case should be operable - plastic surgery will come to the rescue.

Relieve the state of the snoring person I will help Special devices for the mouth, Manufactured individually for eachPatient under his bite. Such devices are inserted into the mouth before going to bed and keep the lower jaw extended, which allows to increase the opening for inhaling air.

If the "home" means of getting rid of snoring do not suit you and you want to know how quickly to get rid of snoring, the help will come Method of laser therapy. Absolutely painless operation lasts about 10 minutes - and a laser beam permanently frees a person from snoring.

Next to all in the treatment of snoring wentAmericans, inventing a special inoculation into the soft palate, which guarantees about one and a half year of quiet nights without a single snoring sound. However, the cherished 18 months have to expire - and the patient again needs to be vaccinated against snoring.

How to quickly get rid of snoring at home?

How to get rid of snoring?

One of the stages of treating snoring at home is the performance of special exercises (2-3 times a day 10-15 times):

- Grasp the lower jaw with your fingers and pull it down, keeping your mouth closed;
- firmly grip the teeth with a hard rubber tube;
- Open your mouth slightly and make circular motions with your jaw - first clockwise and then against it;
- close your mouth, breathe in your nose, strain the back of the tongue and pull the tongue to your throat;
- Exercise, the reverse of the previous one - pull the tongue forward as far as possible (as seen from an ENT doctor when showing a throat);
- straining the muscles of the neck, pharynx and soft palate, pronounce the sound "and".

Before going to bed, clean the nasopharynx with special drops (Aquamaris, Saline) or a regular solution of sea salt. It is also advisable to rinse your throat thoroughly.

Try to avoid sleeping on your back and on a largePodschke, provide yourself a full rest and sleep, do not use sleeping pills and alcoholic beverages, do not smoke - it will serve as a good prevention of snoring both during treatment and at its end.

We hope that we have clarified for you the answer to the question of how to get rid of snoring. We wish to quickly solve this problem and enjoy a dream in complete silence.