In the life of each girl from 11-14 years, and someAnd before there comes a special time, it's time for growing up. The girl has the first menstruation, and monthly accompanies it for many years until the very menopause. Menopause is the end of menstruation. The onset of menopause is about 45-55 years old, and every woman starts at different times.

Critical days in a woman's life are inevitable. But for most women, these most critical days become simply creepy, unbearable, causing a lot of suffering. This and poor health, joint and headaches, back pain and lower abdomen.
These are mood swings, excessive touchiness and tearfulness, unreasonable anxiety and anxiety.

This is the appearance of acne and a strong greasiness of the hair and skin, this bloating and swelling of the mammary glands, and their increased sensitivity. This is a strong fatigue, weakness, insomnia, depression.

All these ailments occur in many women about a week before the onset of menstruation and are called premenstrual syndrome or PMS.

Premenstrual syndrome. How to make PMS easier.

What is premenstrual syndrome or PMS?

Premenstrual syndrome is a complex complexSymptoms that occur monthly in many women before menstruation. It is characterized by vegetative - vascular disorders, emotional disorders, endocrine and metabolic disorders. Modern medicine distinguishes such clinical forms of PMS as - Atypical, Crisis ,Neuropsychological, Edematous, Cephalgic.

Atypical Form - characterized by an increase in body temperature, attacks of bronchial asthma and headache.

When Crisis Form - a woman's arterialPressure, heart palpitations, pains in the heart area, more often at night, a woman has a feeling of fear of death, she seems to have a heart attack.

Crisis causes are stresses, strongFatigue or infection, as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney and cardiovascular diseases. The shape of the ICP is most often observed in women before menopause.

Neuropsychic Form is characterized by increasedIrritability, weakness. Some women are annoyed around everything, they become angry and aggressive, they come into conflict with the people around them, quarrel with everyone, cause trouble for their relatives, make scandals, shout at children.

Others on the contrary, become touchy, without a reason to pour tears, fall into a depressed state.

Edematous The form of PMS is accompanied by an increase in body weight,Which appears as a result of accumulation in the body of excess fluid, sometimes the weight rises from 2 to 5 kg, the swelling of the arms and legs, and the face. In many, the abdomen increases, the mammary glands swell and become painful, even clothing becomes cramped. Some women sweat strongly and react to smells.

Tsephalgic Form is accompanied by a severe headache,And the headache has a pulsating character and is given away by pain in the eye cavities. Moreover, a woman has a headache and a vomiting, and sometimes vomiting also appears. Many women complain of pain in the region of the heart, numbness of hands, excessive sweating, as can be a dull, depressed mood, depression.

Premenstrual syndrome. How to make PMS easier.

Causes of PMS

The causes of premenstrual syndromeThere may be several - it is the influence of the hereditary factor, the disruption of hormonal balance, anomalies in the development of genital organs, various chronic diseases and infections, sexually transmitted diseases, stress and family conflicts, as well as hard working conditions or lifting heavy objects and many other reasons.

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How to make PMS easier

Every woman has premenstrual syndromeOccurs in its own way, some women easily tolerate both PMS and menstruation itself, and some poor people suffer and suffer, since PMS proceeds in severe form.

And to facilitate the condition is recommendedTo revise its regime of the day. These days, try to reduce the workload, sit less at the computer, postpone active sports, but light physical exercise will do good, try to sleep more, walk in the fresh air, do not conflict, avoid stressful situations.

Just pay attention to your food, it should be right and balanced.
Do not eat meat and smoked meat, fried foods, fatty dairy products, spicy and salty foods during the period of PMS.

Refuse from alcoholic, carbonated drinks, strong tea and coffee, coffee - it works exciting, causes palpitations, irritability and insomnia.

Limit the use of products from white flour, sweets, and if the body requires a sweet, give preference to nuts, dried fruits, jam or honey. Honey will help you to calm down and establish a sleep.

Smoking also has a negative impact on PMS, so try not to get carried away by cigarette products.

That your critical days are easier to flow,Try to drink more pure water - drinking or mineral, up to 2 liters a day, natural juices. Herbal teas and infusions of herbs such as lemon balm, chamomile, mint, St. John's wort and others help her as well, they will have a calming effect on the body, help to remove irritation and depression, and lower blood pressure.

Eat more fish, greens, fruits and vegetables, which contain useful vitamins and minerals, so necessary for your body during PMS.

Premenstrual syndrome. How to make PMS easier.

Use complex vitamins, they will help you cope with premenstrual syndrome, ease your condition and reduce pain.

With severe headaches and high blood pressure, medication can not be avoided, and soothing drugs are needed to reduce nervousness and irritability.

But do not self-medicate, consult with doctors. When insomnia, take a soothing bath with valerian or melissa.

If critical days bring you unbearableSuffering, severe pain, anxiety and fear for your health and life, you just need to undergo a medical examination, because the causes of severe pain can be various diseases, inflammation, and the sooner you seek medical help, the sooner you get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of PMS .

Lovely women, take care of yourself and be healthy!