Headache is the most common ailment,Which most often worries us. In view of the fact that the headache for some, unfortunately, becomes an integral part of life, they even stop to think about its causes, focusing all their attention only on getting rid of the headache, and this is one of the big mistakes. The main thing is not to let the disease overcome you and start to fight it right.

Very often the girls for some reason a headacheWrite off for fatigue or the weather, and to quickly get rid of the pain, they run to drink the coveted pill that will save them from suffering. Yes, the weather and fatigue are the causes of the headache, but not always the same !? Drinking a pill, you think that the problem is solved and so it happens time after time, until you get used to the pain medication you take and start another. But the same can not continue - you are ruining your health and becoming a hostage to pain and dependent on pills. Let's look at how to get rid of a headache if it becomes a frequent occurrence for you. First, you need to analyze the causes and nature of the headache, which we will help you.

How to get rid of a headache

Why does my head hurt?


Symptoms of migraine

With migraine, pain occurs on one side of the head, which lasts about four hours and longer. Migraines can be accompanied by dizziness and nausea.

Causes of migraine

On the assurances of doctors, migraine is associated exclusively with the violation of the functions of the brain, but which functions are unknown.

Treatment of migraine

Many girls and women, the cause of the headache, is a negative external effect: a sharp smell, fatigue, overwork, loud sound, etc.

In order to avoid migraines, try to exclude the typical signs that provoke it.

Tension pains

Symptoms of tension pain

Tension headache is the mostA common type of headache, while you feel some pressure or tightness around the circumference in the upper part of the head. It creates a feeling that the muscles of the forehead are too tense and they can not be relaxed.

Causes of Tension Pain

The most common causes of tensile pain are excessive stress, trauma to the head or neck.

Treatment of tension pain

Tension pain, as a rule, is temporaryCharacter, therefore in this case it is possible to use anesthetics. In case the pain does not pass within a week, be sure to visit a doctor.

Sinus pain

Symptoms of sinus pain

Sinus headache is most often expressed as pain at the level of the eyebrows or near the nose, accompanied by a dull, dull and aching pain. When moving and tilting the torso pain increases.

Causes of sinus pain

The main cause of sinus pain isInflammation of the paranasal sinuses. In this case, the inflammatory fluid that has accumulated in the cavities of the sinuses, exerts pressure on the walls of the same sinuses. This causes a headache.

Treatment of sinus pain

Naturally, in this case, the treatment of headache must begin with the elimination of the cause, and therefore, treat the inflammation of the adnexa of the nasal cavity, and not only with the help of pain relieving pain.

Cluster pains

Symptoms of Cluster Pain

Cluster headache is an intensePulsating pain, which, as a rule, happens in front of the head or near the eye. The duration of such pain from 15 minutes to an hour, accompanied by reddening of the eyes and tear.

Causes of Cluster Pain

The source of cluster pain is the stimulation of the clusters of the cranial nerves.

Treatment of cluster pain

This type of pain is almost impossibleTreatment, since it has an episodic manifestation and can, as suddenly appear, suddenly disappear. With prolonged use, oxygen therapy is used.

How to get rid of a headache

Why does my head hurt before menstruation?

The cause of headache, before menstruation and inTheir time, is a menstrual migraine, and therefore, use a pill against migraine. If headaches are accompanied with each menstrual cycle, then you must visit the doctor without fail, since with constant premenstrual headaches, the cause is an imbalance of hormones. Also, headache during menstruation can provoke hormonal oral contraceptives.

Why does my head ache and vomit?

Headache and nausea are one of the symptomsStress, fatigue and poisoning. If the headache is permanent, or periodic, and not a one-time, then most likely it is a common migraine, the treatment of which we described above.

Why does my head hurt?

Pain in the temples is inherent in the list of symptoms of many diseases, the most common of them: increased or decreased blood pressure, muscle pain or meteosensitivity.

How to get rid of a headache

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How to get rid of a headache

Why often, and maybe every day, my head hurts? The causes of the headache are sometimes trite things, which we want to tell you next.


Stressful situations causeOccurrence of headaches. The most frequent causes of stress are: family quarrels, troubles at work, conflicts, etc. In view of the fact that we strongly experience such situations, our head starts to hurt. To muffle a headache with painkillers is not an option. Analyze the cause of stress and try to solve it, take a few days of rest to relax, analyze and understand everything.

Having resolved the cause of stress, it is recommended to passA course of treatment to maintain their nervous system. It is not necessary to go to the hospital, it is enough to visit a doctor who will prescribe a sedative and give other recommendations for strengthening the nervous system.


The second most common cause of manifestationHeadache - overwork. Heavy work, great moral or even physical stress, lack of sleep, etc. - all this becomes the cause of fatigue, quite simply, we are excessively tired, and our body can not stand it and it fails. When overworked, the headache is quite common, and this is only one of the negative signs of overwork.

Reconsider your daily routine, keep in mind that forRecovery, the body needs to provide at least 8 hours of sleep. If you are very tired, then take a couple of days rest to recuperate. If you do not take care of your health on time, then the headache can develop into fainting and nervous exhaustion.


Stress, overwork, bad weather - all thisGenerates depression, because of which we experience both general malaise and local. One of the most common local signs of depression can be a headache. You can distinguish between a depressive headache and the following: if you have not been exposed to stressful situations and not overworked, but you have a headache, a bad mood, your future can be seen in negative shades - then, most likely, all the blame is depression.

Down with sadness and gray routine! You need to unwind - invite guests or go with friends to a cafe or restaurant, walk around the park or just go to the amusement park with children, and even ride with them on attractions, bowling, ice rink and other recreational activities will cheer up. Did it help? Arrange yourself such an "antidepressant" every weekend, and if there is time, then on weekdays. If the depression is protracted, then naturally consult a doctor who will prescribe antidepressants and give specific recommendations.

Wrong way of life

You are constantly visiting nightclubs, restaurants andOther entertaining institutions? Do you consume alcoholic beverages, smoke or are in the company of smokers, sleep only a few hours a day? Of course, you will have a headache. If you do not want the onset of aggravating consequences and do not want to go to the hospital - change your lifestyle, otherwise it may end badly.

How to get rid of a headache


If you often work with documents and for a long timeLinger with him, then excessive strain on the eyesight, negatively affects the health and the first sign of this is a headache. Also, a significant voltage for the vision is provided by the computer, if you are wrong or stay long after it. In the case where the cause of headaches is the voltage of vision, set for yourself a clear time with the "stimulus". Once per hour, do exercises for the eyes: lean back in an armchair or chair, and close your eyes for a couple of minutes, or go to the window and look first to the near, and then into the distance - for warm-up.

Recently, scientists have found that a long view of 3D movies, in special glasses for this, can cause a headache, due to the strain of vision.


Often, a headache can be causedHypothermia of the body. Those who in the cold season walk without a hat, after they come from the street, ask themselves why the headache is in the back of the head. Subcooling can be caused not only by not wearing a hat, but also by a general hypothermia of the body, for example, if you dress not in the weather or for a long time in the cold air.

The only solution to the problem of hypothermia is to dress warmly. If you freeze at work, hot tea will help keep warm.


Cold or viral infection, in addition to generalMalaise, accompanied by a severe headache. As a rule, the headache in case of illness lasts no more than two days. The head can ache and from a cold and a wrong blowout.

In this case, it is necessary to take antiviral and immuno-boosting drugs. If the headache is very severe, then take an anesthetic.

Head injury

Because of inattention or for other reasons, youHit your head, and she got very sick? Address to the traumatologist as a strong headache, after a blow to the head, accompanied by weakness and nausea - signs of concussion, which must be treated. The course of treatment is appointed directly by the attending physician.


Another reason you can experienceHeadaches are noise. If you work or are in a noisy place, whether it is technological noise, noise of music or people - it lays its imprint in the form of a headache, also the pain can be accompanied by a kind of buzz in the head.

If you can not exclude your being in a noisy place, use a special earplug or a soundproof headset.

How to get rid of a headache

How to treat a headache

We hope that we managed to convince you thatPermanent headache is unnecessary to write off to ridiculous reasons, and it must be treated. If the general recommendations do not give a positive result - be sure to visit a doctor. In no case do not self-medicate, so you will not only not help yourself, but you can only exacerbate the situation.