The life rhythm of every girl is simplefantastic. Every day we get up early in the morning, feed our family with breakfast, bring our children to school, quickly fly to work, after a hard day's work we go to the store and, when we get home, prepare dinner and check the lessons of the children. For one day we have time to do so much that even sometimes we ourselves are surprised. As a result of this rhythm, we are working on wear and tear and are in constant tension.

Talk about what you need to protect yourself and what is itCan lead to serious consequences - we will not, because you yourself understand this perfectly, but nobody will do this whole work for you. Be that as it may, to deal with the tension, which quite often overcomes you - we will help.

The kinds of stress that are peculiar to man,Only three: emotional, nervous and physical. Emotional stress is when our psyche is subjected to destructive emotional stress. Nervous tension is the reaction of our nervous system to fatigue, frustration, distress, etc. Physical stress is a reaction of the body (in particular muscles) caused by increased physical exertion. Most likely, some of you have a question: what is the difference between emotional and nervous tension. Emotional, this is when the stress is caused by emotions, for example, if someone has shouted at us, insulted, offended, or we want to splash out these emotions, but keep them to ourselves. Nervous, this is when stress is caused by experience, stress, overwork, depression, etc.

Let us now analyze in more detail all these species.

How to relieve stress

Emotional Stress

Emotional tension, as you already guessedFrom the name, comes from the accumulation of emotions. As it was said just above, emotional stress can be caused if you are shouted at, insulted, naughty, made a remark and it keeps you in suspense, or if you are filled with emotions and you can not throw them out. Emotional stress can be caused solely by negative emotions.

In order to relieve the emotional stressThere are two options: to distract from it and relax, or to splash out. To begin with, analyze the situation, if a person really deserved, then these emotions may need to be thrown out so that you become easier and the object of your stress will understand that he was wrong. It is very important that you realize this very face when the emotional stress is caused by this person (people), and not fictitious, and you simply do not have someone to displace your anger and irritability.

The second option: to relieve the emotional tension is to relax and try not to think about the emotional load. For more details on how to do this, we'll talk about it below.

How to relieve stress

Nervous tension

Few of us can boast of lack ofFrequent nervous tension. At least once a month, each of us faces this problem. This can be a job at work, fatigue, family problems, nervous overwork, depression and other unpleasant situations. How to relieve the emotional and nervous tension?

To relieve nervous tension, the first thingTry to relax. Relaxation will help for any reason of stress. To do this, try to sit or lie down comfortably and close your eyes. It's very good if you turn on the relaxing and relaxing music. Mentally imagine that you take all your problems and throw them away from yourself, then try not to think about anything. It is very important that no one disturbs you at this time. Help to relax, and a hot bath, add foam with some pleasant aroma and immerse in it for half an hour.

How to relieve stress at work

When you feel that the nervous tension isThe workplace is increasing, then it is urgent to remove it. To do this, make yourself 5 minutes of rest and relax. During this period, abstract from work and do not think about it. If you want to relieve stress, then lean back and think about something good, for example, about summer vacation or a pleasant event that you are looking forward to. Help to relieve stress, and relax at work, will help a cup of green tea with melissa or mint.

How to relieve tension in relationships

A more difficult problem is the stress inRelationships that arise between a man and a woman. If it happened, then, like in any other problem, it is necessary to study the cause of all this. The tension in the relationship should not accumulate, you must solve all the inconsistencies, and not accumulate, which, in the end, will become a kind of snowball that rolls down the mountain, and you will not just resume your relations, but hate each other. At the first manifestations of tension in the relationship, solve it together with your other half: discuss, find a compromise, but do not accumulate tension. If you can not solve the problem, then such relations will lead to nothing good, and you, most likely, should break up.

How to relieve sexual tension

If you have a long period of timeTime there was no sexual relationship, or one of the men you are very much excites, then the sexual tension can be removed simply - sexual intercourse. If for any reason you can not do this, then try not to think about this tension: load yourself with work or household chores, get busy with fitness, in one word do everything that will help you to get distracted morally and physically.

How to relieve stress

Physical stress

Physical stress is the tension thatWe feel physically in our body. Physical stress is caused more by overwork and increased physical exertion - discomfort in the muscles.

How to relieve muscle tension

Most often we experience tension in the neckAnd shoulders. Relieve the tension in this area will help massage, you can do it with a massage, or ask your other half to massage painful places.

How to relieve stress from the feet

Remove the strain in the legs that we experienceAfter spending a whole day on his heels, can be very simple. To do this, put water at room temperature in the bath and add sea salt. After 10-15 minutes, we finish the water procedures for the legs, wipe them dry and apply a refreshing spray with menthol, which will give lightness. After this, let the legs rest, lie on the bed so that the legs are slightly above the level of the head, this will be enough for 15 minutes.

How to relieve tension from the body

Relieve muscle tension in the back, legs and whole bodyHelp the contrast shower, which will positively affect their relaxation. First, open the hot water tap and wash it, then close the hot water tap as soon as possible and open it with a cold one. After a shower, lie down for a few minutes alone - the tension will be lifted like a hand.

How to relieve tension from the eyes

Physical stress also applies toEye strain, which can be removed by simple charging. To do this, blink often, for one minute. Then look left, right, up and down - 4 times, and make the same number of times circular motions, first one way, then the other. After that, close your eyes for 5 minutes and you can continue to work.