Very often girls suffer from the fact that the gumBleed, but another important problem is the sensitivity of teeth when we experience pain from cold or hot. Not less than a third of the inhabitants of the whole planet are affected by the increased sensitivity of teeth, why this happens and how to get rid of it, we will consider in this article.

Sensitivity of teeth

Causes of tooth sensitivity

Before analyzing the reasonsSensitivity of the teeth, let's first find out why we feel pain. Many believe that tooth sensitivity is to blame for tooth enamel, but it plays an indirect role in this process. Tooth enamel is the so-called protective layer of our teeth. Over time, for various reasons, the tooth enamel may thin out or completely break down, because of this our teeth become defenseless. When our teeth meet with cold or hot, the processes of the nerve cells that are in the tissues of the dentin transmit impulses to the dental nerve, after which we have such a sharp and sharp pain. Thus, we dispelled the first myth that the reason for the sensitivity of the teeth is their enamel. In fact, the cause is a poor state of tooth enamel, and since the reason for the sensitivity of the teeth is a bad condition of the enamel, then, in this block, it is necessary to consider the causes of thinning and damaging it:

  1. Improper hygiene

  2. The cause of damage to the enamel is incorrectMaintenance of teeth, namely their cleaning. First, an incorrectly selected brush with too stiff bristles, or intensive brush movements during cleaning. Secondly, the so-called aggressive toothpastes, with a whitening effect, have a negative effect on the enamel of the teeth. It is these listed facts that are on the first place in terms of the negative effect on tooth enamel.

  3. Pathology

  4. Various diseases that provokeThe violation of the mineral metabolism in the body, also rarely cause the erasure of enamel. An example is the lack of calcium in the body, which in turn serves to weaken the quality of tooth enamel.

  5. Food acids

  6. The use of a large number of acidic foods, such as fruits and fruit juices, coffee, beverages with dyes - have a destructive effect on enamel.

  7. "Dental diseases"

  8. Also, a number of dental diseases can become the reason why our tooth enamel is exposed to negative effects, namely: periodontitis, caries, tartar, imperfections of fillings and so on.

  9. Smoking

  10. Because of smoking, tartar can be deposited on our teeth, which ultimately leads to destruction of the enamel.

  11. Substandard bleaching

  12. Many girls are eager for a snow-white smile andSo often resort to special whitening procedures. As a result of poor-quality approach to this issue, tooth enamel first of all suffers. For example, some dental clinics, in order to whiten teeth, "remove" a layer of tooth enamel, which in turn directly affects its thinning.

  13. Bruxism

  14. Bruxism is a habit of gnashing teeth. As a result of the fact that the teeth are constantly rubbing against each other and the tooth enamel is being erased.

Sensitivity of teeth

Treatment of tooth sensitivity

Do not want to discredit a single manufacturerToothpastes, but, nevertheless, the toothpaste can not restore tooth enamel. If you encounter a problem when experiencing pain from cold and hot, then immediately contact a doctor, it is he who should prescribe a course of treatment for you, not television advertising.

In order to reduce the sensitivity of the teeth,The dentist can treat the teeth with special gels or lacquers containing fluoride. These agents serve as a protective layer that protects the dentin tissue.

To reduce the sensitivity of teeth will help gels, which contribute to the restoration of the mineral composition of teeth. In some cases, a doctor containing calcium can be prescribed.

In order for components to strengthen the dentalEnamel penetrated into the tissues of the teeth more quickly, iontophoresis was used. This method consists in the fact that with the help of a weak current discharge the drugs will be reached faster to the "right" parts of the tooth.

After you have solved the problem withSensitivity of the teeth to strengthen its tooth enamel. This can be done with the help of laser procedures, which seem to seal the fissures of the tooth (small indentations on the tooth enamel).

Sensitivity of teeth

Prophylaxis of tooth sensitivity

To prevent tooth sensitivity, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Correct pick up a toothbrush and toothpaste

  2. When buying a toothbrush, first of all pay attention to its bristles, it should be of medium stiffness, and for existing problems of tooth enamel, use only brushes with soft bristles.

    Do not use unnecessarily strongWhitening toothpastes, always consult with a dentist before using them. If there are problems with the sensitivity of the teeth, use special pastes that indicate: "for sensitive teeth."

  3. Proper brushing of teeth

  4. When brushing your teeth, you do not need to press onBrush, the movements should be light, from the base to the top, and not along the entire row of teeth. The chewing surface of the teeth should be cleaned in a circular motion.

    Be sure to use dental floss to clean the small cracks between the teeth, otherwise the remaining particles of food will lead to destruction of the enamel of the teeth.

  5. Food

  6. In addition to various vitamins, our body, and inParticular teeth, need calcium. Therefore, in order to maintain a balance, in addition to fruits and other vitamins containing foods, you must add calcium-containing products to your daily diet, namely milk, cottage cheese, cheese, etc.

    After eating acidic foods, drunk juice or drinks with dyes and acids - always rinse the mouth with warm water.

    Do not eat cold and hot foods at the same time, as a result of the temperature drop, tooth enamel suffers.

If your teeth ache from cold and hot, then first of all contact the dentist, the sooner you start to solve this problem, the faster you will get rid of it.