Continuing our medical theme, this time, weDecided to tell you about how to treat a cold. Virtually no viral infection and cold can not do without a cold, as a result of which we can not breathe through the nose, because of frequent blowing, we rub it, do not smell and experience general discomfort. But how can you ease your health, and quickly and effectively cure a cold? - We will answer these questions in this article.

How to treat a cold

Why do we have a cold

In order to start treating a runny nose, we mustTo know as a result of which it appears: cells that are in our nose, when in contact with any stimulus, begin to produce mucus to clear and remove all the irritants from our nose, in fact, the rhinitis is the protective reaction of our body from the stimulus. Causes of irritation of the nose cells can be different, we'll talk about them just below. To treat the runny nose, we need to eliminate the cause (irritant), on which it originated. It is this moment that is the main mistake of many of us, that if we do not establish the cause of the common cold, we begin to treat it, it is equivalent to breaking the pipe and instead of closing the tap, we will keep the place of the rush hand so that water does not flow - this is the most The best example in this situation.

Identify the cause of the common cold with excreta:

  • If the color of the secretions is clear, then this is the result of a viral infection or allergy;

  • If the color of the discharge is yellow-green, then you have a bacterial infection.

The immediate causes of the common cold are:

  • Subcooling;

  • Sudden temperature changes;

  • Viral infections;

  • Colds;

  • Allergic reactions;

  • Contaminated and gassed air.

In addition, if you runny nose began to appearOften enough, this may indicate that it grows into a chronic one. If the rhinitis is not treated, then it will go to the maxillary sinuses, which in turn is a more difficult problem than a simple rhinitis, and it can not cope with at home. Therefore, as soon as you have a cold, so that it does not develop into a strong cold, we immediately begin to treat it.

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How to treat a cold

How to get rid of a cold

Treatment of cold symptoms

Once you feel unwell: Zahlyupalo in the nose, a headache in the forehead, eyes began to water - try not to go anywhere, and if it is possible - take a day off. Staying at home, as much as possible, help immunity to overcome a cold or virus. It will be very useful to receive a hot bath, previously adding there extracts of oils from juniper, pine needles, eucalyptus, chamomile and tea tree. Take antiviral and immuno-boosting drugs, as well as vitamin C. Try this day to adhere to bed rest, lying under a warm blanket. Lie on warm tea and fruit.

The second common cause of appearanceThe common cold is an allergy. In this situation, you must identify the allergen, how to do it, we described in detail in our article - how to treat allergies. Taking measures to eliminate the allergen, we treat the common cold.

This, as to the cause of the appearance of the common cold, now let's consider the treatment of the common cold.

How to get rid of a cold

First of all, you must correctly flaunt yourself,Because, most likely, you are doing it wrong. Many of us in the old fashion are flaunting themselves in a cloth scarf, but this is wrong, because all the microbes that go out with the snot remain on the kerchief, and when they are repeated, they again fall into our body. In order to avoid such a situation, it is necessary only to flaunt the paper handkerchiefs, which must be discarded after the flagging.

How to treat a cold

Burial of the nose. Another of the most common mistakes in the treatment of the common cold is that some begin to dig in the nose with vasoconstrictive medications, which, due to the narrowing of the vessels, only temporarily remove the runny nose and do not treat it, and this is not what we need. For the burial of the nose we use drops based on herbs, which have not only a therapeutic effect, but also relieve discomfort in the nose and facilitate breathing. Before burying the nose, it must be washed with a solution of sea salt, which is sold in almost every pharmacy.

As folk remedies for the treatment of a coldUse inhalations based on: mint, eucalyptus, marigold and other herbs. For inhalation, you can use essential oils, which are sure to be found in every girl.

If necessary, ventilate the room,So that bacteria do not accumulate in the room. For the treatment of the common cold, it is recommended to use aromatherapy, for this you will need an aroma lamp and aroma oils that will purify the air in the room and help your breathing.