Back pain - this ailment "gets younger" with everyoneGoth. If earlier only elderly people were subject to him, now even teenagers experience pain in the back. It is very important to understand that it is possible to cure back pain, but if you do not reveal the roots of the disease, then the ailment will manifest itself in the future and only progress.

Quite often we are told that you need to protect your backBut we neglect these words, thinking, when this old age comes, and everything will be fine, it will bypass the side. But all the same, old age is inevitable, and then all the "spinal neglects" will necessarily appear in negative shades.

As you know, the back can hurt for various reasons, respectively, and the symptoms in different cases will differ from each other. Let's consider the causes of back pain, symptoms and treatment.

Back pain

Why does my back hurt?

1. Pain in the lower back

Most often this type of dorsal pain occurs in the elderly in the form of inflammation of the waist, which in turn manifests itself in the following:

  • After a certain distance, there is pain in the back and leg;

  • With further walking, the pain only increases, having a growing character;

  • Often there is numbness of the legs;

  • When flexing the back, the pain goes away a little.

Diagnosis of lumbar pain is based on the patient's clinical complaints, as well as radiography and tomography.

Treatment of back pain is carried out by anestheticsAnd anti-inflammatory drugs, but they are only effective in 45% of cases. With severe and prolonged back pain, surgical operations are used, when the cause of spinal pain is neutralized operatively.

Gymnastics for back pain

When back pain is recommended to carry out a special exercise, the exercises of which we will tell you below. By the way does not put and the usual charging for weight loss.

Exercise 1

Pull your back against the wall, straighten your shoulders. Then raise the leg, bent at the knee to the level of the waist and fix it in this position for 10 seconds, after which we change the leg.

Exercise can be done 10 times per onean approach. Thanks to this exercise, with the raising of the foot, you strain the muscles, and when you lower it, the muscles relax, an ordinary physiological process of relaxation occurs.

Exercise 2

The previous exercise is complicated, making the load on the leg in the amount of 1-1.5 kg, putting the load on the upper part of the leg. Exercise is also performed by raising the foot for 10 seconds 10 times per foot.

Exercise helps to pump the muscles of the press, soAs in some women, even at the age of 30, back pain arises from the fact that having excess weight, the back in the lumbar region does not form an arc, but on the contrary - is inclined forward. Because of this, lumbar muscles tighten and they begin to ache. An inflated press will largely help get rid of this kind of back pain.

Exercise 3

Put your hands on your thighs so that largeThe fingers were on the dimples, which are below the waist. Then we slightly bend forward, we bend our back, fix ourselves in this position for a few seconds and straighten, thereby preventing our pelvis from being in a horizontal position, we translate it into a vertical position, thereby facilitating our state. We do the exercise 10 times, but for 5-6 seconds (no more). It would seem that this is a primitive exercise, but it is very useful for the back, and that is remarkable, effective.

Exercise 4

This exercise is for those who experience pain inLumbar region with one, left or right side. We put our hands on the waist and bend to the side opposite to the pain, for this at the moment when we bend down, straighten the arm from the side of the slope and pull it as far as possible. A very important point is breathing, first take a breath and start out on the way out. We produce 10 slopes for 5-6 seconds each.

Do not lift your straight legForward, because you only exacerbate your pain and it will not do any good, except for even greater pain. It is also forbidden to apply any physical exercises, if the pain from the back gives in the leg. People with high blood pressure also can not conduct such procedures.

Causes of back pain

2. Muscle Pain

The second frequent cause of back pain, which girls often experience at a young age, is muscle pain. Muscle pain has the following symptoms:

  • Overexertion of muscles;

  • Pain in the lower back;

  • Very often the pain from muscle strain manifests itself in the mornings, when you get out of bed after a dream or after rest, when the muscles of your back were in a relaxed state;

  • With a prolonged load of back muscles, the pain increases.

As a rule, muscular pain of the back, easilyDiagnose, because we immediately feel that the muscles are hurting. With muscular back pain, there is constant pain, regardless of the movements. Anesthetic and sedative medications are prescribed to get rid of muscle pain. But apart from this, you have to distinguish, resulting in muscle pain:

  • Overexertion of the muscles as a result of a sedentary lifestyle, because of the fact that you are sitting in an irregular and uneven position, etc .;

  • As a result of a heavy load, lifting something heavy;

  • Undercooling of muscles, most often in the people it is called "proskvozilo back."

Overexertion of muscles

Overexertion of muscles is susceptible to those who leadSedentary lifestyle: office workers, or those who spend a lot of time at the computer at home. In order to exclude the pain of the muscles in the future, you must pump them up, so that they are strong and withstand such loads. In addition, sit correctly, picking up a comfortable chair, and also let your back rest.


If you raised something heavy, and because of this, youYou began to get sore back, then in addition to anesthetic will help ointment from the pain in the back of the warming action (Finalgon, Fastum-gel). It will warm your back muscles, so you will feel relieved. Apply ointment with rubbing and massage movements. In doing so, try to limit any stress for several days and keep your back warm.

Subcooling of muscles

When you overcool muscles, you can not freelyTo unbend the back, the pain has a constant, cutting and aching character. In this situation, it is also recommended to warm up the back muscles with an ointment of warming action, wrap your back with a special back belt or a warm kerchief. Keep your muscles warm and go out into the street in your belt.

Back Pain Treatment

3. Nerve pincers

Under a pinched nerve is meant squeezing the nerve roots in the vertebrae. Most often there is a pinched cervical and sciatic nerves. Causes of pinching the nerve two:

  • Osteochondrosis and pinching of the back muscles;

  • Pinched muscle spasm.

Signs of a pinched nerve:

  • Pain in the neck;

  • Pain in the back and lower back;

  • Pain in the sacrum.

The probability that the pinched nerve will "let go"- 50 to 50. If the pain does not go away for several days, then always consult a doctor. In this case, prescribed painkillers, manual therapy, massages, acupuncture, etc.

The back hurts

4. Intervertebral hernia

This is one of the most serious back problems, which causes severe pain. With an intervertebral hernia, the patient experiences the following symptoms:

  • A sharp or traumatic pain in the lower back, giving to the buttock or leg;

  • Pain in the neck, giving to the shoulder or arm;

  • Numbness of fingers and toes;

  • Local pain in the back.

The cause of intervertebral hernia most oftenChanges in the tissues of the intervertebral discs, due to the violation of metabolic processes in the body, accompanied by dehydration and drying up of the disc, leads to a decrease in its elasticity. Because of this, prolapse occurs, that is, the disc begins to bulge and the distance between the vertebrae contracts. A sharp and active physical exertion squeezes the disc, its ring is torn and there is an intervertebral hernia.

Treatment, or rather, the removal of the intervertebral hernia,Is solved by surgical intervention, the hernia is "cut", but, unfortunately, the functions of the intervertebral disc are not restored. Moreover, intervertebral hernia is characterized by relapses, since the operation only localizes the disease, and does not cure the very cause of its appearance. When a new intervertebral hernia occurs, repeated surgical intervention is required.

Cure intervertebral hernia without surgery is quitePerhaps, this method is developed by Tibetan medicine, which uses acupuncture, acupressure, vacuum therapy, phytotherapy, etc. It is amazing, but the intervertebral hernia decreases and disappears, and the structure of the disc is restored, and this method can truly be called a miracle.

Why does my back hurt?

Why does my back hurt?

Consequences of dorsal pains

Minor back pains have a propertyGrow into permanent, for example, any burden on the back, not only carrying bags, but even just being in a vertical position, you will cause discomfort in the back area, and it is possible that even severe pain. In the most difficult cases, the consequence of back pain may be disorders, for the treatment of which surgical intervention is required.

To avoid problems associated with pain in the back,You must maintain the tone of the back muscles and the press, for this there is a lot of exercise. Choose a set of exercises in order to pump the muscles of the press (lifting the trunk in a lying position), squats with dumbbells, circular movements of the trunk, slopes, etc. Do exercises every day if you have a risk of spinal diseases. In addition, be sure to sit correctly and smoothly, in order to keep the back flat, use special cushions for the seats. Every hour, get up from the chair and let your back rest, shake and walk, make turns of the trunk. If you begin to feel tension and discomfort in your back - consult a massage therapist.