We have already told you about how to treatRunny nose, and it would be perfectly correct to continue our previous article with a story about how to cure a cough. Most often, the cough has a symptomatic origin, that is, it is a symptom of a disease, for example, it can be a cold, a viral infection, or an allergy. In addition to the above, coughing happens for other reasons, but they are often not permanent and not long.

If you are still faced with such a disease asCough, it must necessarily be treated not only to get rid of discomfort, but also so that it does not grow into a more complex form. Timely and effective treatment of a cough is simply necessary. It is to this very serious issue that we want to dedicate our article.

How to cure a cough

What is a cough

To begin with, let us give a scientific, medicalDefinition of cough. Cough is a protective reaction that ensures the preservation and cleansing of the tracheobronchial tree from irritants and foreign bodies. From this definition it follows that our cough is a protective reaction to the stimulus, so it's pointless to cough if we do not know what provokes it, and without eliminating its provocateur. Before we start coughing, we need to establish its cause and take action to eliminate it, and only then take further actions aimed at treating the cough itself.

Cough has the following two most commonSpecies. The first type of cough is that the stimulus affects the cell, which in turn releases various substances that provoke a cough. The second type of cough, when the cleansing forces of our bronchi are not enough to withdraw phlegm, and then sputum accumulates and gets to the cough receptors, provoking a cough. That is, with the help of a cough our body tries to clear the bronchi from sputum and bacteria.

  • Be sure to make sure that you do not have a lung replacement!
  • If you notice symptoms of angina, then first of all, study this article: "How to quickly cure angina".

Cough as a symptom

As mentioned earlier, cough is a symptom of various diseases:

  • In acute respiratory infections and colds - when the airway is affected by viruses and bacteria, as well as when a large number of sputum is accumulated;

  • With an allergic reaction - when foreign bodies, dust, gases and other smells enter our respiratory tract;

  • When the disease of the nervous system - there is a neurogenic cough;

  • In chronic and other serious illnesses.

How to cure a cough

Treatment of cough

If you are a regular reader of our site, then you already know incorrectly that the treatment of any illness should begin with its study, namely:

  1. Definitions;

  2. Symptoms;

  3. As a result, it appears and what it served;

  4. How to eliminate the cause of the disease;

  5. Taking measures for the direct treatment of the tested illness.

It is according to this plan that you should start cough treatment, actually adhering to this plan, we will build our article further.

How to treat cough at home

If your cough is caused by a respiratoryViral infection, then in no case do not eliminate the cough. It should be understood that coughing is of two kinds: useful and useless. A useful cough is called so because it bears in itself a benefit for the body, as it removes phlegm from the bronchi, and as you know, it is in the sputum that bacteria and viruses are contained, getting rid of them, our body will be much easier to cope with the disease. A useful cough is also called wet, due to the fact that it is accompanied by phlegm. Useless cough, it's also called dry, it's when we cough, and apart from discomfort, coughing does not carry anything else in itself, as it loses its original protective character, so the sputum does not go away, and therefore, we do not need a cough. A useful cough is always accompanied with a cold, when the disease has already manifested itself to the full.

In the first few days, sometimes even a week,Sputum begins to cough up when you cough. The main mistake that many people make is that they start taking medications that eliminate cough, at the initial stage of the disease, when they have a wet cough. Elimination of cough stops the healing process, as sputum stops coming out of the bronchi, and it's good if everything goes well and you recover to the full, but stasis in the bronchi can lead to very serious consequences. We will not frighten you any more, but we will only say that as long as you have a wet cough, you need to take medications that will facilitate it and help to bring out sputum. When you are already cured, and cough is no longer accompanied by phlegm, only then is it permitted and even recommended taking medications that inhibit and eliminate the cough reflex.

How to cure a cough

Than to cure cough

How to treat a wet cough:

Mucolic agents that dilute sputum, facilitate and facilitate its isolation.

  • ATSTS;

  • Ambroxol;

  • Bromogixin;

  • Different syrups.

Expectorants that help sputum expectoration.

  • Mukoltin;

  • Broncholitin;

  • Fluimutsil et al.

How to cure a dry cough:

Antitussives - eliminating cough.

  • Glaucin:

  • Libexin;

  • Codeine et al.

How to treat a severe cough:

In order to cure a strong cough, in addition toOf the above mentioned products, we recommend that inhalations from such medicinal herbs as peppermint, eucalyptus, sage, chamomile, mother-and-stepmother, marshmallow, breastfeeding and others be recommended. Actively take a drink, preferably in a warm form.

Folk remedies

In principle, the only effective folkMeans for treatment of cough, are medicinal herbs used for inhalations. In other cases, living in the 21st century, it is not logical to treat diseases, in particular cough, with folk remedies, since there are a large number of effective drugs for its treatment.

Separately we want to note inhalation over poundedPotato, which is called the folk method, and widely used by our parents and grandmothers. What do you think, what can be the use of the fact that we are breathing hot potatoes and burning our airways? Thanks to the couple we inhale, the sputum is not diluted, since the inhaled vapor does not penetrate the bronchi beyond the upper part of the trachea, the particles of water from the vapor simply settle in the mouth, and therefore this procedure is completely useless.

How to cure a cough

Treatment of an allergic cough

If you are overcome by an allergic cough, thenTo ease your condition, take antitussive. But these funds will not cure cough, since you need to treat the allergen itself, for more details about this we told in our article how to treat allergies. After revealing the allergen, and having started to treat it, the cough will disappear automatically.

Treatment of cough in the nervous system

In rare cases, a cough becomes a consequenceDiseases of the nervous system, because of prolonged and frequent stresses, experiences, overwork, etc. Very often in such cases to temporarily get rid of cough, take antitussive drugs along with sedatives. In any case, in this situation you should contact a neurologist who will prescribe a course of treatment.

Cough treatment for other reasons

If the cause of your cough is not covered in any of theThe above reasons, it is very bad. To establish its cause, be sure to go through the survey, the earlier you find the ailment, the more likely it is to heal.