Your hair has started to drop out and you are worriedThis problem !? - Then this article is for you. Today we will analyze the causes of hair loss, as well as give tips and advice on preventing their loss.

Before you begin to analyze the reasonsLoss of hair, we want to note that the loss of up to 100 hair per day - this is normal. Hair loss is also affected by seasonality, it is best to grow hair in summer, but in autumn and winter their loss increases. Therefore it is unnecessary to panic in vain. If you have more than 100 hair a day, and even worse, hair "climb" in tatters, then this is a reason to seriously think about. Let's look at the causes of increased hair loss.

Hair falls out, what to do

Why hair fall out

The causes of hair loss are very many and we will try to consider the most common ones below.

Low-quality shampoo

The most common todayThe cause of hair loss in women is a substandard shampoo. Producers often use various chemicals to produce shampoos, someone's hair reacts calmly to it, and someone simply falls out. It is worth noting that even some well-known manufacturers of shampoos sin it.

In the group of low-quality shampoos, also includesCounterfeit shampoos, when under the logo of a well-known trademark lies an ordinary forgery. Note that the cheaper the shampoo, the more likely it is based on heavy chemical components that can provoke hair loss.

Lack of Vitamin

Lack of vitamin directly can beIs expressed by hair loss. First of all, we are prone to seasonal avitaminosis, this happens at the end of winter and early spring. Another reason for the lack of vitamin in our body is the wrong diet, because of which we do not accept products that include the necessary vitamin complex for hair.

Different procedures

It's not right now to find a girl who wouldDid not paint her hair. But hair dye is not a nutritious mask. All paints are based on chemical components that provide a persistent hair color. It's one thing when painting hair you do occasionally and not fundamentally change their color, and another, when your hair is regularly subjected to painting tests.

Use of modern electrical appliancesFor hair: curling irons, ironing, professional hairdryers and other appliances, also have a negative effect on the hair. Moreover, if you like to make complex hairstyles, then your hair can simply not stand it and also begin to fall out.

Why hair fall out


And again, stress. In the causes of this or that problem, almost always, stress can hide, and in hair loss it plays far from the last role. Stress can be as a consequence of stressful situations and experiences, and the cause of physical overload and constant lack of sleep.

When stress occurs, hair growth stopsFollicles, and the existing hairline begins to thin out, but not immediately, but only after a few weeks, as a result, it is very difficult to determine what, exactly, stress caused hair loss.

Infectious diseases

Infectious processes occurring in the body,Can affect hair loss. Such diseases can be: ARVI, influenza, acute respiratory infections, pneumonia, and the like. As a rule, after full recovery, the problem of hair loss disappears. In view of the fact that hair loss in this case is an indirect cause, it is necessary to concentrate all efforts on the treatment of the original source.

Hormonal disbalance

A woman's body is rich in hormones, whichOften shalat. If there is a hormonal failure - an imbalance, then with an increase in androgens (male sex hormones), this is fraught with hair loss and even baldness. Often the cause of hormonal failure are incorrectly selected hormonal contraceptives, so keep this in mind. Also imbalance of hormones can be a consequence of other causes, so it is necessary to pass the appropriate tests.

How to prevent hair loss

How to prevent hair loss

If hair falls out, treatment is necessaryProduce immediately, once you have discovered this problem. First of all, analyze what could have caused them to fall out, since without this it is very difficult to take any action to prevent the problem.

Emergency measures for severe hair loss

Until you have established the reasonsLoss of hair, change the shampoo, stop temporarily using various cosmetics: foam, varnish, paint, tonic, rinse, etc. It is also recommended to temporarily stop using various hair accessories, especially a hair dryer.

Do not produce complex lay-ups, leave your hair at rest for as long as possible. Having come home, dissolve the hair in order to provide the head with good ventilation and eliminate the tension of the hair.

Blood supply to the head

It is known that good blood flow promotes growthhair. To normalize blood circulation, perform head massages. To do a head massage is easy enough, for this you can use both different massagers and do it yourself. Embrace your head with your fingers and make them rotating and massaging movements, after massaging one zone of the head, go to the other. It is best to massage from the temples, smoothly turning to the center of the head.

How to prevent hair loss

Handle Stress

In stressful situations, advise how from themGet rid of - very difficult, because each situation is purely individual. But if you do not get rid of them, then you risk becoming completely bald. For sedation, take sedatives and always consult a doctor.

Proper nutrition

If your hair falls out, then setProper nutrition. In case you were on a diet, then it is recommended to stop it. Eat a healthy diet that is filled with vitamins. Take food at least three times a day.

Hair falls out, what vitamins to drink

When hair loss, you must support yourThe body, enriching it with all the necessary vitamin complex, which will help stop hair loss and health. Such vitamins include:

  • Vitamin C;

  • Vitamin E;

  • Vitamin F;

  • Iron;

  • Zinc.

You can use this vitamin complex both in food products and directly in the form of tablets.

Hair loss in women

Folk methods of combating hair loss

To prevent hair loss there are three very good folk recipes:

  1. Infusion of birch leaves

  2. A tablespoon of chopped birch leavesPour into a glass and pour 300ml of boiling water, after which we insist all this for about 2 hours, filter and slightly cool. After you have washed your head, rub this infusion into the scalp.

  3. Powder of parsley seeds

  4. Parsley seeds must be ground to obtain a powder mass. Then this powder is rubbed into the head, and you go to bed. In the morning, just rinse your head with water.

  5. Decoction from the bark of oak and onion husk

  6. Pour into a container 1 cup of oak bark and 1 glassOnion peel. Then pour all this with a liter of water and boil on low heat, about an hour. Then the broth should be filtered and cooled. We rub the obtained substance into the head and put on the cap. After two hours, the head needs to be washed off, but without shampoo.

What to do if hair falls out strongly

If you do not know why hair falls out heavily,Then be sure to consult a doctor. The earlier you do this, the faster you can prevent them from falling out. Also note that the more hair falls out, the more difficult it will be to restore them, so do not delay this.