It's naive to deny that we do not like sex, and sometimesHis desire, we are overcome not less than men. Yes, sex is and we all want it. As you know, sex has several types: vaginal, oral and anal. Oral and anal sex are not methods of fertilization, the only way to conceive is vaginal sex, and therefore it is extremely important that you pay proper attention to contraception. Most couples still prefer classical sex, as it gives the greatest pleasure. But not always everything goes according to plan, and the girl, unwillingly of this, can get pregnant. We will devote this article today to the question: how to interrupt an unwanted pregnancy.

How to terminate a pregnancy

How could you get pregnant?

As one clever phrase says: "If you do not live, then you will not die." Afraid to get pregnant and not have sex - this is not the most logical way out of the situation. Yes, someone practices other types of sex to exclude pregnancy, someone that is very common, is used as an exclusionary way of fertilization - interrupted sexual intercourse, well, someone uses contraceptives. Interrupted intercourse is when immediately before ejaculation the partner removes his penis from the vagina, thus ejaculation occurs outside the vagina, which excludes fertilization. But this method has its negative side: both the interruption of sexual intercourse, and the fact that it is necessary to have time to withdraw the penis to a partner. Also, many couples use contraceptives to exclude pregnancy. To date, contraceptives for girls exist in a variety of options, as we have just been telling you in detail. But it happens that without planning to become pregnant it happens. What are we leading to? To the fact that many girls, pregnant, are puzzled over how they could become pregnant, because they practice interrupted sexual intercourse, or use contraception. The answer is very simple: involuntary ejaculation of the partner, before ejaculation, or the method of contraception used by you was ineffective.

What to do if I am pregnant

First of all, we want to tell you thatIt is worth to panic if you think you are pregnant, based on pregnancy tests. Tests can be wrong, even if two, three, five tests show two strips - this can be a false alarm. Therefore, in order not to panic ahead of time, it is absolutely necessary to go to a gynecologist, as the pregnancy test is just a reason to expect a pregnancy.

If the gynecologist confirms that youAre pregnant, then you must make a serious decision about the further fate of the child. Let's not touch on the moral side of this issue, let's go directly to how to get rid of unwanted pregnancy, if such a decision is made.

What pills interrupt pregnancy

How to get rid of pregnancy

To date, there are 3 medicalA method of termination of pregnancy, which we will tell you in detail. Remember that if you want to get rid of pregnancy, then it is better to take this decision as quickly as possible, as the sooner you do this, the easier it will be for the abortion process.

Medication abortion

Many girls are wondering if it's possible to interruptPregnancy with pills. To interrupt pregnancy with tablets is possible, and it is the pills that are the most frequent way to terminate pregnancy in the early stages. This method of abortion is applied in cases when its term is not more than 8 weeks.

What pills can interrupt pregnancy?

Which pills interrupt pregnancy onEarly terms, we will not specifically call, let's say only that they are hormonal and are aimed at blocking the production of the hormone progesterone, which is responsible for maintaining the pregnancy. Drugs interrupting pregnancy are chosen by the doctor based on the characteristics of your body.

How to interrupt pregnancy with pills

When you decide what you wantTo abort pregnancy, go to the gynecologist for a consultation. If you have available funds, it is better to go to a special private clinic, where there will be a good attitude of both doctors and staff.

At the consultation the doctor will examine you atA gynecological chair, and also will make an ultrasound examination of the uterus in order to establish the duration of pregnancy. If you decide to interrupt pregnancy, then you need to pass the appropriate tests for contraindications to any components that include these pills. In the absence of contraindications, the doctor should talk about the principle of the drug and its possible consequences.

Taking pills interrupting pregnancy

The tablet can be taken immediatelyAfter receiving the results of the analysis and making your decision. How does this happen? You take the medicine and stay for a while in the hospital, because this drug is potent, then you should be under the supervision of doctors to follow the reaction of the body, since the action of the tablet begins almost instantly, this is the period that is the most serious. In a few hours you will be allowed to go home and talk about further actions.

Within 24 hours you should startBleeding, it can last up to two weeks. No need to worry, this is a natural procedure, as the fetus is expelled from the uterus, but this procedure is normal and painless. In the event that something goes wrong, which is unlikely, be sure to call your doctor and consult with him.

After a lapse of two weeks, or this periodThe doctor himself will clarify, you will have to come to him at the reception. The doctor will check the condition of your body: how the abortion procedure has gone and how it is tolerated by your body. After this, the doctor will give further recommendations.

Advantages and disadvantages of this method

As for the advantages, the first thing you need isNote that this is the absence of risk of damage to the uterus, in contrast to the procedure for a normal abortion. Also, the probability of infection and infection is excluded. It is very important that with this method, the risk of secondary infertility in girls who have not yet given birth is virtually excluded.

Disadvantages of this type of abortionAlso is. Firstly, it is that the drug is hormonal and can subsequently cause hormonal failure. Secondly, the fetal egg can not come out completely, and then it is necessary to perform a mechanical cleaning of the uterus - surgical abortion.

In general, this method of abortion is the most sparing of all that exists today.

What to do if I am pregnant

Vacuum termination of pregnancy

Vacuum abortion is the second way of interruptionPregnancy on its early terms, which is used before the 5th week of pregnancy. The sequence of the procedure is as follows: you come to see a doctor-gynecologist, he examines you, performs an ultrasound examination and then appoints the day of the vacuum abortion.

What is and how is vacuum abortion performed?

The essence of a vacuum abortion is thatThe vagina introduces a special vacuum-aspirator, which removes the fetal egg from the uterus, by creating a negative pressure in the uterus, which provokes the separation of the embryo from its mucous membrane. The very procedure of abortion is about 5 minutes, under general anesthesia. After the procedure of vacuum abortion, a repeated ultrasound examination is performed where the doctor checks and makes sure that the fetal egg is completely removed. If it is found that the fetal egg is not completely removed, then again a surgical abortion will be performed.

Advantages and disadvantages

If we compare vacuum abortion with traditionalSurgical abortion, it is less aggressive both in the most produced procedure, and in the possible onset of negative consequences. As for the negative factors, after this type of abortion, severe pains in the lower abdomen can be felt, there are violations of the hormonal background and menstrual cycle, but such consequences are only in 5% of cases.

How to get rid of pregnancy

Surgical abortion of pregnancy

Finally, we moved on to the third kindMedical abortion - a traditional surgical abortion. Surgical abortion can be performed no later than the 12th week of pregnancy. This method of abortion has been used for decades and was until recently the only one that doctors used.

How is surgical termination of pregnancy carried out?

You come to see a doctor-gynecologist, where hePerforms inspection. Then, as in the previous methods, an ultrasound is performed and the necessary analysis is given, then the day and time of the procedure are assigned.

Surgical abortion is performed under general anesthesia. The vagina introduces tools that help open the cervix. Then the doctor produces an embryo scraping.

It is recommended to perform this procedure in private gynecological clinics, since there this procedure is performed with ultrasound, which helps the doctor to perform the abortion not on the "blind", but seeing their actions.

From disadvantages it is worth noting that with traditional abortion, there is a risk of damage to the uterus and its neck, the presence of bleeding and the development of secondary infertility.

If you change your point of view about the continuation of life, then be sure to read the article on how to get pregnant.

How to terminate a pregnancy with folk remedies

Unfortunately there is a lotCases, when girls try to interrupt pregnancy in folk ways at home. This is the use of various herbs, alcohol, and the worst thing is taking hot baths with mustard.

How would you not be afraid of publicity, the condemnation of your parentsAnd contempt - you have to understand that using folk remedies to interrupt pregnancy, you risk your own life. Therefore, in no case take any action to interrupt pregnancy at home, this should only be done by a qualified physician within the walls of the medical institution.