Do you know that pancakes though areOriginally Russian dishes, are quite typical for French cuisine, and Germans favor thin pancakes on milk, and even in the States with this wonderful dish are familiar.

How to cook pancakes on milk? There are a lot of recipes, they advise so, and so, and so on. I categorically disagree with many recipes. But the main secret, thanks to which pancakes on milk thin are obtained - in the test. For such pancakes you need dough without yeast sourdough. Yeast raises the dough, and then the pancakes are chubby.

The recipe for pancakes on milk

So, let's take my favorite recipe for pancakes on milk. We need:

  • 1,5-2 A glass of flour, you can and more, it all depends on your appetite, but then do not forget to match the proportions of other products.

  • 0,5 Liter of milk (you can and water, but milk is more delicious, right?).

  • 3 Eggs, for example, I like large, brown with large bright yellow yolks.

  • A tablespoon of sugar, another tablespoon of vegetable oil and a pinch of salt.

Thin pancakes with milk

To make the dough without lumps - first mix eggs, sugar, salt and mix.

Thin pancakes with milk

Add flour - better gradually, so it will be more convenient to interfere.

Thin pancakes with milk

When the flour is absorbed and a monotonousMass, we begin to gradually pour in the milk and mix thoroughly. First flour, then milk - then there will be no lumps. But if you flop two glasses of flour in a half-liter of milk - tortured to destroy lumps, pressing them against the walls of the bowl.

Thin pancakes with milk

In fact, to mix the test, it is most convenient to use Blender. In principle, you can forget about lumps. But I somehow do not add up with the kitchen equipment, so I usually do the dough for pancakes with the help of a whisk.

Now add a spoonful of vegetableOil. You can take the usual sunflower or olive, someone might like corn. The best oil is odorless, then it will not break the delicate and delicate flavor of our pancakes on milk. By the way, sweet tooth can quite increase the amount of sugar to your liking. And you can add vanilla or cinnamon, but note that the cinnamon will dye the dough into chocolate color.

I'll tell you a little secret: to make the pancakes turned out not just ruddy and beautiful, but also with charming bubble holes, you can add a little water to the dough, literally a couple of spoons.

The pancake pan should be very goodIs heated. And get ready not to move away from the stove and do everything fairly quickly until the dough runs out. Thin pancakes are fried instantly, and to overdo such a thin product on fire is not good.

Lubricate cast-iron frying pan with oil or a pieceFat is a thin layer, the thinner the better. Vegetable oil in the dough we have already added, just to ensure that our pancakes do not stick with the frying pan. Therefore, it is not necessary to pour a lot of oil in a frying pan. If you use a Teflon frying pan - you can not oil it at all, it's enough that it's already in the test.

Dough on a frying pan can be poured large woodenSpoon, looks from the side very effectively, and the tree is a good-for-food material. You can and a small povareshkoy. One thin pancake requires just half a spoonful. However, if your frying pan is large - then the amount of dough needs more. On a small frying pan, accordingly, it is less. Here it is best to determine by the method of the first two pancakes. The first pancake is usually thicker than necessary, and the second portion of the test is not enough to make a pancake round and took the whole pan. After that, you probably will know how much test you need for your skillet.

Thin pancakes with milk

Dough in the frying pan by rotary-jigglingMovements are dispersed over the entire surface by a thin-thin layer. Only do this very quickly, the frying pan is hot. It's possible to write about pancakes for a long time :)

As soon as the dough has browned and you see that it is no longer liquid, you can turn it over.

Thin pancakes with milk

Aerobatics - a revolution of a pancakeThrowing up. Honestly speaking - I have never worked. I do not use wooden spatulas either - they are usually too thick for pancakes in milk, tear the dough literally to shreds. All modern devices prefer a blunt dessert knife. Remember, in the dining rooms that are served for dinner, with which the maximum oil can be smeared on bread. And the frying pan is not scratched, and the pancake is very easy to grasp and convenient. Listen to your grandmothers - they have proven recipes, they will not advise bad. And to be sure not to damage the pancake - the tool for turning our pancakes should be in the amount of two pieces.

The second side is fried even more quickly than the first. Practically after a few seconds you can take a pancake. Fry the frying pan and pour the next pancake.

Thin pancakes with milk

Now you know how to cook pancakes with milk. Such pancakes are good and hot, the main thing is that the husband and children do not drag the whole stack of wonderful delicate pancakes while you jump around the plate and the frying pan.

Thin pancakes with milk

But the best thin milk pancakes come withStuffing and folded envelope. You can smear condensed milk, raspberry jam or sour cream. If the dough was made not sweet - liver pate, vegetable snacks, squash caviar. In general, on what imagination will suffice. And as for me, it's better than such thin pancakes with strawberry jam - it's hard to think of anything. But more on this later in the following recipes.

Thin pancakes with milk

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