Salty appetizing herring, sprinkled thinlySliced ​​onion rings, oiled with vegetable oil - a frequent guest on our tables. Yes, even with a boiled young potato, sprinkled with fragrant greens of dill. Tasteful! In stores now a large assortment of herring and in mayonnaise, and in tomato, and in sunflower oil with dill and any other. But sometimes, buying a herring, we find that the herring is not too fresh or too salty. Do you want to pickle herring at home, with your own hands?

Recipe for "Herring in the Home"

To pickle herring at home, we will need the following products:
  • Frozen herring-2 pcs .;
  • One small bulb;
  • Three teaspoons of salt;
  • One tablespoon of vegetable oil;
  • Warm boiled water.

How to pickle herring at home

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Preparation of homemade herrings

Herring is thawed at room temperature,You can simply put it in a bowl or sink. If you thaw the herring in hot water, it will lose its appearance, the herring will peel skin. Herring will not look appetizing.

The herring should be washed well, cut off the tail andHead. Cut into small pieces. From the piece that is closest to the head, remove the insides. From other pieces of the interior can not be removed, and if you want, you can remove the insides from all the pieces.

How to pickle herring at home

Next, you need to take a clean one-liter glass jar. Herring densely to put in jar.
Peel the bulb from the husks, wash, cut into half rings. Put in a jar of herring.

How to pickle herring at home

In a large mug pour warm boiled waterAdd 3 teaspoons of salt. Stir well to dissolve the salt. Pour into a jar with herring, top with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. Cover with a lid. To properly saline herring, leave the jar for a day in the room, then clean it in the refrigerator. In a day you can eat. "Homemade herring" can be prepared without onions, such herring will be kept longer.

How to pickle herring at home

Herring is ready. To feed her to the table, remove the insides, bones and skin. Cut the pieces in half, lay the herring on a dish. Cut a thin onion into rings, place on a herring and sprinkle with table vinegar or lemon juice, served with boiled potatoes.

Enjoy your meal!