Lemon cupcakes

Cupcake is one of the most favorite delicacies of adults andChildren, so muffins can be found in almost any bakery, in numerous grocery stores and supermarkets, and even in small tents where they sell bakery products. The cake is a sweet and tasty confectionery product, in addition to the dough there are raisins, nuts and other sweet ingredients. Cupcakes are baked from biscuit or yeast dough, the recipes of which can be different, as, as is known, how many culinary specialists - so many recipes. In our country there is even a "relative" of the cake - Easter cake, but it gradually lost its positions, and now it is the cupcake that keeps the leading position among the sweet delicacies in us and in other countries of the world. The name "cake" came to us from the Middle Ages and was formed from the phrase "pie" (English word "kechel" and Old Norse "Kaka") and "fruit" (from the Latin word "Fructus").

The first muffins appeared in Ancient Rome. Then raisins, nuts and sometimes pomegranates were added to the barley puree. In the 16th century, sugar from the American colonies began to import to Europe, which radically changed the whole confectionery industry. It was at this time in Europe have become popular cupcakes - sweet buns with fruit. The recipe for making cupcakes in each region may differ. So in our country a classic cake is considered a product with raisins, in Switzerland, candied fruits and nuts are added to cupcakes, in the USA there are many nuts and fruits in cupcakes, and cakes are impregnated with brandy or liqueur. In the Bahamas, raisins, nuts and fruits are pre-soaked in rum for 2-3 months, and after baking, the cupcakes are poured with rum.

As already mentioned, todayThere are many different recipes for making cupcakes, so we suggest you prepare a classic lemon cake with raisins, which is traditionally popular in our country. In order for cupcakes to turn out delicious, you need to follow several golden rules. For the test of future cupcakes, you should not regret such delicacies as raisins, candied fruits, nuts and other ingredients that make baking even more delicious. In this case, the dough itself should be kneaded quickly, so that the structure of the foam is preserved. Usually, mixing from top to bottom is used for this. As decorations of the top of the cake, you can use glaze and / or nuts, but you do not need to add anything else, because the excess "edible" decorations distract from the taste of the cake itself.

Lemon cupcakes

Many beginners are sincerely sure thatYou can bake cupcakes only in special forms. This is partly true, since it is much more convenient to bake cupcakes in forms, and the cupcakes are beautiful. But who said that you can not bake cupcakes without special forms? That's right, no one. Cupcakes can be of any shape, so you can use them for baking cookies or simply to put on by hand. If you do not have special forms for cupcakes, do not deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying your own cupcakes! If you have such forms, then the matter is simplified, but it's worth remembering that you should take out the prepared cupcakes from the mold only after they have cooled down. Otherwise, the appearance of the cupcakes can be thoroughly spoiled, and this, of course, is not in our interests.

To prepare a traditional lemon cake, we need the following ingredients:
  • 3 cups of flour;
  • 2 cups of sugar;
  • 5 pieces. Eggs (4 proteins and 5 yolks);
  • 300 g of butter;
  • ½ cup of walnuts (nuts must be pre-shredded);
  • ½ teaspoon of soda;
  • 1 PC. Lemon (peel);
  • soda.

In addition to the test for the cupcake, we also need to make the glaze. For this we need:
  • 200-220 g. Of sugar (or better than powdered sugar);
  • 1 protein (just 1 protein will remain from the preparation of the test);
  • Juice of 1 lemon.

Lemon cupcakes

So, when everything is ready for making cupcakes,Take 2 containers. In one container mix a glass of sugar with yolks, and in the second carefully rub the tender butter with a second glass of sugar. Then mix both mixtures and stir. In the resulting mixture, add soda, crushed walnuts and zest of one lemon, which must first be finely chopped or grated. Now mix all the contents of the container thoroughly, pour in the flour and mix again. Now it's up to the squirrels. Whip four proteins in a firm foam, then pour into the dough. Whipped cream should be poured only after flour is added to the dough.

When all of the above is done, carefully andQuickly mix the resulting dough, which should look like a thick cream. Here is our dough and is ready, it remains to put the dough into cooked forms or to make cupcakes by hand, if there are no molds. In the form do not forget to put the oiled paper and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. When the future cupcakes have got the form, preheat the oven to 1800С - 2000С and put it on the upper tier of the mold. To prepare cupcakes of standard sizes, one hour is often enough.

When the muffins appear appetizing goldenCrust, then you can check the cupcakes for readiness. And in the first half hour baking forms with cupcakes is best not to move. If you thought that the cupcakes are already ready, pierce them, and you will know exactly if the cupcake is ready. To check this way, you need all the cupcakes, because already on the same sheet there may be already prepared and still damp cupcakes. If you find a slightly damp cake, but already with a golden crust, cover it with a piece of thick paper. This will allow you to bake a cake and keep an appetizing crust. When the cupcakes are baked, they need to be removed from the oven and put to cool, without taking out the muffins from the molds.

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Lemon cupcakes

The finishing touch of preparation of cupcakes isGlaze application. And for this you need to cook this very icing. First, whisk egg white and sprinkle sugar powder into it, not forgetting to stir the mixture. You need to beat the whisk, and not the mixer, because in the latter case you will get a meringue, not the glaze you need. In this way, like the powder, add lemon juice, squeezed a little earlier. The glaze must not be too liquid to not spread. On the contrary, the finished glaze must be viscous, but not strong enough to cover the top of the cake well. When the icing is ready, pour over the cupcakes (you can pour it several times) and let the glaze dry. That's all, our lemon cupcakes are ready, it remains to put them on a saucer and serve to the table!