Many delicious dishes that often becomeDecoration of our tables, came to us from other countries. This applies to the popular paella, which is traditionally considered a native Spanish dish, although in fact it is a dish of Valencia. Therefore, in some sources, the invention of paella is attributed to the masters of Spain, and in others it is considered a culinary symbol of Valencia. But anyway, paella is a very tasty and satisfying dish, which, no doubt, will please many of our compatriots. The name of the dish came from the French "paelle". This word, in its turn, has Latin roots and originated from "patella". Related words are found in many languages ​​and mean virtually the same thing. So in Poland the word "patelnia", the Italian "padella" and the French "poêle" mean a pan.

Yes, this dish got its name thanks toDishes in which it is cooked. In most Valencia word paella is called, almost all frying pans, including special containers for cooking paella dishes. Initially, paella was popular only in Spain, but gradually this dish found its fans in many countries around the world, and now almost in any restaurant you can order this delicacy. The traditional Valencian paella consists of meat, white rice, snails, green vegetables, beans and various spices. However, gradually the paella has changed and now there are more than three hundred different recipes for cooking paella. Such a variety of variations of ingredients contributed to the popularity of paella throughout the world, because for this dish you can use different fillings that are available.

Several centuries ago paella was prepared inSpecial bowlers, but gradually appeared more convenient dishes, in which to cook this dish is much easier and more convenient. Ideally, paella should be cooked in a special dish, which is called paella. The paella is a shallow wide frying pan, the diameter of which can vary from 20 cm to 90 cm. In this dish, the water evaporates evenly, which makes it possible to preserve the rice in a non-digestible form. In addition to paella, you can use other dishes that are similar to it. Now a lot of such dishes, so with the choice of dishes for cooking paella should not be any problems.

As already noted above, paella has manyVarieties, describe which is quite problematic. Therefore, consider one of the options for cooking paella, and it is the classic Valencian paella. For this we need:


  • 400 g of chicken;
  • ½ rabbit;
  • 350 grams of round rice (many professional chefs use to make paella rice calasparra or bomba, but other kinds of rice can be used);
  • 4 things. Large tomatoes;
  • 3 pcs. Sweet peppers;
  • 200 g of string beans;
  • 1 kg. Seafood (squid, mussels, shrimp, oysters.) How much of it - at your discretion, but "without fanaticism");
  • 1-2 pcs. Lemon;
  • Saffron, salt, olive oil - to taste;

When you have everything you need forCooking, you can roll up your sleeves, take a knife and start creating a valentine paella! First, chop the chicken and rabbit meat into large pieces, and rinse the seafood thoroughly. Oysters should be boiled in salted water, mussels and shrimps - cleaned, and squid should be cut into rings. After that, you need to peel the sweet pepper and prepare the string beans. Tomatoes must be cleaned of seeds and peel, then cut into cubes. Then you need to prepare rice, olive oil and saffron.

When all this is done, you can put the dishes onFire. In the pan, you need to pour olive oil, and while it is warm, mix the chicken and rabbit pieces (do not forget to salt), after which the meat is laid out in a frying pan. Meat a little fry, after which the pan should lay out seafood (except squid). After 7-10 minutes, you need to lay out the squid rings, salt and fry a little. After that, take out seafood and meat from the pan, leaving in it a few slices of meat and a few mussels, oysters, squid and shrimp. Beans, peppers and tomatoes are laid out on the empty frying pan. All this must be slightly fried, then pour cold water. When the water boils, pour the rice into the frying pan, and it is desirable to try to distribute it evenly throughout the frying pan. Then add saffron and cook for about 25 minutes.


2-3 minutes before the meal is ready, on riceLay out the previously cooked pieces of meat and seafood. After this, the pan should be gently shaken and removed from the fire. After these actions, the pan should be left alone for 10 minutes. That's all, the paella is ready, it remains only to decorate the dish and serve guests. Usually the paella is decorated with slices of lemon, and already laid out portions can be sprinkled a little with lemon juice. With this dish, white and dry pink wine perfectly matches, so if you decide to cook a paella, then stock up on a bottle of wine.

And a little trick. Many people like a fried crust of rice, which is obtained at the bottom of a frying pan. Moreover, this crust is considered almost the most delicious part of paella, so it's no surprise that for this crust even came up with a special name - "cocarpett". To get this very crust, you need to increase the fire to the maximum possible level of seconds by 40 at the end of paella cooking. In this case, it's guaranteed to get an excellent crust, which, no doubt, will please everyone.

In addition to the classical Valencian, in our countryPaella of seafood is popular. In such a paella, meat is completely replaced by seafood, and there are no vegetables and beans at all. If you want to surprise your friends, you can cook a paella "black rice", which is, perhaps, one of the most extravagant varieties of paella. To prepare this paella, in addition to the traditional ingredients, cuttlefish is added. It is the "ink" that separates the cuttlefish that color the rice black.