Cottage cheese casserole

Many of us have spent time in the children'sKindergarten is associated not only with fun games with friends, but also with a delicious casserole, which was often given for breakfast. It was the casserole, unlike many other dishes that were fed in kindergarten, liked almost all children. And now very few people can deny themselves the pleasure of eating a legendary casserole, which caused a sparkle in the eyes of the children. And what prevents us to cook such a casserole at home and treat our household members with a dish "from childhood"? Nothing at all! Therefore, we allocate a little time in our busy schedule (everything will take about an hour for everything) and start preparing the curd casserole!

Before you start cooking, you need toWill be convinced of the availability of special dishes or casserole form, since without it bake casserole will be problematic. If you do not have anything like that, do not be upset! Now in many shops are full of convenient forms (some of them are silicone), designed for similar purposes. Modern forms have several advantages over their more outdated models. So the new forms are not only convenient to use, but also in most cases protected from burning. And burning, as is known, is one of the most important problems of cooks. You can buy forms made in the form of a bear, bunny and other animals. From such a casserole, children will surely be delighted!

So, you have no form for cookingCasserole, you can go to her store and pick up the right capacity. If such dishes you already have, then you can proceed to the next stage. By the way, the proportion of the ingredients used in the baking depends on the size of the mold. If the first time you could not guess, then the second one will be exactly, so experiment and you will be happy! For the preparation of our casserole we take the middle mold, the height of which is 6 centimeters, and the length and width are respectively 28 and 20 centimeters. Note that the shapes can have other sizes, so try to guess with the volume of the prepared mixture, so that it got into the shape with a margin.

Cottage cheese casserole

For the preparation of curd casserole, in addition to the form, you will need a working oven and several bowls, in which you can mix the ingredients. As ingredients we will need:
  • 700 g of cottage cheese;
  • 4 tablespoons of semolina;
  • 3 eggs;
  • 1 cup of milk;
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar (or powder - someone like it);
  • 1/3 teaspoon of salt;
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence (you can put a pinch of vanilla sugar and cinnamon);
  • Raisins, dried apricots and other additional goodies - at the discretion.

Cottage cheese deserves special attention, sinceIt is the main component of the whole dish. The taste of the future casserole in many respects depends on the quality of the cottage cheese, so it is better to choose a quality curd with a fat content of 5-9 percent (you can take it fatter, but not in the least with a lower fat content, since the casserole will turn out to be dry and fresh). As for such delicious additions, like raisins and / or dried apricots, then everything depends on you. You can do with a couple of spoons of one raisin, and you can and abundantly dilute the curd mass with sweet dried berries and fruits.

When all of the above is ready, you canGo directly to the very process of creating a casserole. Here you should decide what kind of casserole you want. If you want to get a loose casserole in which you can taste pieces of cottage cheese, then the ingredients should be mixed with a fork. If you prefer the air version of the casserole, mix it better with a mixer. It is desirable to separate the egg whites from the yolks and whip them separately. In the beaten yolks, add salt, sugar or powdered sugar, and vanilla sugar. In the resulting mixture, add a small amount of cottage cheese and mix thoroughly. In order for the casserole to turn out to be airy, first you need to mix the cottage cheese with milk and add the mixture already prepared to the prepared mass. Add the mango here and finish adding the ingredients with raisins, cinnamon and dried apricots.

In the next article we will tell you how to make pancakes delicate and delicious.

Cottage cheese casserole

The mixture obtained in the most careful mannerStir. The prepared mixture in consistence should resemble sour cream, and there should not be any lumps (except, of course, raisins and other insoluble constituents). Clean the refractory form with vegetable oil or grease, whichever one likes best. In the form prepared in this way, pour the curd mixture and place in the oven, preheated to 1800C - 1900C. And, to put the form in the oven you need to be careful, as the mixture can simply pour out a little on the oven grill, and we definitely do not need this.

After the done manipulations, onlyWait, when it will be possible to get an aromatic casserole from the oven. Often, from 30 to 45 minutes is enough to prepare the curd casserole, but the time can vary depending on the volume of the mixture, the temperature in the oven and the characteristics of the mold, so it is advisable to closely monitor the readiness. A crust of golden color will make it clear that the casserole is actually ready. Many renowned culinary experts recommend that after turning off the oven, give the casserole a little more "to bask", so the casserole can be left for a short while to stand in the off oven.

That's all we know from childhood cottage cheeseThe casserole is ready! It remains only to wait until it cools. You can certainly try the casserole still hot, but it's better to treat the casserole when it's a little warm. You can eat cottage cheese casserole with sour cream or jam, you can also use condensed milk, honey and sweet chocolate syrup as a supplement. With such sweet "complementary" casserole will be even more delicious and guaranteed to everyone, so be prepared that soon you will be asked to cook this delicious treat, which will not only please with its excellent taste and for a few minutes will allow you to return to childhood.