Unloading day on the water is the heaviest option of a fasting day, for which you need a minimum of funds and a maximum of patience and willpower. At its core, it is elementary Fasting day. Before you arrange a day of water unloading, think carefully about whether you will be able to withstand it until the end.

Unloading day on the water

The essence of a fasting day on the water is simple: Throughout the day you can not eat anything, but only drink - only water. The water should be mineral without gas or spring, if desired - thawed. The total volume of water to be drunk for this day is at least 2.5 liters.

What is Water discharge day efficiency? First of all, the water used in largeAmounts, fills the entire volume of the stomach, dulling the feeling of hunger. In addition, the water itself has a positive effect on the body. In addition to the healing effect (cleansing the body and losing weight), the water has a cosmetological effect: after a water discharge day, the skin becomes younger, it becomes more elastic and fresh, wrinkles, acne and acne disappear.

Unloading day on the water is, of course,The most effective in terms of losing weight. For a day you can lose up to 2.5 kg of weight (although in most cases, women lose 1 kg). Due to the severity of the water unloading day, it is not recommended to spend more than once a week. Also, pay special attention to your diet in the days immediately before and after a day of unloading on the water: on the eve arrange a light low-calorie dinner no later than 7 pm, and on the next day after "unloading" do not tear yourself to heavy food for the body.

Among other things, a day of rest on the waterPlays a significant role in the formation of self-discipline, willpower, the ability to organize themselves in achieving a specific goal. Perhaps, every woman who has had a full-fledged water unloading day can not only boast of getting rid of excess weight, but also be proud of the steadfastness of her spirit. Over time, unloading days on the water will become a habit and will not be perceived as a difficult test for the body.

Weekly spending unloading days on the water, youSoon successfully get rid of excess weight, will look younger and more attractive. In the mirror you will look with even greater pleasure. By the way, just do not look into it while weeping. On the reasons you can find in the article: Why can not you look in the mirror when you cry.