Unloading days for weight loss

Unloading days - this term is familiar to every woman, perhaps,Having problems with being overweight. However, an excess of body weight is not the only indicator for carrying out unloading days. This "rest" of the body will be useful to almost any member of the fair sex who wants to feel better, look more attractive and younger.

Unloading days for weight loss Attract many women in that they do not requireA lot of willpower and limiting yourself to eating for a long period of time, as is typical for weight loss diets. To endure one fasting day a week under the power of each. In addition, unlike many diets, unloading days do not have a negative impact on health. Another plus of unloading days is their variety, which allows choosing the one that is ideal for a woman.

The benefits of unloading days will become noticeable if you follow the Specific recommendations of dietitians. Here they are:

- Unloading days are held regularly 1-2 times a week for the purpose of losing weight and 1-2 times a month - in order to prevent excess weight gain, general body cleaning;

- Unloading days it is more effective to choose one and thoseAnd for every week, for example, Tuesday and Friday or Wednesday and Saturday - then the body will eventually get used to such a regime and it will be easier for him to reorganize into a "starvation regime";

Unloading days for weight loss

- the essence of a day of shipment - the receipt during this time of certain types of foods rich in either proteins, or fats, or carbohydrates, i.e. Only one class of substances;

- On the eve of a fasting day, you need to prepare the body: do not eat after 6 pm, take a soothing bath and go to bed early;

- from the morning of a fasting day you need to take an empty bowl of vegetable oil on an empty stomach, and during the day to drink a glass of rosehip broth - this will reduce the risk of stagnation of bile in the liver;

- During a fasting day, you need to drink a lot of liquid - at least 2.5 liters per day - while you should give preference to mineral water without gases, which promotes faster burning of fats;

- Unloading days for weight loss - not time forHeavy physical work, the organism can not endure such a load. However, lying on the couch and looking at the ceiling, too, is not worth it - the time will drag on painfully long, and you will constantly have thoughts about fried potatoes with a chop. Do something exciting, but not requiring much physical effort: remember your favorite hobby, for example;

- The planned volume of food is divided into 6-8 receptions;

- If the feeling of hunger follows you unceasingly - drink a glass of kefir 0% fat, if you can not endure hunger at all - do not self-torture and stop "unloading";

- Many people recommend finishing the day off in the sauna - in this way, cleaning the body and combating excess kilograms will be more complete;

- The next after a day of unloading - not the bestAn occasion for a visit to McDonald's or a reception with guests preparing various dishes. Give the body time to reorganize, not hurrying to get out of the state of starvation.

Unloading days for weight loss

Unloading days for weight loss Contraindicated During pregnancy (although in some casesThe doctor's indications even recommend them to future mothers) and breastfeeding, any current diseases (as well as during the recovery period after them), chronic illnesses. In any case, if you have any doubts about unloading days - do not be lazy to consult on this matter with your doctor.

The benefits of unloading days are beyond doubt. Unloading days More effective than diets, Because they help not only lose weight, but alsoMaintain a normal weight by accelerating the metabolism. Also, unloading days normalize the acid-base balance of the gastrointestinal tract, have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, purify the body of accumulated slags, improve the blood circulation of the brain, stimulating mental activity.

Regular discharge of days of relieveYou from extra pounds, you will feel light in the body and clarity in your head, will become cheerful and charming. Relieve yourself of a load of excess weight and superfluous thoughts - arrange your body a day of shedding!