"Water cannon", "diet for an elegant waist,"Ultra-low-calorie unloading day" - all this is about him, a day of cucumber. Cucumber unloading day is effective enough for weight loss, cleansing the body and is rightly considered to be the best option for fighting excess fat in the abdomen - after all, it is the cucumber juice that splits fat at the waist perfectly.

Cucumber slimming

Unloading day on cucumbers

Cucumbers - low-calorie and low-carbohydrateProduct, they are 95% water - that's why a cucumber unloading day is often equal in efficiency to a discharge day on the water. In addition, cucumbers are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals - therefore, in the question of the benefits to the body, they are much more effective than water. Cucumbers contain vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, PP, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, silicon, manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, aluminum, silver, zirconium. Such an abundance of mineral substances contributes to the strong diuretic effect of cucumbers, with the help of which the excretion of most slags occurs from the body.

Cucumber unloading day

The easiest recipe for a cucumber unloading day- is the use during it 1.5-2 kg of fresh cucumber with peel, divided in equal portions for 6-8 receptions. Cucumbers are taken for food without salt. Also, during the cucumber unloading day, you can drink mineral water without restriction.

Another option: During a day of cucumber, a salad consisting of cucumber (2 kg), greens (in any amount) and a few drops of lemon juice, dressed with 1% kefir, is used for food.

Instead of kefir in a cucumber salad, you can addvegetable oil. Do not be afraid of the content of fat in it - cucumbers, speeding up the metabolism, will perfectly cope with its cleavage (or rather - dissolution: fat cells literally dissolve in cucumber juice).

During the unloading day on cucumbers is allowedAlso eat one egg. It will give some feeling of satiety and for some time distract from the feeling of hunger, which will invariably haunt you during a cucumber unloading day.

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Cucumber-meat unloading day

Unloading day on cucumbers

If you are not able to endure the "clean"Cucumber unloading day, it is possible to use cucumbers with meat. As for the latter, preference should be given to low-fat varieties: beef, chicken or rabbit meat.

For cucumber-meat unloading dayYou need 1 kg of fresh cucumbers and 150 g of boiled meat. Both cucumbers and meat should be divided into 6-7 identical portions, consuming in each meal both cucumbers and meat; Or to divide the cucumbers and meat into 3 equal parts, alternating them: in one use only use cucumbers, in the next - only meat.

The efficiency of the cucumber-meat unloading day is also quite high, and they are easily transferred.

It's important to know

Cucumber unloading day, like othersUnloading days, leading to a strong diuretic effect, is contraindicated in chronic kidney diseases. In addition, fiber-rich cucumbers in such quantities can harm people suffering from gastritis, colitis, peptic ulcers of the stomach and duodenum.

Cucumber unloading day is carried out 1-2 times inA week. For this day you can throw up to one and a half kilograms of weight. Unloading day on cucumbers is useful at increased pressure, arthrosis, rheumatism, various degrees of obesity, urine acid diathesis, intestinal dysfunction.